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Turkey is a fantastic travel destination for many reasons, like its beautiful landscapes, rich history, beautiful buildings, friendly locals, and fabulous shopping malls.

But the aspect of Turkey that stands out the most to male tourists is its women. These ladies are truly remarkable and worth every accolade in this article. Keep reading to learn the secrets of being with Turkish women.

What Are Turkish Women Like?

Turkish women are some of the best Europeans you can ever meet. Here are some traits that define their appearance and personalities. 


Some distinct appearance and physical attributes of Turkish women are:

  • They have olive skin tones

The average Turkish woman has an olive complexion. They don’t break out often or deal with acne as much as women from other countries, thanks to favorable genetics. These women also use beauty products to highlight their beautiful olive skin tone and don’t pay much attention to being fair-skinned.

  • These women have brown hair

Women in Turkey have brown hair, despite the stereotype that black-haired ladies are more common in the country. Their hair shade ranges from dark brown to light brown, which may be mistaken for dirty blond.

  • Turkish women have almond-shaped eyes

Women of Turkey have eyes that are almond-shaped and are the most defining feature of the country. Their eyes are seductive and can get to the extent where they easily get men excited. These lovely women understand the power they wield and can use it to their advantage.

Personality traits

Turkish ladies also have their fair share of defining personalities, which include:

  • Turkey girls are jealous

Turkish women can be pretty possessive, jealous, and insecure. They love their spouses deeply and never want to lose them.

You must endure their mood swings while constantly assuring them of your devotion. With some of these women, you just can’t win.

  • These women love personal development

A Turkish girl is devoted to her career, loyal to her friends, and has a big heart and great compassion. She brings comfort and affection to her husband and their children. Her laughter is infectious, and she strives to ensure everyone around her is happy. 

  • They expect to be petted and pampered

Turkish girls often grow up being treated with more tolerance and protection from their parents and relatives. Turkish parents are often more lenient with their daughters, giving them more freedom to pursue their interests. With time, the women become demanding, expecting to be treated like royalty.

  • They are quite selfless

Although she may crave the princess treatment, a Turkish woman will go all out for the people she loves if necessary. These ladies are willing to sacrifice a great deal for family harmony. They would be OK putting the needs of family and friends first before theirs.

Turkish Women Stereotypes

There are some stereotypes and false generalizations about Turkish women, and they include:

  • They ride on camels

Tourists are the only regular riders of camels in Turkey. People wrongly assume that Turkey women and citizens travel on camels because of media representations of the country as an arid place. Despite what you may have seen on TV, Turkey has only one desert — The Karapinar.

  • All Turkish wives love barbecue kebabs

Although kebabs are a popular dish in Turkey, there are other items on the menu since Turkey serves a wide variety of dishes. Turkey women enjoy a variety of meals like meze, kumpir, menemen, fresh seafood, pastries, vegetarian options, etc.

  • Every Turkish girl is conservative

Although there are many buttoned-up ladies in Turkey, some are still open-minded. Turkey has a healthy dose of contemporary and traditional practices and liberal and conservative values. This means you can find liberal Turkish women if that’s what you prefer.

Statistics You Should Know About Turkish Women

  • Statistics show more married women are happy (60.2%) compared to men (50.6%).
  • The gender wage disparity in 2019 was still evident in Turkey, as women’s earnings were much lower than men’s, regardless of their level of education. Women make over 46,208 yearly, while their male counterparts make 50,297.
  • In Turkey, women are disproportionately affected by violence; around 40% of women report experiencing sexual or physical assault at some point.
  • Turkey’s current fertility rate in 2022 is 2.011 children per woman.

What Makes Them Different from Other European Women?

It’s sometimes confusing to determine whether Turkey falls into Europe or Asia. For this article, please remember that the writer’s standpoint of Turkey is through the lens of being European. So, here are some attributes that make the country different from its other European counterparts.

  • Too much social pressure is put on Turkish women

There are too many cases of double standards in Turkey, especially concerning domestic and sexual assault. While there has been progressing for Turkish women over the last several decades, especially with the rise of women in business, there are still numerous obstacles to overcome.

  • Some get married a bit too early

The young women’s rights campaign has a long way to go. Ordinarily, the legal age for getting married is 18 years. Despite that, many girls are forced into marriages at an earlier age, which is wrong even if it teaches them to bear more responsibility.

