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Even if the country isn’t accessible to the outside world right now, Ukraine is an excellent destination for many things, including the search for a wife. Ukrainian women are known to grab the attention of local and foreign young men with their irresistible looks and exciting personalities. If you are one of these men whose attention they have acquired, consider the information below as you pursue a relationship. 

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What Are Ukrainian Women Like? 

Women in Ukraine are peculiar for several reasons, and we will be looking at them now to help expand your surface knowledge of them. 


Ukrainian ladies look much like other Slavic women, but there are particular things about their appearance that you might find unique and most likely appealing. 

They have desirable faces

Ukrainian women have features that could turn you into a voyeur overnight; you’ll soon want to see them everywhere. They have small round faces, cute eyes, and cheekbones that would put Dr. Miami out of business. While their skin may bear a pale tint, their faces glow, with some natural pink blush on their cheeks. Their deep eyes will pull you in with every glance, leaving you wanting more. 

They have a small frame 

Expect to be delicate with Ukrainian ladies. These women have petite bodies that most men would enjoy hugging and cuddling. If you aren’t too tall, this trait may fascinate you because it would mean you don’t have to worry about being with a taller lady. 

They have great hair

Ukrainian women have gorgeous blonde or brown hair that sometimes reaches their lower back. It’s typically pruned to perfection and falls across their faces in windswept patterns that are almost too alluring.


The personality traits of the women of Ukraine are some of the reasons why many men find them irresistible. Here are some of these traits: 

They are not hypocritical

Something you will often find with western women is a sense of hypocrisy, with everyone trying to put forward a false image. Ukrainian girls are the most authentic women you will ever encounter, as they do not see a valid reason to act any differently. 

They are compassionate 

Compassion is lacking in today’s world, and it is good that Ukraine has not been tainted by such a lack of empathy. Instead, they shield themselves in a bubble of kindness, spreading the same to anyone, including strangers. 

They practice honesty and sincerity 

Women in Ukraine believe that the entire world is mostly good, so they’re not likely to twist facts. This belief urges them to treat others with sincerity, honesty, and openness. 

They are vain 

Women in Ukraine are very concerned about their looks, so they go the extra mile to ensure that they look brilliant and beautiful. You will never see your Ukrainian lady looking like she stumbled out of an episode of Kanye’s life. 

Ukrainian Women Stereotypes 

Stereotypes meet us one way or the other, regardless of the truth. Just like everyone else, Women in Ukraine have stereotypes, too. Some of them are: 

Ukrainian women are known for chasing foreign men

This stereotype has gained traction among foreigners for a while, but it is only a half-truth. Yes, women in Ukraine love foreign men, but they do not chase after them; they are not known for making romantic advances. If anything, they wait to be approached by men.

Ukrainian women drink a lot of vodka

Though this may now be changing, many Westerners have long confused Ukrainians for Russians due geography and their cultural similarities. Women in Ukraine seldom drink and instead leave the alcohol and bar fights to the men. 

Statistics You Should Know About Ukrainian Women 

Here are a few stats and facts that you should know about Ukrainian women:  

  • The ratio of women to men in Ukraine is 53.66% to 43.34% 
  • Before the war, there were 32,000 women in the Ukrainian military. 50,000 Ukrainian women are currently in the military fighting the Russian invasion in active and non-combat roles. Some are on the front lines. Joining the army was a voluntary decision for these women. 
  • Women make up 46% of sole proprietor entrepreneurs in Ukraine.
  • Women hold 20% of the Ukrainian parliament seats. 
  • 67% of the women in Ukraine have experienced abuse from their partners.
  • 9.1% of women in Ukraine were married before they turned 18.

What makes them different from other women? 

Ukrainian women have Slavic backgrounds, but they have some differences that make them stand out. Here are some of these differences: 

They are more feminine 

One thing you will notice about a Russian woman when she steps into the room is a few seemingly masculine features masquerading as femininity. These features are sexy for a few men, but the majority do not find this attractive. Ukrainian girls are smallish, soft, and have very delicate features, which men find utterly alluring and sexy. As a result, men prefer Ukrainian women more. 

They do not beat about the bush with relationships 

Russian women may make you wait, even if they like you too, and this was probably good years back. Now, though, men do not want women who will give them that kind of run around. If they want you, they’ll let you know, which is why Ukrainian women are so often preferable. A Ukrainian girl is not interested in having you chase her to the ends of the earth for approval. If she is interested in you, you will find out early enough. 

They are friendlier 

Slavic culture is often cold by nature. For some reason, they are not interested in being welcoming to foreigners. But Ukrainian women are different. Women in Ukraine are amiable and will always be cheerful and polite when they meet strangers. No one wants to spend time walking on thin ice when they first meet someone, so men tend to go for Ukrainian women instead. 

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Do Ukrainian Women Make Good Wives? 

