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The beautiful country of France holds so many incredible sights, famous confectionery, beautiful people, and iconic architecture. The increasingly-popular women are a big part of the aesthetics, making France desirable and the most traveled country in the world. If you are reading this piece right now, it means that you have seen the women of France and are interested in them. Well, you have come to the right place; consider this a short guide on how to love, date, and marry a French woman.

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What are French women like?

French women have certain things which make them unique, exciting, and attractive, and here are some of these things, broken into sections. 


French women don’t really have a distinct appearance from some of the Western Europe Caucasians, but there are a few things about their appearance that you will find rather interesting, and here they are: 

Greenish blue eyes

French women have eyes that change colors with the reflection of the light on them. On some days, their eyes are green, and on others, they are blue. Whatever color you meet, the force will pull you into the beauty of the eyes of a French lady.

Long brown hair 

They have beautiful long brown hair, which catches your attention when you walk into the room. They usually love to keep their hair down or tied into a rough bun with curly stands falling on their face. This look has been immortalized in popular media and animated movies like Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella, making men even more attracted to these ladies when they see them in real life. 

Supple bodies

Many French ladies are fit and flexible. Their bodies are slim and could easily sway in the wind. When they walk, it is like they are following the rhythm of some music that only they can hear, while sashaying through crowds and people. 

Slight Curves 

Unlike many Latin American ladies, French women do not have noticeable curves that catch your attention immediately. They have more subtle curves that you only see when they are unclad or wearing tight jeans or dresses. However, this body type makes them the perfect muses for artists and the ideal runway models.


Here are some personality traits of French women that you may be interested in:

They are proponents of the theory of natural beauty 

Unlike Asians, French women work hard at showing off their natural beauty and are known not to wear so much makeup. They do not want to distort whatever image you have of them, so they maintain their natural looks so that you know you are getting the right package. 

They are hopeless romantics 

People go to France to fall in love; it is written in a constitution that we have never seen that you must fall in love in France. The women in France are filled with so much love, looking for someone worthy. If they eventually find that person in you, prepare yourself for a lifetime of smothering. 

They are brimming with passion 

If you have ever watched a liquid-filled cauldron boil and spill over with steam following, then you will have seen the physical representation of the passion of a French girl. The women of France are passionate about everything and people. They care so much that this passion is almost palpable. 

They are an open book 

Women in France do not have the time to play coy with anyone. Greetings in France can already be mistaken for flirtatiousness by foreigners because of the familiarity of the process. So French women already know that their gestures may be misconstrued as simple friendliness, so they go the extra mile to show you that they like you. If you ask, they won’t beat about the bush; they will tell you all you need to know immediately. 

French women stereotype 

Some stereotypes follow French women, and we will be looking at those stereotypes now. 

French women are smokers 

Some women in France smoke, but slamming the smokers stereotype on all the women of France is a little dishonest and unfair. Many French women do not smoke and never will, but this stereotype hangs over their heads. 

French women are seductive 

The usual french greetings for people familiar or not involve kisses and hugs, which is more than typical for many westerners. As a result, French women have to be a little extra when they meet a man they like because they do not want their gestures to be taken as ordinary friendship. This ‘extra’ behavior is considered alien by the western women who ‘smile’ as a method of greenlight. Therefore the stereotype of women in France being seductive was born. 

French women are slutty 

French women cannot be defined as slutty; they are sexually liberated. They learn that they own their bodies, about sex, and how to explore their bodies for sexual pleasure. So, French girls know more about sex than the average western woman, but they are not slutty. 

Statistics on French women 

Here are some statistics about French women that you need to know:

What makes them different?

Why are French women different from other women? Here are some of the reasons why: 

They are not flashy 

Other western European women want to show you how flashy they can be with their fashion, while French women are more subtle. Women in France are not really concerned with style in a manner that is befitting the red carpet; they want to look good. They wear what they feel comfortable in, which is sometimes about their mood. 

They love their imperfections

Western women will often spend so much money trying to hide or correct their imperfections, while French women are comfortable showing off these flaws, regardless of what or where they are. There is an internal struggle to stay as natural as possible, and hiding their imperfections or flaws will seem fake.

They wear simple makeup 

If French women were the only women in existence, makeup companies would go extinct because their answer to every question about their makeup preference is usually “less is more.” They would wear none at all or, at most, go on a barely noticeable glow-up. 

French chicks

Do French Women Make Good Wives?

Men marry French women for many reasons, but top on the list is that they are great wives. Here are points on why we think so: 

They are devoted to their husbands and children 

Once married, French wives direct all their attention and love to their husbands and children. They believe that children are delicate and require much attention and care; thus, they provide these for the kids and their husbands without fail. In cases where the father is too busy with work and does not have time to bond with the children, French women step up to ensure that the kids never notice his absence. 

