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Iran is not the most favorable place to visit for many reasons, primarily because of the politics surrounding how they treat their women. Any man willing to brave the strict laws in Iran and travel there has probably been captured by the beauty of Iranian ladies. If you are reading this piece, you are one of these men, and we know how to help you. This article is a comprehensive guide on how to get the Iranian woman of your dreams. 

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What are Iranian women like?

Iranian girls are not like the other women you know; certain things make them different and exciting. This part of the article will divide their traits into sections to tell you all you need to know about them. 

Iranian girls


First, Iranian ladies are some of the most beautiful women ever to walk the earth; their beauty is striking, and their physical features make them very appealing.

Dark long hair 

Their hair is often covered for religious and cultural reasons, but if you are ever privileged enough to see the locks of an Iranian woman, you will find yourself in awe. Iranian girls do not cut or straighten their hair, so they have long, luscious hair capable of holding any man spellbound. 

Dark bold eyes 

Iranian girls have eyes that will stare into your soul and ignite something wild and hungry in you with every look. Their eyes are stunning. 

Dark honey-colored skin

Some Iranian women come in a light caramel skin tone and, in some cases, golden olive, but the vast majority have glowing dark honey skin that is almost too smooth to touch. When you see Iranian women, you will be aching to run your hands on that skin. Don’t worry; everyone has that feeling too. 

Beautiful curves 

Iranian women have such beautiful curves that no matter how many layers of clothing they put on to hide this sexiness, it finds its way out of hiding, just enough to catch the right man who cannot lower his gaze. 


Iranian ladies have certain personality traits that make them endearing or rather attractive to the men that they marry, and here are some of these traits:

They are fierce 

You would expect women at the receiving end of so much subjugation by the men in their society to be somewhat tamed, but the women of Iran have taken a crash course in fierceness for the right reasons. If you ever see the brevity of an Iranian woman, it means that she is standing up for someone who is being oppressed or someone she cares about. 

They are passionate 

Iranian women are some of the most passionate women in the world. They are brimming with so much passion it is overflowing. When they find anything they like or something worth fighting for, they will go for it, jumping over hurdles and breaking down walls to get it. 

They are humble 

Iranian women do not believe in the idea of ego and pride. They see the world as a place where everyone should be equal, they see material things as items that will fade away, and they practice humility in every aspect of their lives. 

They are intelligent 

When you speak to an Iranian woman, you are opened to a world of shocking intelligence that you may not expect immediately because of her life’s peculiarities. Iranian women fought for the right to be educated; therefore, they do not take the results of their labor for granted. 

Iranian women stereotypes

Stereotypes abound, regardless of our efforts to ensure that we erase them for the betterment of identity politics. Here are some of the stereotypes that exist around Iranian women. 

They are docile 

Iranian women are anything but docile. They exist in a system that fights them viciously at every turn, and even when they do not win, they record blood-gained successes. Iranian women should be proud because of everything they fight to achieve, but because they are humble, people assume they are docile. 

They are uneducated 

Assuming that a woman is illiterate because she is Iranian is a very backward idea that some people peddle because they have a misconception of the Middle East and look at Iran the same way. There are some similarities among the Middle Eastern countries, but women in Iran are educated and intelligent, and this stereotype is harmful. Iranian women fought for their education, and even with all the politics surrounding their treatment, they still won. 

They are opinionated 

Iranian women are opinionated, and this is true. When you have to fight to have an opinion, you will hold onto it with everything you have, which is what is happening to Iranian women. They take their rights to have a view very strongly, so you better be ready when getting into an argument with them.

Iranian women statistics 

Here are some of the statistics on Iranian women: 

  • Women of Iran make up 49.5% of the entire population
  • Women in Iran earn 41% less than men in the same industry for the same amount of work and expertise. 
  • Educated women in Iran make up 85.5%. 
  • Only 5.6% of the people in the Iranian parliament are women. 
  • Only 14.35% of women in Iran are in the labor force, which only happens in specific occupations that men may need to sign off on. 

What makes them different?

Iranian women are different from other women in the Middle East for a few reasons, and here are some of these reasons: 

They are political 

Iranian women will always try to make political statements. Either by trying to make constitutional changes like they attempted in 1905 or burning their hijabs in 2022. 

Do Iranian women make good wives? So rest assured that the Iranian woman you end up with will want to know your political stand because she is very political. 

They are liberal 

Women in the Middle East are conservative and often shudder at the idea of relationships outside marriage. On the other hand, Iranian women are more liberal than the rest of the women in their region. It is not clear whether the rebellion fuels this liberality; it is refreshing. 

They are friendly 

Because of media-based stereotypes of the white-savior complex, many women in the Middle East are not kind to foreigners, mainly white male foreigners. Iranian women, on the other hand, are open to the idea of friendships with foreign men, which makes it easy to meet, date, and in this case, marry them. 

Iranian girl

Do Iranian Women Make Good Wives?