There are many reasons why men are attracted to the idea of Ukrainian wives. Here are a few of these reasons: 

They are very involved with the family 

No man wants a wife to shudder at the idea of starting and raising a family, and thankfully, that will never happen in a Ukrainian home. Ukrainian wives grow up with family and enjoy being in a family, so they look forward to the idea of starting their own one day. 

They are exemplary hosts 

Ukrainian women are fine with having friends and family over for dinners and similar events. In fact, they’ll often try to one-up the previous event they hosted. If you are a man who has friends and family over now and then, you never have to worry about your Ukrainian wife shying away from the idea. 

They express loyalty in every form 

You’ll never need to worry that your Ukrainian wife will betray you — it is not in her character to do so. Ukrainian wives show their husbands loyalty in every way and simply demand the same in return. You can always trust her to take care of you, the home, and all her other duties.

They are warm and delicate 

Most men avoid masculine ladies; fortunately, Ukrainian girls are far from macho. These ladies have a unique warmth that attracts the attention of men (and sometimes women too). Being in touch with their femininity is a turn-on for men, thus increasing their desirability. 

Where To Meet Ukrainian Women In Ukraine 

Ukraine has a lot of great cities with fun places where you can meet Ukrainian women in their element. There is no guarantee that you will find your wife in these places, but you might get lucky. Here are the fun areas in three key cities where you can meet Ukrainian girls 


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and one of the biggest cities in the country, so this is a good place to try out if you are looking for Ukrainian women. There are some incredible places in Kyiv that you can try out, and we will be looking at some of these places. 


Here are three of the excellent museums in Kyiv where you can meet Ukrainian women: 

  • Oleg Antonov state aviation museum 
  • Pyrohovo open-air museum 
  • Mykola Syadristy microminiatures museum 


Bars in Kyiv are fun places where you can meet women who may be open to forming connections from outside the country. Here are some of those bars:

  • Skybar 
  • N::B cocktails bar 
  • Piana Vishnya


At Kyiv restaurants, you will find great food, great people, and, most importantly, beautiful women. Here are three lovely restaurants in Kyiv:

  • Mama Manana
  • Mama Gochi 
  • Musafir 


Kharkiv is another big city in Ukraine where you can find hot women looking for foreign men to start their lives with. Here are some places in Kharkiv that can make your search easy. 


Here are three exciting museums you can find in Kharkiv: 

  • Kharkiv historical museums 
  • Museums of the sexual culture of the world 
  • Avec fine arts gallery 


The nightlife of Kharkiv begins and ends at these fantastic bars where you can also find beautiful women:

  • Nebo
  • Secret Place 
  • Galaktika Club


These restaurants contain beautiful women and good food all in one place, making your search for a Ukrainian wife easier: 

  • Chekhov restaurant 
  • 44 Favorite Place 
  • Sharikoff


Odesa is one of the finest cities in Ukraine, and it is always welcoming to strangers. They also have some of the most beautiful women in the country. Here are some of the fun places to visit in Odessa.


The bars in Odesa are fun and lively, making them great places to find Ukrainian women ready to mingle. Here are some of these bars: 

  • Gambrinus 
  • Corvin
  • Pinoy Sad 


Restaurants in Odessa are serene and filled with people who love good food and ambiance. You can meet beautiful Ukrainian women there. Here are some of the best restaurants: 

  • Bernardazzi 
  • Korchma Kachka 
  • Kumanets 
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Where To Meet Ukrainian Women Online

If you want to meet Ukrainian women online, your best bet is a dating app or a mail-order bride site. The mail-order bride option is our best recommendation because you do not have to go through any hurdles. You just sign up on the mail-order bride site, pay for premium membership, and start chatting with Ukrainian girls. You would otherwise have to spend a lot of money to meet Ukrainian girls on their home turf. And even if you don’t mind the expense, entering the country is difficult now because of the travel restrictions in place because of the war. 

How To Impress A Ukrainian Girl

Impressing a Ukrainian girl is not the hardest thing to do. Here are some tips that can help you out: 

Look and smell good

Ukrainian women are rather judgy, and you will notice if you don’t make an attempt to look good. They are, however, very attracted to men who know how to take care of themselves.  

Be smart

Ukrainian women don’t like dim-witted men; as a matter of fact, they consider a lack of intelligence a strong turn-off. Learn about topics she may be interested in, gather as much knowledge as possible about her culture, and ask intelligent questions. 

How To Date A Ukrainian Girl (4 Tips)

Dating a Ukrainian girl is not rocket science. However, there are a few tips that can help your dating experience, and here are some of these tips. 

Take things slow

Yes, we understand that you want to complete the entire process in record time, but Ukrainian women are usually not in a rush to get married. Women in Ukraine take their sweet time when dating because they do not believe a wedding is a relationship’s be-all and end-all. Some may be fine staying with you forever and never tying the knot. While exceptions will undoubtedly be made because of the peculiarity of your situation, take things slow still. Show them your own urgency, but do not rush them. 