They have an independent mind 

You can always trust your French wife to swing in and decide what is suitable for the family when you are indisposed. Some men prefer women who always sit at their feet and say ‘how high’ when they say ‘jump.’ However, the problem with such women is that they are incapable of making independent decisions when their husbands are not with them. 

They cook excellently 

French wives are in your life to love you, support you, give you beautiful kids, and cook you something unique every night. Women in France learn how to cook at a young age as a hobby and keep practicing for as long as they have access to a good kitchen. You will never have to buy stale bread from the store again because your wife can bake fresh, tasty bread from scratch; that is just one of the numerous things she can whip up. 

Where To Meet French Women In France? 

Meeting French women in France is not difficult, but the big question is if you will meet the kind of women you like who will give you what you want. You can meet French women in Bars, restaurants, and parks in some of the big cities of France. We will be looking at these places and the towns where they are. 


Bars are the most accessible places to meet French girls because whether you are French or not, you will always relish a good bottle of wine in an ambient bar. 

Here are some of the bars in some of the big cities in France. 


Dubbed the city of love, Paris may be the place that finally brings you the love of your life in one of the bars listed below: 

  • Little red door 
  • Experimental cocktail club 
  • Le Mary Celeste 


Marseille has different bars scattered across the city, and here are three of them: 

  • La part des Anges 
  • Les Berthon 
  • Brasserie du Littoral 


The bars in Lyon are open from evening till early morning, and if you stay long enough in any of these three bars below, you may meet a French woman.

  • Le Sirius
  • Le Fantôme de l’Opéra 
  • Les Fleurs du Malt 


Restaurants are excellent places to eat food, have conversations, and fall in love with people. You might meet the love of your life while having a plate of Bouillabaisse.


The beautiful restaurants in Paris include:

  • Da Giuseppe 
  • II Etait un Square 
  • Bistrot instinct 


The restaurants in Marseille include: 

  • Santa Gusto
  • La Cantine de Lynn
  • La Poule Noire 


Here are three of the Restaurants in Lyon: 

  • Table et Partage 
  • Bouchon Thomas
  • L’Etoile Opera 


Parks are perfect for first, second, and third meetings because they allow you to meet many beautiful women while enjoying the lovely French scenery. Parks exist all over France and, of course, in some of the biggest cities. 


Here are a few of the beautiful parks in Paris:

  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Jardin des Tuileries


Let’s look at some of the fantastic parks in Marseille: 

  • Magalona Garden
  • Calanque du Sugiton
  • Parc National des Calanques 


Here are some fantastic parks in Lyon: 

  • Parc de la Tête d’Or 
  • Col de la Lure
  • Jardin Rosa Mir
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Where To Meet French Women Online? 

Going to France is everyone’s dream at some point in their adult life, so it is harder for anyone looking for a wife to find one there. France is a country of love and tourism, so there will be so many tourists there, and unless you want to end up with a western woman moonlighting as a French woman, you need another idea. Of course, you can always try online dating sites, but your best option will always be a mail-order brides’ site, where a variety of French women are lined up for your viewing and choosing pleasure. Mail-order brides’ sites have gorgeous French women seeking husbands to give them the adventure of another country. 

How To Impress French Women? 

French women are easy to impress, and there are many ways to do it. Here are some of the ways you can please a woman in France: 

Know a bit about everything 

French women love to converse and learn new things about different cultures, and they depend on you to fill that jar of curiosity for them. If you need to read up about different cultures other than your own to share some of the knowledge you have gotten, great!

Be funny 

French women love to laugh and always stay around a man who makes her laugh. You may only get a French woman if you are good at humor. If she likes you, she will laugh so hard at your jokes so much that you begin to consider a career in stand-up comedy; please do not listen to that consideration, by the way. 

Speak some French 

Many people in the world consider French a love language for some reason, so other than being able to communicate with your French lover; you should learn the language to woo her properly. You are allowed to make mistakes; it makes for good humor. 

Smell good 

One of the things you will notice about French people is that they love fragrances and will always try to create new mixes of everything now and then. Do not walk up to a French woman smelling like a day-old thanksgiving turkey. They may not tell you that you smell bad, but they will show you. 

How To Date A French Girl: 4 Tips 

Here are four tips that you must follow if you want to date a French girl:

Be vocal about what you want from them

French women want to hear you say that you want them in every way possible. They need to know that the messages they send you regarding their desires are getting to you, so you must say it out loud. They understand that you may misconstrue their flirting for politeness, which makes them need reassurance. 