Turkish chicks

Do Turkish Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Turkish women make excellent wives. Here are some facts to buttress the point:

  • Turkish wives are homely

There has been an increase in the awareness among Turkish women that men and women are fundamentally different. With time, these differences create distinct responsibilities and roles within a couple. Turkish women believe in homely acts like cooking, cleaning, raising children., and even staying behind to raise their children. These ladies have no problems with being stay-at-home moms if need be.

  • They are deliberate

Ladies in Turkey tend to play it cool and think through their decisions. Whether in a romantic partnership or professional endeavor, these people consider their wants and needs seriously. They take active steps to realize those wants and needs.

  • These women are family-oriented

Turkish ladies place a strong emphasis on family life. Usually, there isn’t any animosity when a child’s sense of duty and obligation to their parents precedes their desires and beliefs. These lovely women feel obligated to take care of their ailing parents, do errands for them, move in with them, or see them to the end of life. In the same way, when they get married, Turkish wives prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of their families.

  • Turkish wives are faithful in romantic relationships

Turkish wives value friendship and devote much energy over many years. These ladies cultivate and maintain close relationships with their friends and family members. Before getting into a relationship., they are always sure of their decisions, so these ladies do not see any reason to cheat.

  • Turkish wives believe in beautifying their environments

Turkish wives believe in taking great care to ensure their homes are always beautifully decorated. They could have flowers like lovely dandelions growing in their gardens. Also, they pay attention to even the tiniest details while carefully providing a touch of elegance to their homes. Turkish ladies also dress beautifully and amazingly.

Where to meet Turkish Women in Turkey?

A typical place to meet Turkey women is in their home country. You get to meet these lovely damsels in their natural environment, where they could even be local guides that can show you the beauty of Turkey. To narrow your search, here are three likely places and the respective locations where you can greet and meet with Turkey women.


A mall is a typical place where Turkey women go shopping for groceries, clothes, and other personal effects. You can meet these women in high-class malls in Instanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.


Istanbul is a fantastic location in Turkey where you can meet women in malls like:

  • Vadistanbul Shopping Mall
  • Mall of Istanbul
  • ÖzdilekPark Istanbul Shopping Mall


Ankara is the capital of Turkey, so it’s only natural for there to be reliable shopping malls there. Here are the three best locations:

  • CEPA Shopping Center
  • ANKAmall
  • Gordion Shopping Mall


Excellent shopping malls you can visit in İzmir are:

  • MaviBahçe
  • Madamsitti
  • Hilltown Karşıyaka Alışveriş Merkezi


Restaurants are one of the best places to meet Turkish women, as you get to see them while enjoying their delicious cuisines. You can meet these delectable women in restaurants in Fatih, Izmir, and Bodrum.


Restaurants in Fatih where you can meet Turkish girls are:

  • Istanbul Anatolian Cuisine
  • Rainbow fish & meat restaurant
  • Gulhane Sark Sofrasi


In Izmir. You can meet Turkish ladies in restaurants like:

  • Floryalı Restaurant
  • Deniz Restaurant
  • Ustat Kebap


Are you in Bodrum? Visit the following restaurants to meet sweet Turkish women:

  • Orfoz Restaurant
  • Maçakızı
  • Memedof


Cinemas are places where people go for dates, watch movies, and simply hang out. So, how about you get a Turkish sweetheart based on her choice of movies? Check out places like Beyoğlu, Şişli, and Kadıköy.


The cinemas that show exciting movies in Beyoğlu include:

  • Atlas Cinemas
  • AKM Yeşilçam Sineması
  • Beyoğlu Cinema


Visit Şişli and its cinemas where you can meet darling Turkish women like:

  • Cinemaximum
  • Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre
  • Cinema Pink


Kadıköy is home to friendly cinemas for meeting with these ladies like:

  • Cinehouse kadıköy
  • Poyraz Karayel Ev
  • Süreyya Opera House
meet Turkish women

Where to Meet Turkish Women Online?

Even though one of the most prominent places to meet Turkish women is in Turkey, it can sometimes prove expensive and over the top. So, people frequently go for more affordable options like Turkish mail-order bride services.

So many Turkish women use Turkish mail-order bride services that your odds of meeting “the one” are high. These mail-order brides’ services allow you to learn more about potential partners before meeting them. They facilitate communication between diverse groups of individuals, and you can meet a Turkish woman quickly.