Prove that you are reliable 

A Ukrainian woman will only give her loyalty to a man she can always rely on. If you do not prove that she can depend on you, she won’t be eager to spend the rest of her life with you. Ukrainian women are not so desperate for marriage to foreign men that they will take whatever shows up at their doorstep. They will only consider you if reliability is part of your offering.

Communicate as often as possible 

Ukrainian women can’t go long without talking to their partners. When they fall in love, they will want to speak to you as often as possible, and you need to reassure them that their love is getting returned by talking to them. So, when dating a Ukrainian woman, communicate as regularly as possible, or she will believe you are not interested in her.

Notice the small things 

When dating Ukrainian women, you must consider the small details before you can scale things up to the marriage level. They won’t tell you everything; you must discover some stuff yourself. For instance, your Ukrainian girl won’t tell you when she paints her nails; instead, she’ll wait to see if you noticed anything new and act accordingly.

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Things To Avoid When Dating A Ukrainian Girl 

There are some things you must avoid when dating Ukrainian girls if you want your relationship to last. 

Outright criticism

Unless you want to lose your Ukrainian lover, there is absolutely no reason to be overtly critical of her. There are so many ways you can express displeasure in some of the things she does, but outright criticism will do no one any good. 

Do not attempt to enter her house on the first date

Ukrainian women may be welcoming and friendly, but they’re unlikely to open their doors to you on the first days of the relationship. If you try to force your way into their homes or coerce them into letting you enter their house, they will doubt your intentions and will just avoid you. 

Do not look shabby 

Because Ukrainian women take their own appearance seriously, they’ll evaluate yours as well. You cannot show up looking shabby and ugly. They won’t accept it, and that might be the last time you see them (though they probably won’t tell you why they lost interest).

Marrying A Ukrainian Woman: 4 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Ukrainian weddings come with a number of unique cultural customs. It’s best if you understand them ahead of time so you don’t feel lost at the ceremony. 

The buying-out ceremony 

Picking up your Ukrainian bride on the big day is more challenging than it sounds. When a groom gets to the gate of the bride’s home, he will be asked about his intentions. To prove to her parents that he wants a bride of high value, they will ask him to pay for her. There will be negotiations until he gets to a specific price acceptable to everyone, but it doesn’t stop there. 

The bride’s friends may decide to put him through a test to show how well he knows her; for every question he fails, he pays extra. If the family decides that the money he spends is too little, they can get cheeky and send out a large caricature with mustache and hairy legs in place of the bride. This experience is usually fun and should be quick if planned correctly. 

Icon blessing 

Before the bride and groom go to church to finalize their ceremony, the bride’s godparents must bless them using icons and the Korovai(wedding bread). The parents will hold up the icons, then the bride and groom will bow thrice, after which they will collect the icons and kiss them.


After the blessing, the Korovai, baked a night prior by married women who hope to pass their good fortune to the newlyweds, will be taken with the couple wherever they go. Finally, at the reception, the bread will be cut and shared with everyone in attendance. It is believed that this bread must not come out broken or twisted, or it may spell doom for the marriage. 


How to know if a Ukrainian girl likes you 

Ukrainian girls are not known for hiding their feelings. However, because they are always cheerful and polite, you may not know when you’ve moved beyond friend territory. When a Ukrainian girl likes you, she will take you to her family first because the boyfriend is considered a part of the family. So, if you are meeting the family, remember that she already wants you to be a part of her life for good. 

Another way you can know if she likes you is if she invites you into her room. We said earlier that Ukrainian girls don’t invite men in on a whim. If she is willing to open those doors to you, she is ready to make you hers. Look for these tell-tale signs and take advantage of them. 

Are Ukrainian women good in bed?

Ukrainian women are eager, but may or may not be experienced in bed. One of your jobs may be teaching them everything you know about sex. They are fast learners, so you will get as good as you give. 

What are the gender roles in the country?

The gender roles in Ukraine are the same as those in many other conservative countries. The men are responsible for providing for and protecting the home, while the women and children lean on them for financial support. The women take care of the home and the children; they cook, clean, and manage the resources that their husbands bring in. 

Are Ukrainian women religious? 

As far as religion is concerned, 80% of Ukrainians are Orthodox Christian. Most other Ukrainians follow the Roman Catholic faith. So there is a strong chance that the traditional Ukrainian woman you pick is religious. 

What is the fertility rate in the country? 

Ukrainians have a low fertility rate because of long-running economic woes that dissuaded many families from having children. The fertility rate for women in Ukraine is 1.22 births per woman.

Are Ukrainian women materialistic? 

Women in Ukraine are happy with small gifts and, most significantly, flowers. If a Ukrainian girl asks you for expensive gifts on a mail-order bride site, she is probably a scam artist looking to fleece you. 

Do Ukrainian women want foreign men? 

Ukrainian women are not desperate to marry foreign men, but they also do not mind leaving the country to start a new life elsewhere. Sometimes foreign men can offer good opportunities.