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Polish women belong to the Western Slavs – just like Czech and Slovak women. They are a unique combination of Slavic beauty and Western European freedom and creativity. Find out what else is unique about Polish women and why marrying one of them will change your life and make it delicious and pleasant.

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What Are Polish Women Like?

Polish women are praised on all continents of the world. But what attracts the male gender to the beauties of Poland?


The appearance of Polish beauties is considered incredibly attractive. Someone says that they are the most beautiful women in Europe. Someone likes hot Latinos or pretty Chinese women, but it is very difficult to resist the Slavic charm of a Polish woman. What exactly characterizes them?

Cute facial features

The face of a Slavic woman can be a model of classical female beauty. This is especially true of Eastern and Western Slavic women. Polish girls are surprisingly cute creatures. Men usually fall in love with her perfect facial features. Expressive eyes, correct facial contours, sensitive lips, and delicate long hair make Polish women real models. You can admire them endlessly, which is what the surrounding men do.

Variety of types

Polish women are not alike. Among them are blondes, brown-haired and redheads, and even fiery brunettes. The same can be said about eye color. Polkas have fair skin, but hair, body shape, and eye color can be chosen to suit any taste.

Polish women love originality and changes

Polish women like to change their image. Therefore, a man who marries a beauty from Poland will definitely not be bored. Also, Polish girls adore a bright style of clothing and attach great importance to the wardrobe, creating it for themselves, thanks to which they look fresh and unsurpassed.


It can be said that Polish women are lucky with their appearance. And can the same be said about the character? Let’s see what is characteristic of the personality of Polish chicks.

Hardworking and persistent

Polish women are distinguished by hard work, a clear vision of goals, and focus on their achievements. If a Polish woman wants something, she knows she will get it. At the same time, he usually relies exclusively on himself. Polish beauties are those ladies who never tire of learning, self-improvement, and working on themselves because this is the only way they see their well-being and carefree life.

Friendly and hospitable

Polish women are surprisingly friendly and love to talk to strangers. This is a fascinating trait for European people. Small talk in the elevator, in transport, or in the store at the checkout is a common thing for them. It is natural for a Polish woman to invite a stranger to her home, feed her and give her a place to sleep if this person needs help. Polish ladies are those people who will be the first to rush to help.

Incredibly polite

It is difficult to find a more polite nation than the Poles. Greet strangers, thank endlessly, smile, and be friendly – Polish women have surpassed themselves in this. At the same time, they have zero hypocrisy. At the same time, each beauty is sincere and really enjoys contact with another person, regardless of the time of acquaintance with her.

Brave and proactive

Polish women are people who always take an active position in life, have their own opinion, and are ready to convey them to anyone they deem necessary. Polish hotties are members of social movements, leaders, and activists of every team, whether it’s an international organization or a parent committee in their youngest child’s class. At the same time, Polish women are not afraid of authorities, superiors, and even the president – they will calmly turn to anyone if they feel the need.

Polish Women Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes about every nation, but what are there about Polish women? Let’s learn more about them and dispel some of them.

They love their country so much that they don’t like foreigners

Poles are truly great patriots of their country, and they love and respect their Motherland without limit. Because of this, it may seem to some foreigners that they treat other countries with less warmth than their own. In fact, Polish women are friendly to all people, and nationality does not play any role in this. Love for Poland does not prevent them from treating representatives of other countries with respect and interest.

They often complain about life

There is a stereotype about Polish women that they often talk about their problems. In fact, they just talk a lot, not only about problems but about everything in a row. But it often seems to listeners that problems appear in the topics of Polish women. In fact, the psyche of the listener is so arranged that he almost does not hear the positive, but he remembers the complaints.

They are very noisy

They say that Polish women are immediately visible in the crowd. All because of their boisterous eccentric behavior. Polish girls can really be emotional and childishly direct, especially when talking about something interesting to them. But at the same time, their upbringing and conservatism do not allow them to go beyond the boundaries of decent behavior in society.

Statistics You Should Know About Polish Women

The Sex Ratio in Poland in 2021 is 93.98 males per 100 females. There are 18.31 million males and 19.48 million females in Poland. The percentage of the female population is 51.55% compared to 48.45% male population. Poland has 1.17 million more females than males.

In 2021, 32.7% of divorces were recorded in Poland. Experts believe that this is too high for a religious country like Poland. However, the indicator is significantly lower than in other European and Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine).

The average age at which women get married is 28. Polish women tend to give birth to their first child usually at the age of 28-32, following the trends of Western Europe.

What Makes Them Different from Other Women?

Polish women differ from Latin women in the following characteristics:

  • light skin color, eyes, often lighter hair color;
  • slower pace of speech;
  • calmer temperament;
  • less dependence on men and gender roles;
  • more active professional and social activities, involvement.

Polish ladies differ from Eastern women in the following features:

  • cut and eye color, skin and hair color;
  • more active professional life, public position;
  • less dependence on men, gender roles, and public opinion;
  • greater independence in judgment, and lifestyle.

