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Egypt is fascinating for its historical monuments and priceless artifacts and deserves a place on travelers’ bucket lists. For instance, the country has stunning architecture and beautiful women.

Have you ever been with an Egyptian woman? This paper covers everything you should know about Egyptian women and how to catch their attention. 

What Are Egyptian Women Like?

Egyptian Women are often mysterious because of their ancient roots. To help you identify these women better, here are some points about their appearances and personalities.


Egyptian girls have an appearance like women from Arab countries. Here are just a few of those features:

  • They have an olive or tanned complexion

Egyptian girls are like Arab women, who tend to have tanned skin complexions. These women enjoy basking in the sunlight, bringing out the best of their skin color and giving them an otherworldly glow.

  • Their beautiful facial features

Egyptian ladies have naturally expressive features that make them seem stunning even without using cosmetics. These women have full lips and seductive hazel-brown eyes.

  • Egyptian ladies have dark hair

These women have long dark hair that they prioritize. For Egyptian women, using products like castor oil is an age-long tradition that keeps their hair follicles healthy.


Egyptian ladies have loveable personalities that are sure to attract any nan. Here are some of the characteristics that endear them to foreign men:

  • These women are generous

An average Egyptian woman is welcoming, so you can always count on being invited for lunch or dinner.  These women don’t mind picking up the tab after meals and will even give you a run for your money. They give freely to the poor and will never mock someone else’s misfortune.

  • They are positively energizing

Egyptian women never seem to run out of steam as they are always in the mood to celebrate and never require drugs or drinks to feel good. These ladies are always full of youthful exuberance and contagious merriment and festivities.

  • Egyptian women are a curious lot

They are fascinated by outsiders and want to talk to them about anything under the sun. These women are curious and always have questions to ask foreigners about their travels and the new places they have seen. If they see something weird, they would like to ascertain its origins.

  • They love making others smile

Positive feelings are a powerful source of joy and vitality for guys. And that’s convenient because Egyptian ladies love to make other people smile and laugh. They always want the people around them to be happy. You cannot help but respond with a reassuring grin when they flash their smiles.

  • Egyptian girls are sexy

Men want physically appealing women. But a woman’s confidence and poise are the keys to her attractiveness. An Egyptian woman embraces elegance while accentuating her looks with perfumes, jewelry, and stylish clothes. These reasons put them on most lists of the sexiest ladies in Africa and the world.

Egyptian Women Stereotypes

As with every other culture, some stereotypes have been attached to Egyptian women and their personalities. Here, there’s an address of the actual and factual view on the stereotypes.

  • Egyptian women are painfully weak

People often argue that cultural norms and gender stereotypes contribute to the stigmatization of emotional displays of affection in Egypt. In Egyptian society, women are stereotyped as weak because of their perceived susceptibility and sensitivity. Current trends have proven that belief to be false as these ladies have become more active in politics and societal issues.

  • Egyptian women aren’t sporty

Skeptics have assumed that Egyptian females aren’t sporty and don’t care much for games like soccer, football, etc. It is common for people to think that women have no other role than to remain at home and tend to domestic duties like cooking and cleaning. However, Egyptian women have proven them wrong, currently making a name for themselves in American football.

Statistics You Should Know About Egyptian Women

What Makes Them Different from Other African Women?

Certain features make Egyptian women stand out from their African counterparts. They are:

  • Their distinct appearance 

Egyptian Women are from Africa but often look Arab because of their skin tones and complexion. Also, they don’t sport the traditional afro hairstyle; instead, they have long black luscious hair. Lastly, these ladies have pointed noses, unlike those you see on Western and Eastern Africans.

  • The ability to own lands

Egyptian women have equal access to resources and also wield tremendous powers. A woman has the same freedom as any male to dispose of or do anything she wants with her own privately acquired property. When an Egyptian woman marries, she and her husband may legally own property together.