The sites have a built-in chat feature where you may send and receive messages. They present an affordable way of meeting and knowing more about the interests of Turkish singles.

How to Impress a Turkish Girl

Since you have read this part of the article, you’re interested in dating and possibly marrying a Turkish girl. To win her heart, here are some necessary steps you must take so she will be impressed:

  • Be confident

Turkish women aren’t interested in dating someone who lacks confidence. They don’t like being around someone who is jittery and looks beat. If you work on becoming a guy with a cheerful, confident personality, you’ll be more likely to win over your Turkish girls.

  • Be a captivating conversationalist

Approach a Turkish girl with an open mind and charisma. Always keep her interested, flirt subtly, and avoid coming too strong. Have meaningful interactions, not small empty chats. Asking open-ended questions about her work or interest is an easy way to keep things casual. Also, discuss something you both enjoy, like a mutual passion or hobby.

  • Always respect any Turkish lady you’re going out with

Impressing a Turkish lady is easier than you think. Inquire about the important things to her, celebrate your differences, and watch your tone and body language around her. Be polite and mannered to her and her friends, compliment her strengths to win her favor.

  • Make her laugh and be her friend

Turkish women love funny guys but remember that their disposition for jokes isn’t without limits. So, you’ll be at an advantage if you take the time to know your Turkish lady friend since this will give you a better idea of what to avoid joking about when in her presence. Do these, and your bond will deepen to the point when feels comfortable sharing her deepest secrets with you. Once you get to that point, you’ve won!

How to Date a Turkish Girl: Turkish Tips

It’s not enough to impress a Turkish girl, so she will be interested in dating you. You also need to make a conscious effort to know and learn how to date her so you will have her untiring love and devotion properly. As usual, here are some great tips to guide you:

  • Pay close attention to her needs

Your undivided attention is the greatest gift you can offer her. Maximum attention is a tried-and-true method of winning a Turkish woman’s heart since it proves that you are prepared to invest fully in the relationship. Help her work through her issues by talking her through and providing positive solutions. The result will be that she looks forward to spending time with you since she will feel appreciated.

  • Always dress smartly

Make an effort with your looks when dating a Turkish lady. Nothing is more appealing than a guy who has taken the time to groom and dress nicely. Be presentable by maintaining an excellent appearance by cutting your nails, shaving, and getting a clean haircut. Also, remember personal hygiene tips like brushing your mouth and taking your bath often to eliminate any musky smell.

  • Make room for constant communication

Bare your emotions to your Turkish sweetheart and encourage her to express hers. Keep in close contact with her even when you can’t be together in person. Don’t go AWOL and make her need you. Instead, maintain communication via texting, chatting, romantic getaways, vacations, cinema dates, etc.

  • Be courteous to your Turkish sweetheart

Chivalry is a value you should remember as a cornerstone of a good and healthy relationship. Instead of merely dating Turkish women, you should try to woo her with your words. Chivalrous gestures include allowing Turkish women to place orders before you, opening doors, pulling out chairs in a restaurant, and so on.

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Things to Avoid When Dating a Turkish Girl

When dating a Turkish woman, you must be careful about your utterances and actions. If not, you’ll lose your Turkish lover. So, here are some things to avoid when dating Turkish girls:

  • Avoid being egoistic

Keeping your ego in check is a must. Being aggressive and brutal will you lose your Turkish woman. Even if you’re a foreigner, there’s no need always to accentuate your culture and look down on hers. Instead, settle form, embrace her culture, taste local delicacies, and have fun.

  • Never lie to your Turkish wife

Turkish women believe that honesty is an essential quality in a partner. A Turkish sweetheart who is anxious to marry you is your reward for being honest and truthful, no matter how often you argue with her. You should never lie to a committed girlfriend since you will go nowhere without being honest with her.

  • Never underestimate her intelligence 

Women in Turkey have a well-deserved reputation for brilliance and insight. These women can swiftly solve problems. She’ll feel secure in your care for her and satisfied about her relationship with you, never to understand that these women’s intelligence is on another level.

  • Avoid becoming clingy at all costs

The best way to Date Turkish women is never to show any signs of insecurity. Men who are overly interested, possessive, or attention-seeking are very unattractive. If you give her room to breathe, she’ll come to you on her terms and understand that you respect her privacy.