Polish women differ from Western European women as follows:

  • Polish women marry and give birth to children earlier than Western European women;
  • Poles are more religious;
  • Polish girls have more feminine facial features and figures, manners of behavior;
  • more family-oriented;
  • more dependent on gender roles and public opinion.

Polish women differ from Eastern and Southern Slavic women (Ukrainian, Belarusian, Serbian, etc.) in the following characteristics:

  • Poles are more religious;
  • Polish women are more hardworking and engaged in public life;
  • Polish women later marry and have children;
  • more democratic views and a free way of life.
Polish chicks

Do Polish Women Make Good Wives?

A Polish wife is one of the most popular requests from men abroad. But why do men love and appreciate Polish women so much?

Perfect housewives

A Polish woman is the embodiment of an ideal housewife. Although most of them have a job, which, by the way, they also successfully cope with, family and domestic concerns are in the first place for a Polish woman. After work, they rush to the store to buy something delicious and cook dinner for the whole family, and on weekends they love to organize picnics or festive dinners. 

A Polish woman always proofreads recipes for delicious dishes, as well as tips on how to make the house more elegant. They can be seen queuing for houseplants as well as interior items, as these ladies never tire of improving their family’s lives.

Passionate lovers

Polish women are said to be masters of sexual entertainment. This is not a stereotype or an exaggeration. Polkas are really very talented in the bedroom. If they chose the profession of sex pro, they would have no equal. Polish girls and women are tireless lovers who are always ready for the most daring erotic adventures with their own husbands, not knowing what adultery is.

They adore children and… dogs

Polish women are excellent mothers and usually aspire to have a large family, giving birth to at least two or three children. They pay maximum attention to children and invest all their resources in their well-being and education. Even the Polish beauties noticed a weakness in four-legged friends. Almost every one of them prefers to have a dog, with which the whole family very often goes for a walk.

Where to meet Polish Women in Poland? 

Beautiful, modern, stylish, and charming Polish people walk in big cities and in small towns with pretty medieval architecture. Currently, we offer several main routes, and it depends on you which places you choose to meet – nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, or museums.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland

The capital of Poland is known for its boisterous rhythm, bright locations for walks, and cozy parks. You can stroll through the Old Town, climb to the top floor of the city’s tallest building in the center, or go to one of the posh nightclubs of the Polish capital. Choose entertainment to your taste and get to know Polish girls.

Night clubs in Warsaw: Luzztro, Level 27, Club Mirage.

Cafe in Warsaw: Cafe Kafka, Ministry of Coffee, Café Bristol.

Krakow is a royal city

A completely different atmosphere prevails in Krakow. Here, it seems, even the rhythm of life has frozen at the edge of the ages. Horses and carriages drive around the city, and medieval architecture creates the impression of a fairy-tale town. Market Square, Kazimierz, and Planty Park are popular locations for walks in Krakow.

Night clubs in Krakow: Frantic Club, Shine Club Kraków, Four Music Club.

Cafe in Krakow: Camelot Café, Cytat Café, Siesta Café.

Gdansk is a Baltic pearl

From the North, Poland is washed by the Baltic Sea, on the shore of which the huge city of Gdansk was located. It combines a sea resort, old architecture, and the charm of a post-socialist sleeping town. You can meet either on the shore of the cold sea or in one of the cafes located nearby. Or maybe you will find an interesting way to meet a Polish girl.

Night clubs in Gdansk: Tkacka Music Club, Pigalak Club, Klub Muzyczny Parlament.

Cafe in Gdansk: Restauracja BonŻur, Kawiarnia Retro, Cafe Factotum.

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Where to Meet Polish Women Online?

You don’t have to go to Poland to meet Polish hotties. This can be done online using special services for finding a bride. On it, you can find a large number of profiles of Polish women who are looking for a partner for a long-term relationship and starting a family. If you get to know one of them and understand that you are interested in chatting live, then you can already make a date and visit the Polish girl or invite her to your country.

How to Impress a Polish Girl

You probably already wanted to get to know one of the Polish girls better. But how to impress her and make her want to date you?

Be a good interviewer

Polish women appreciate people with whom they can talk about various interesting topics. You will be able to be interested in Polish women if you are a good conversationalist. If you don’t know what to talk about, start with banal things like the weather, and eventually the conversation will go in the right direction. Hobbies, travel, sports, pets – the list of interesting topics is really endless.

Smile and be kind

Polish women have refined manners, and this is exactly what they want to see in other people. If you want to like a Polish girl, take care of your behavior. A friendly smile, politeness, and perhaps even somewhat old-fashioned gestures such as taking a woman’s hand or letting her pass is considered a sign of good manners in Poland and cause affection for a person.

How to Date a Polish Girl: 3 Tips

So, you managed to impress the beauty. A date with a Polish girl awaits you ahead. How to arrange it so that you move from mutual sympathy to more serious feelings?

Give her flowers

A bouquet of flowers will be indispensable on a first date with a Polish woman. Polish girls are very romantic at heart and dream of such an act on the part of a man. If you don’t know what kind of flowers she likes, you can present classic pink roses, emphasizing the beauty and youth of a Polish woman. And in the conversation, you will find out her tastes in flowers and next time you will give her exactly those that she likes.