Ask them about their backgrounds 

When dating French women, you must show interest in their backgrounds. French girls love it when you ask them about their origin. When you ask these questions, it shows them that they are essential to you and that you want to know them. A pro tip is to start talking to them about yours while indicating interest in theirs; this way, it does not feel like an interrogation. 

Enjoy the sights with her, and ask her to show you more 

There is so much to see in France, especially in Paris. If you intend to tour the city, see the sights and take in the country’s beauty, then take her with you. When dating French girls, you must show them how much you love their country by making them your inadvertent tour guides. 

Ask them questions at every spot you get to. Whether or not they know the answers don’t matter; they must see that you are interested in learning more about France from their eyes. 

Ask her about the things she likes and talk about them 

People often fail to talk about the things the other person likes when dating them. When dating a french woman, always ask her about the things she wants and then delve deeper into why she likes them. 

meet French girls

What To Avoid When Dating A French Girl? 

Here are a few things that you must avoid when dating a French Girl: 


French women do not like to read mixed feelings, so they would rather you be upfront and honest about what you want from them. French men to flirt ceaselessly and purposelessly, but you are a foreigner, and the women expect better from you. You prove you are not different when you replicate these things they hate in their countrymen. 

Don’t overshare

When talking about yourself, it is easy to overshare for some reason. But your first date with a French girl is more about her than you; resist the urge to share so much that the entire event becomes about you. Talk about things you like, but limit yourself and let her shine. 

Do not expect her to split the bills with you 

France may be a progressive society, but the women have not yet understood how to split date bills. So when you are out with a French woman, don’t ask her to split bills with you; she will find it insulting. 

Don’t eat cheese on a date 

French women do not hate cheese, but they would rather you don’t eat it on a date for some reason. Also, they have a unique way of eating cheese, and most times, the Americans and others do not get it right, so it is better not to try at all. 

Marrying A French Woman: 4 Wedding Customs 

Finally, you have gone past the level of dating your french lover, and it’s now time to get married; there are certain customs that you must acquaint yourself with before you move on with the marriage. Some of these customs are fun, and you should not be worried about partaking in them as they are there to ensure that the bride and groom have a great time.

The Fiancailles

When a couple gets engaged in France, it is usually kept from friends until both parties have met their parents. After informing both parents of the engagement, the family holds an engagement party for the Fiancailles to celebrate. After the celebration, the bride will be allowed to wear her ring and spread the news of her engagement. The bride and groom will also spend a night or a weekend getting to know each other.

La Voiture Balai 

La Voiture Balai can be called ‘A broom car.’ A Broom car is usually an interesting-looking French vehicle that no one can miss, something like the Citroen 2CV. The car is often decorated with pans, and tins, with some left to trail after it as it moves. Its job is to follow the bridal or the guests’ cars to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely. 

La Noce 

La Noce is when guests follow the couple everywhere they must stop because of the ceremony, making as much noise as possible. Nowadays, instead of people making noise with their voices and whatever, the couple gets a procession of cars blaring their horns in unison. Someone very conservative may find this custom overwhelming. If you are one, you will need to brace up, as the practice can take the entire day or as long as the events play out. 


They do not have or bake wedding cakes in France; they have this tall cone-like structure made with choux buns or balls, filled with custard or vanilla, and then held together with toffee. Alternatively, the couple can decide to go with another cone-like structure made of any French pastries of their choice. 


How to know if a French woman likes you? 

When a French woman likes you, she will laugh at all your jokes, touch you now and then, smile and stare at you longingly, teach you her language, and want to be around you all the time. It is easy to mistake politeness for affection with French women, but once you can get past the fact that everyone in France is overly polite, you can see all the signs your French lover is giving you. 

Are French women good in bed?

The answer to the question of whether or not French women are good in bed will always be a resounding yes. French women are sexually liberated and explorative. They do not mind trying out anything and everything as long as it gives them and their partners pleasure. French women are the kind of women who bring heaven to you. 

What are gender roles in the country?

France was a highly patriarchal society for a while, with men taking the lead and women waiting on them at home. However, in recent times, much of that has changed, with women now working as much as men. The only gender role women still gladly take up is the 100% present care of their children. 

What is the birthrate in France? 

France has a birth rate of 1.9 children per woman. In 2019, it was reported by Population and societies Volume 568, Issue 7 that France had the highest fertility rate in all of Europe, with immigrants being the possible reason for this. 

Are French women promiscuous? 

You cannot call French women promiscuous, but know that they will not wait on you forever to decide what you want. If they send out signals for a while and you do not get it, they will count their losses and get on with their lives. 

Do French ladies like money?

Women in France often make their own money, so odd as it may seem, they are not entirely interested in the financial capability of the man. However, he would still pay on their dates; he would.