Iranian women are the best wives for any foreign man looking to start a family with a foreign woman, and here are some of the reasons why:

They are supportive

Iranian wives are some of the most supportive wives on the planet. When they get married to men that they love and respect, they offer their support to a total level. You can always count on your wife to hold down the fort when you are not there because her job is to aid you. You will never get a more reliable partner than an Iranian wife. 

They are loyal 

Iranian women are loyal to anyone they call family, and when they get married, their husbands become family, and their loyalty is theirs for the rest of the marriage. Your Iranian wife will never betray you, even if her life depends on it. 

They are romantic 

Iranian women are great at showing love and practicing romance; they do not date for frivolities, and when they get married, all of that pent-up passion is put into their love for their husbands.

They are good homemakers. 

Like many other women of their race, Iranian women learn to become homemakers from their mothers when they are much younger. As they grow older, they fine-tune these skills and become better at them. When they get married, they take charge of the home like pros and make it a place worth returning to after a long day. 

Where To Meet Iranian Women In Iran 

Iran is beautiful, regardless of the unpleasant stories we hear now and then. You can find women at restaurants, shrines, and parks in some of the biggest cities in Iran. If it is in your best interest to take that trip to Iran to find the woman of your dreams, then there are a few places you can visit to see the women that will make all the difference for you. 


Everyone wants good food now and then, especially with some ambiance. Some restaurants in the following cities can get you good food and gorgeous Iranian women. 


Restaurants in Tehran include: 

  • Dizi
  • Heeva Cafe Kebab 
  • Shandiz Mashad 


Restaurants in Shiraz include: 

  • Joulep cafe restaurant 
  • Hedayat Cafe Restaurant 
  • Mahooni cafe 


Restaurants in Isfahan include: 

  • Patio Cafe 
  • Lotus cafe restaurant 
  • Ghasr Monshi restaurant 


Here are some of the shrines in the big cities of Iran. You do not need to visit the shrine to get the Iranian woman of your dreams. You can hang around the shrines and find the woman who will make your head turn. 


Shrines in Tehran include: 

  • Holy Shrine of Emam Khomeini.
  • Emamzadeh Saleh
  • Shah Abdul Azim Shrine


Shrines in Shiraz include: 

  • Imamzadeh Abu Taleb Holy Shrine 
  • Shahcheragh holy shrine
  • Asadzadeh tomb 


Shrines in Isfahan include: 

  • Imam Zadiel Esmaiel 
  • Imamzadeh Jafar 
  • Imamzadeh Darb Emam


Considering how conservative the laws in Iran are, a park is the safest place to meet with a woman in Iran, where you will not get judgemental stares. Here are some of the parks in the big cities of Iran. 


Parks in Tehran include: 

  • Nivaran park 
  • Mount Tochal 
  • Mellat park 


Parks in Shiraz include: 

  • Azadi park 
  • Abuzar park 
  • Vali Ahd park 


Parks in Isfahan include: 

  • Nazhavan park 
  • Sofeh mountain 
  • Khara desert
Iranian woman

Where To Meet Iranian Women Online

Iran is not the best place to travel to if you intend to meet Iranian women for many valid reasons, which is why finding Iranian women online is your best option. Now, to meet Iranian girls online, there are a few options that you can try out.

Online dating sites don’t give you the best experience if you want to meet Iranian girls, so try something better: Iranian mail-order bride sites. On Iranian mail-order brides’ sites, you see various Iranian women waiting for you to pick them to start a new life together. All you have to do is sign up for a premium service, and you will have unrestricted access to Iranian women in a few clicks. 

How To Impress An Iranian Woman

Before you start dating an Iranian girl, you must first get through to her by trying to impress her. Here are a few ways in which you can impress an Iranian lady: 

Dress well 

Iranian women do not have the time to know you ‘deeply’ when they first meet you, so you will most certainly be judged by the cover. If you know that you are interested in getting married to an Iranian woman, you must adjust to the life of formal dressing because Iranians dress formally often. 

Be polite 

Iranian women are constantly fighting disrespect from the men in their society; if you want to catch their attention, be very polite, as it will be an excellent way to get them to notice you. Note that you cannot withdraw this politeness as you go on because you already have her attention. Your respect for her is the bedrock of your relationship, and she takes it seriously. 

Be educated 

Education is a big deal for Iranian women. For some reason, Iranian women are more educated than men in Iran, which shows how men treat women. If the men were more educated, they might see how wrong they are, but this aversion to education has created a system where the men punish the women in ignorance. Iranian women are tired of dealing with these men, so they will judge you by your level of education or the lack thereof. 

Be open-minded 

One of Iran’s significant issues regarding being a country far from sociocultural evolution is that the people are set in their ways, especially the men. They refuse to open their minds to new information and often vehemently fight against every attempt to push them toward evolution. If you are a close-minded person, you are no different from these men they have to deal with back at home, and these women want something different. You must show them that you are better by being open-minded. 