Arrange a date full of impressions

Do not limit yourself to a restaurant – after it, go to an ice rink or a roller rink, and then to a movie or a party with friends. Let the first date be full of events that both of you will remember for a long time. Polish women do not like to sit in one place, they need movement. Provide it to her. Improvise – and everything will work out in the best way.

Do not forget about public displays of feelings

Polish women love when a man touches them as often as possible. Hold her hand, hug her, kiss her. Do it in public places – this is how you prove the strength of your feelings in the eyes of a Polish woman.

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Things to Avoid When Dating a Polish Girl

Now you know what Polish women like, but you should understand what they do not accept. This way you will avoid unfortunate mistakes in the first meetings.

Don’t be rude

There is an opinion that women love brutal men. But this stereotype certainly does not apply to Polish women. Rudeness and aggression repel her, so avoid this type of behavior even as a joke – a Polish woman may misunderstand you and draw an unfortunate conclusion.

Don’t talk badly about other people

You shouldn’t make fun of others or talk badly about people – even if those people deserve it. Avoid talking about such topics, because there are many reasons to be positive. Instead, you will show yourself from the best side.

No criticism of her country

Avoid criticizing her country in any way. If you are annoyed by roads or services, you don’t need to talk about it on dates with a Polish woman. She can talk about it herself, but this is her country and she has a right to it. Instead, you should emphasize the positives that you encountered while in her country.

Marrying a Polish Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Polish wedding traditions go back to ancient times. You can get to know them to understand better the depth of Polish culture.

Wedding courtship

According to Polish traditions, marriage should begin with a visit of the potential groom to the home of the girl he wants to marry. He was usually accompanied by his friends. They came in the evening – on Thursday or Saturday. If there were disagreements, such as the date and place of the wedding, and doubts about the seriousness of the intentions of the groom or the bride, the visit could be repeated two or even three times.

The church is a must

Poland is a very religious country. And that’s why no wedding was traditionally complete without a visit to the church. A few weeks before the wedding, at church services, the time remaining until the marriage of the young is announced. 


An ancient rite, when the veil is removed from the bride and she becomes a wife. This is a very touching tradition at a Polish wedding and takes place closer to midnight. The veil is removed by the groom or the bride’s best friends.


How to know if a Polish Girl Likes You?

This will show in her facial expressions when you look at her and her behavior in your presence. Watch her – what is she doing? Fixes hair, blushes, distract the eye? Congratulations, she likes you and can take the next step.

Are Polish Women Good in Bed?

Men note the special flair of Polish women in the sexual sphere. These hotties are usually active lovers who have no inhibitions about enjoying themselves in bed. If you marry a Polish woman, you won’t have to listen to the reasons why you can’t have sex every day, instead, you will get exactly what you want and more.

What are the gender roles in Poland?

Poland scores 56.6 out of 100 points in EIGE’s Gender Equality Index 2021. In fact, Poland strives for European standards, including gender relations. But the conservatism and patriarchy that have ruled the country for years still make itself felt, and in some places, it is very noticeable. Many couples in Poland still follow unwritten rules regarding certain gender roles.

Are Polish Women Religious? 

Poland is considered one of the most religious countries in Europe. Most Polish women are deeply religious and respect church traditions and rites. Every Sunday you can see a lot of pretty Polish women going to church. It is estimated that the majority (85.9%) of the population identifies as Catholic Christians. A further 1.3% and 0.4% identify as Orthodox and Protestant Christians, respectively.

Are Polish Girls friendly to foreigners?

Polish girls adore foreigners because they believe that they can learn something from them. They are always willing to take the opportunity to meet a person from abroad, learn about the culture of the foreigner’s country and practice English. The innate sensitivity and hospitality of Polish women make them very friendly to those who have arrived from abroad.

What Fertility Rate is in Poland?

The current birth rate for Poland in 2022 is 9.298 births per 1000 people, a 1.53% decline from 2021. The birth rate for Poland in 2021 was 9.442 births per 1000 people, a 1.51% decline from 2020.

Fertility decreases along with economic development and the increasing affluence of societies. This is associated with conscious family planning, the process of education and the growing aspirations of women. 

Is it true that Polish women drink a lot of alcohol?

It is often said about Poles that they like to drink – especially at the end of the working week. Does this apply to women? In fact, there are not many women in Poland who allow themselves a glass of wine or beer from time to time. This usually happens during holidays, celebrations or special events.

How do Polish women speak English?

Poland does not lag behind other European countries when it comes to foreign language skills. Polish women rank among the best non-native speakers of English in the world. People in Poland, especially young people, learn English from childhood, so the language barrier with a Polish girl is definitely out of the question.

How easy is it for a Polish woman to move to another country?

Polish women are very mobile, and many of them have already moved abroad for various reasons: education, work, and marriage. It is not a problem for a Polish girl to adapt to another country, in a foreign language environment. Their active position usually allows them to find themselves in emigration in many areas and, of course, to achieve success.