  • Their career prospects are unlimited

Women have a variety of options available to them. They can work as nannies, writers, engineers, CEOs, farmers, etc. Since Ancient Egypt, women even rose to the positions of judges, rulers, and even pharaohs. This contrasts with what you’d find in some other African countries,

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Do Egyptian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Egyptian women make excellent wives. Here are a few points to buttress that point:

  • Egyptian wives are independent 

One of the most appealing qualities of having an Egyptian lady as a partner is their independence. Egyptian wives understand that when each partner has to handle their responsibilities, there’s no strain on the relationship. Egyptian ladies work with their partners together to complete even the most complex of tasks.

  • Egyptian wives are born leaders and managers

Egyptian ladies stand out as they are both powerful and determined. They are also natural-born leaders who inspire faith and commitment in their followers while yet being feminine. Egyptian wives are ideal partners for their husbands as they excel in caring for children while being professionals in the workplace.

  • They can be discreet

The women of Egypt are very discreet as they don’t have loose mouths. When around others, Egyptian wives keep their lips shut to avoid saying anything that may be seen as harsh or offensive. Also, Egyptian wives don’t brag in a bid to impress others. So, your secrets are always in good hands.

  • Egyptian wives are supportive marital partners 

The average Egyptian wife can support your future children regardless of your financial situation. Egyptian wives are known to work long hours, often alongside their male partners. Essentially, you won’t have to coerce Egyptian wives to do anything; they already know and accept that they have financial contributions to the household.

Where to meet Egyptian Women in Egypt?

If you are planning to visit Egypt soon, take the time to meet Egyptian Women. But how do you know where you can meet an Egyptian woman without looking like a stalker? Your best bets are tourist attraction sites, big malls, and fine restaurants, and this section will list the top options.

Tourist Attraction Sites

Egypt is a country with a rich cultural and religious history. So, why not make the most of the opportunity and explore all your options? Check out cities like Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan to meet these fantastic women.


As the capital of Egypt, there are bound to be amazing spots to meet Egyptian wives. Some of the places are:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Egyptian museum
  • The Citadel


Luxor is a great area to meet Egyptian girls:

  • Luxor museum
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Temple of Karnak


Check out Aswan so you can meet these Egyptian wives in:

  • Monastery of St. Simeon
  • Abu Simbel
  • Tombs of the Nobles

Shopping malls

Are you still troubled about deciding on your Egyptian sweetheart? Check out the shopping malls in Cairo, Giza, and Maadi. Egyptian wives visit malls to get all their necessities, so heading there will increase your chances of meeting them.


In Cairo, visit shopping malls like:

  • Tiba Outlet Mall
  • City Stars Mall
  • Mall Of Arabia


Check out the most popular shopping malls in Giza:

  • Grand Mall Giza
  • City Mall
  • The First Mall


In Maadi, you can have a feel of Egyptian wives when you visit places like:

  • City Centre Maadi
  • Maadi Grand Mall


Egyptian restaurants have many traditional cuisines like falafel, shawarma, kebab, and much more. So, it’s an excellent spot to have a hearty meal while waiting on your Egyptian sweetheart. Heliopolis, Zamalek, and Giza house some of the finest restaurants in the country.


Some of the top restaurants in Heliopolis are:

  • The Smokery Heliopolis
  • SACHI Heliopolis
  • Al Khal Egyptian Restaurant


In Zamalek, visit restaurants like:

  • Zööba
  • Crimson Bar & Grill
  • Le Pacha 1901


Visit Giza and try out these fantastic places:

  • XODÓ
  • Le Petit Chef
  • Andrea El Mariouteya New Giza
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Where to Meet Egyptian Women Online?

People often prefer visiting Egypt when they want to meet Egyptian women. Unfortunately. It takes a lot of resources like time and money to achieve that feat. Also, given the fact that you may be in a new environment, there’s a high tendency that you can find the experience stressful even with a Kovak guide. Fortunately, there are better options like Egyptian mail-order bride services available today.