Dating An Iranian Girl: 4 Tips 

Here are four tips you must adhere to if you want to date an Iranian girl: 

Pay attention to her 

Women love it when you listen to them because it means you can address whatever their issues are instead of invalidating them. Women in Iran have had to fight to be heard for the better part of their existence. Meeting a man willing to pay attention to them without them demanding it will make them happy.

Take her flowers 

Flowers will always be a sweet gesture when dating Iranian girls. Send them flowers as often as possible, and if you find their favorite flower, ensure it gets to them every other week. Flowers are inexpensive but sweet and carry a beautiful message, so find a way to ensure she gets a small bouquet often. 

Ask about her family 

Iranians are family-oriented and would never allow anyone to break the family unit. When you start dating an Iranian lady, you must understand this and seek to be on good terms with the family. If the family of your lady does not like you, you may not be able to marry her. Buy presents for her family when you buy them. 

Ask her about the things she is passionate about 

Passion is a big deal for Iranian ladies, who want a man interested in their passions or at least someone who pretends to care about these things. When dating an Iranian girl, you have to show that you are interested in the things that make her heart beat a little faster, the things she yells herself hoarse about, and all the things which will make her tick. Your interest in her passion will increase her interest in you. 

Iranian chicks

What To Avoid When Dating An Iranian Woman 

When dating Iranian women, there are steps you must not cross for good reasons. Here are some of these things which will mar your relationship with an Iranian woman: 

Do not be sexist 

Women in Iran are sensitive when the issue of inequality arises, and they have earned the right to be this way because of the situation they find themselves in. When dating an Iranian woman, you must shelve your need to be sexist, at least until you have married her. 

Do not yell 

Women in Iran are yelled at by men all the time for the littlest of things. They do not have to do anything wrong, they have to exist, and a man will find a reason to yell at them. The last thing these women need is a man who will yell at them in their relationships. 

Do not be disrespectful 

Women of Iran feel disrespect much more profoundly than many other women do. If this disregard comes from someone they are in a relationship with, they feel hurt, disappointed, and even scared. They want their men to respect them and will leave you if you cannot give them that. 

Do not be pushy with what you want from them

Women in Iran are liberal, but the country is not, so their liberality is seen as an act of rebellion. In Iran, people are not allowed to date openly or have premarital relationships before marriage. Women do not have a say in their marriage and are often married off at the tender age of 13, so the idea of dating is not taken likely in Iran. If you keep being pushy with an Iranian woman, you do not care about her enough to keep her safe by being subtle about your needs. 

Marrying An Iranian Woman: 2 Customs 

Marrying someone from another culture can seem tedious, especially when you have a lot to learn about them and their customs. To make your marriage to an Iranian woman easy, we have put together four essential traditions you must know before you marry your Iranian bride. 

Aghd and Aroosi 

The Iranians usually have two wedding ceremonies when joining the couple. The first one is called Aghd, which is where the couple is joined by someone called Mullah. This event takes about 6 hours and usually lasts from noon till night. In the middle of the ceremony, the Mullah asks the bride three times, ‘Do you agree?’ And the third time he asks, she says yes, and they are officially joined. 

Aroosi is the final and the most meaningful ceremony; it is done a year after the Aghd to show that the newlyweds have moved to their own homes. This ceremony starts at 8 pm and lasts well into the night, depending on the number of guests. There are guests, food, sweets, drinks and a lot of dancing. 


Esfand is loosely translated as incense, and Iranians burn incense during weddings to ward off any bad energy that may come after the marriage. They want the marriage to start positively and with good vibes. 


How to know if an Iranian girl likes you?

An Iranian girl will tell you when she likes you and wants to move to marriage immediately because premarital dating is not allowed. Women in Iran do not hide how they feel for any reason. 

Are Iranian women good in bed?

Women in Iran are liberal about the conversation of sex, but they do not indulge in the act itself for fear of what may happen to them if they dare. So you may need to teach them the things you know and hope they are creative enough to learn more. 

What are the gender roles in Iran?

Iran is a highly patriarchal society, with women at the forefront of the equality campaign. Women are told to go back, hide, and stay covered up while the men make all the decisions. The community is unfair to women, and protesting against these laws has consequences, including death. 

What is the birthrate in Iran? 

Iran has a birth rate of 2.0 births per woman, which is low because they used to have 6.5 births per woman. The economic downturn in the country has made people reluctant to procreate, hence the low birthrate. 

Are Iranian women religious?

Iran is a Muslim country. The chance you will end up with a Muslim girl from Iran is very high. The good news, however, is that women in Iran are tired of the religion, so they will be more than willing to ditch their veils and hijabs once they are married to you and you have moved them to the west with you. 

Are Iranian women materialistic?

Iranian girls love gifts because of the intentionality involved in finding the right present and giving it to them. However, they often get a lot of presents from their loved ones, so they focus on shared interests, emotions, and things other than the material possessions they can get out of a relationship.