Marrying a Turkish Woman: Turkish Wedding Customs You Should Know

The Turks have unique wedding traditions that make their ceremonies colorful and exciting. Here are some of the most splendid wedding customs you should know, so you’re fully prepped for your forever with your sweetheart.

  • The maidenhood belt and veil

The traditional white gowns worn by Turkish brides are stunning. Many brides have a commonality beyond their white wedding gowns. They wear maidenhood belts representing the bride’s virginity with a scarlet ribbon around her waist. Historically, rumors would spread that if the bride didn’t wear a maidenhood belt, she had already been “defiled.” in today’s progressive communities, the bride may decide whether she wants to participate in the tradition.

  • Names on shoes

In Turkish wedding traditions, the sole/bottom of a bride’s shoes is a common topic of conversation. Friends of the bride sign the bottom of her shoes as a token of good luck. Whoever’s name is most worn down or illegible at the end of the day is next in line to tie the knot.

  • Glittering henna night

The Turkish bride’s relatives and female acquaintances often assemble at her home a few days before the wedding. They’ll celebrate with music, food, and henna designs on their palms. Nowadays, many brides combine traditional elements, such as music and dancing, with a henna party.

  • Giving gifts

Guests at a Turkish wedding don’t need to worry about buying a present. Red ribbons are wrapped around the couple’s necks once they have said yes and signed the contract. Members in the gathering pin paper bills, gold coins, or other forms of currency to the cloth. Some married couples save their gold for years, only spending it in times of extreme financial hardship.

  • The car convoy celebration

The couple’s decked-out vehicle rides around town with the rest of the guests, honking their horns. At many points along the route, people obstruct the car to extort cash from the passengers. Once they’ve given it up, the happy pair may go on with their plans to be married and live happily ever after.


How to know if a Turkish girl likes you?

Turkish women can be direct when they like a man. They come close to the man they want and make some passes at him to get his reaction. These women could even get to the extreme and outrightly ask a man if he has a girlfriend or lover. All they want is some sort of stability that can also make them happy. These ladies will go out of their way to cook and clean up your home. They embrace your family, accept your traditions, and try their best to embrace your culture without making a fuss.

Can Turkish women speak English?

Turkish women can speak English even though it’s a second language there. Visitors visiting places like Ankara and Istanbul are frequently taken aback by the native-like proficiency with which locals speak English, despite Turkish being the country’s official language. Since the Turkish school system incorporates English classes, most educated young people in Turkey can speak English to some extent.

What is the legal marriage age in Turkey?

Although 18 is the legal age of marriage in Turkey, 17-year-olds may wed, provided they have their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent. Without fulfilling some conditions, getting married below 18 years is illegal. If both parties are under 18, the court may allow their request to marry in “exceptional circumstances.”

What are the gender roles in Turkey?

Men have always been the primary earners in Turkish families. Women are stereotypically expected to manage household duties, including cooking, cleaning, and caring for the family. Today, many Turkish women are breaking away from gender roles and helping their lovers cater to the family.

Are Turkish Women Good in Bed?

Women of Turkey are good in bed as they enjoy sex as much as their European counterparts. They are masters in giving fellatios and engaging in intense and passionate sex. These women are free with their bodies and believe in exploring their sexualities. Get mixed with a Turkish woman today, and you’ll not regret your decision.

Are Turkish women religious?

While most of its population is Muslim, Turkey is a secular nation. The Turkish government claims that 99% of the country’s citizens are Muslims. Turkish women are religious, and the majority of them, as Muslims. Despite all of them, the government is secular, and there is free will with no form of religious extremism.

Are Turkish girls friendly to foreigners?

Turkish women are friendly to foreigners as they do not care about race, ethnicity, or religion. These women are complete sweethearts, as they are endearing and pleasant to be around. If you’re looking for foreign romance, a Turkish girl is an excellent match for you.

Do Turkish women drink Alcohol?

Alcohol plays a significant role in Turkish culture. Muslim women in Turkey partake in alcoholic beverages, even though this is a major sin in Islam. Many Muslims behave as if consuming alcohol is nothing out of the ordinary. Even though the majority of Turks are Muslims, drinking alcohol is highly prevalent in both public and private settings across the nation due to Turkey’s secular nature.

What is the fertility rate in Turkey?

Turkey’s current fertility rate in 2022 is 2.011 children per woman. So, these women give birth to at least two children and dedicate their time to caring for them. With time, these little ones will become lovable adults who prioritize everyone’s happiness.