Egyptian mail order services provide the discovery of shared interests and the steady building of new relationships. You save resources and learn more about potential partners before ever meeting them. All you need to do is sign up on the Egyptian mail-order bride sites, describe the kind of woman you want, and let the algorithm perform its magic.

How to Impress an Egyptian Girl

Egyptian women can get irritated if you woo them in a disorganized way. This womb-like drama spices their relationships while also receiving royal treatments. Here are a few ways to impress your Egyptian queen and get in her good books.

  • Have a confident appearance

Remember that your clothes reveal more about you than your words at first glance. If you aren’t stylish, you may struggle to impress an Egyptian girl.

You don’t have to wear a bisht or thawb; just dress well and choose colors that flatter your skin tone. The goal is always to look your best and be presentable.

  • Always be neat

When dating an Egyptian woman, have the decency to use perfumes and other scented oils, and also try to shave. A foul body odor or unruly facial hair will kill whatever opportunity you have. Egyptian wives like guys who take pride in their appearance. So, freshen up with a shower, cologne, and deodorant.

  • Have a good attitude toward everyone

Your manners are one of the first things Egyptian wives notice about you. A good indicator of your character is how you treat strangers and the Egyptian lady you’re attempting to impress on the street. If you act up, she will walk away. Positive and respectful demeanors are always in style as they are gentlemanly.

How to Date an Egyptian Girl: 4 Tips

  • Be kind and warm

The women of Egypt are kind and selfless lovers who would do everything for the people they care about. You can count on an Egyptian woman to show genuine concern. So, she expects you to display a similar level of care and commitment. This commitment comes from the caring minds and souls of Egyptian women. 

  • Don’t talk about your ex-partners 

Egyptian women hardly ever care about your past relationships with other women. If you deliberately try to make your Egyptian sweetheart jealous, she may ditch you without a second thought. Bringing up and comparing her to your ex-girlfriends will make her feel you’re toying with her feminine ego and persona.

  • Don’t be rigid

While dating Egyptian women, be adaptable and flexible. You both should learn to talk things through so there’s peace and harmony at all times. Always seek common ground during disagreements, or they will escalate frequently.

  • Never hit your Egyptian lady

Never make the mistake of hitting or demeaning your Egyptian lady. The truth is, no sane woman will be subjected to such unnecessary torture. Also, remember to treat her as an equal, as she’s your partner and not your child.

  • Be spontaneous

Add some spice to your relationship by being spontaneous. Doing something new to spice up your love life will keep your lover on her toes. You could surprise her with a vacation or even a dinner date; these treats will make her adore you.

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Things to Avoid When Dating Egyptian Girls

When dating an Egyptian girl, always try to avoid the following:

  • Don’t be pretentious

Never try to pass yourself off as someone else, especially online, as authenticity is paramount. If you try to date an Egyptian lady while pretending to be someone other than who you are, she will be pretty upset.

  • Never be late

Do your best to avoid making your Egyptian women wait by arriving early. Be sure to allow extra time for your commute, and think about potential parking and traffic problems. Keeping her waiting will make her feel you don’t value her time.

  • Don’t rush the bonding process

It’s easy to get caught up in the adrenaline rush of a new romance and hurry through the relationship’s significant milestones. Take your time with the relationship, and everything will fall into place. Remember to make exciting memories along the way.

Marrying an Egyptian Woman: Egyptian Wedding Customs You Should Know

The people of Egypt have unique cultures deeply rooted in their ancestry. As a foreigner marrying an Egyptian lady, you’ll be amazed at the plethora of rich traditions they have in store.

Check out the wedding customs you should know about getting Egyptian wives so you don’t get caught off guard on d-day.

  • The mahr and shabka

In this ceremony, mahr and shabka stand out. Grooms traditionally give their future wives jewelry as part of the “shabka” custom and a monetary gift known as the “mahr” to the girl’s family. This ceremony leads to both the bride and groom being engaged.

  • Wearing the wedding bands

It has been said that you can trace the significance of the wedding ring back to Ancient Egyptian tradition. The couple then goes ahead to exchange the wedding rings. It’s often believed that wedding rings stand for eternal love or a complete circle that signifies their unbreakable bond.

  • The henna party

A day or two before the wedding ceremony, Egyptian ladies throw a henna party for the bride and her female relatives and friends.  The girls draw beautiful designs and also proceed to draw the first letter of the man’s name cryptically on her palm. 

The man’s task, later on, is to look for his initial. It’s more of a bachelorette party, as everyone has fun and generally enjoys themselves. Typically, females dress up as belly dancers for this night.

  • Proper wedding ceremony

Upon arrival, the bride and groom are greeted by a “Zaffa” (procession), a human parade of belly dancers and drummers. Decorators put flowers and ribbons on the roofs of cars, and the procession begins with the wedding ceremony in Egypt. Depending on the couple’s religion, priests or the Maa’zoun can preside over the wedding ceremony. Then, the Egyptian couple exchange vows over a large, multi-layered cake.


How to know if an Egyptian girl likes you?

The most obvious clue that an Egyptian girl likes you is if you catch her stealing glances at you. Other indicators include blushing, laughing, or coming up with a reason to spend time together.

Pay attention if an Egyptian girl asks about crushes or mentions that she wants a guy. Whether you want to find out if she likes you back or not, the best way to find out is to be casual and relaxed around her.

Count yourself lucky if an Egyptian Girl Likes You because they are often hard to impress. These women are confident, and it’s easy to read them like a book. If they keep giving cues and you don’t catch them, they can either throw a tantrum or openly call you out for being oblivious.

Are Egyptian Women Good in Bed?

Ancient Egyptians engaged in delicate, sensuous acts such as caressing and kissing. Present-day Egyptian women exhibit the same seductive and skillful love-making. Egyptian women are enthusiastic in the bedroom and open to new experiences. If you think your sex drive is high, try hanging out with an Egyptian lady.

What are the gender roles in Egypt?

Egypt is a country with explicit social ideologies, so it’s clear that men and women have distinct roles to perform in the home. Men are often expected to explore the world and earn a living for their families. Women are better suited to staying home and caring for the house, the kids, and the husband. But these roles haven’t kept Egyptian wives from being overachievers in the professional world.

Are Egyptian Women Religious?

Much of what has survived from the Ancient Egyptian religious life during the Pharaonic era attests to the fact that women had an important role in religion. Today, they can choose to continue being religious or to go secular. But irrespective of your religious beliefs, don’t worry about an Egyptian woman you are dating imposing her religion on you.

Are Egyptian girls friendly to foreigners?

Egyptian girls are friendly, hospitable, and accommodating to foreigners. These Egyptian women also do everything to make their husbands happy and smother them with love and kindness. They also engage in interreligious marriages and have no issues standing up for their foreign partners and remaining with them through thick and thin.

What is the fertility rate in Egypt?

The fertility rate in Egypt is roughly three children per woman. These ladies love children and enjoy the pleasure of watching their little ones running around. They are delectable and will not miss out on a chance to seal their happiness in marriage through childbearing. 

What is the divorce rate in Egypt?

In recent years, Egypt has seen a dramatic increase in its divorce rate, which now stands at around 25 divorces for every 100 marriages. The divorces result from many Egyptian men treating women like they should be relegated to the kitchen and other “womanly” affairs. Egyptian wives have learned to break from that stereotype and now excel at having blooming professional lives.

What is the dating culture of Egyptian women?

Although some Egyptian women, especially those living in metropolitan areas, are becoming increasingly open to dating, it’s still not common practice in some areas. For women in these regions, “purity” is highly valued in marital unions. If you were to meet an upbeat Egyptian girl, you’d be surprised at her exposure as she can give Western women a run for their money.