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Charming Greek women attract foreign men with their mysterious splendor and ardent nature. Their native country, its ancient history, rich cultural heritage, and lovely Mediterranean vegetation lure multiple tourists constantly. Foreign grooms are among them. 

So, why is the decision to meet and date charming Greek women worth trying? There are many factors favoring it. We’ll have you covered and reveal these charmers’ personalities, beauty, and the intrigue of conquering the hearts of lovely Greek girls.    

Greek girls

What Are Greek Women Like?

How does she look?

Ideal proportions  

Greek women’s traits are unique. They inherited their ancient predecessors’ chiseled face lines, straight noses, and high cheekbones. 

Naturally brown hair rims their lovely faces. Olive or light brown tan is their skin color. Typically, Greek girls resemble Hispanic or Mexican types.

Figure types 

Balkan women have slender postures and are usually tall. Their bodies are curvy but fit. 

The flourishing look of Greek women is generally healthy due to the wholesome foods they consume. The Mediterranean diet, products rich in Omega3 and Omega6, and an active lifestyle benefit them.


Greek women are exceptionally feminine, highlighting their beauty with cute dresses, short skirts, and nice tops. These garments outline the attractiveness of their thin waists and high breasts.     

What are her inner traits? 

Nobility and high self-esteem 

What deserves mentioning about the Greek girls is their dignity. Without any shades of arrogance, these women treat everybody respectfully, display their love for their natives and their country, and know a lot about traditions. 

These traits make Greek women and men lovely interlocutors and welcoming hosts.   


Have you been late for your first date with a Greek woman? Have you forgotten something important for a Balkan girl? Be sure she won’t be offended. 

A hot temper makes Greek girls sensual but tolerant. They will wait for you, repeat, and are always satisfied with your signs of attention. 


Greek women have one more prominent feature: passion and a fun-loving demeanor. You will appreciate their joyfulness and readiness for vibrant parties; they are skilled in singing and dancing. 

Greek women stereotypes

They are insidious

The common stereotype is that Greek girls are envious and want to get something beyond their opportunities. These beliefs are hardly true.  

Greek women are intelligent and reasonable in their desires. Having set high targets, they manage to achieve more. Usually, they get a good education that’s why they succeed in life.

Besides, Greek girls will never feel jealous about somebody’s wealth, spouse, or status. Their families are their concern, and they never estimate others. 

They are greedy 

The prejudices about the Greek people say they are idle and hate work. However, this is hardly so. Modern Greek women engage themselves in many professions getting the same jobs as men. 

These charming girls of Greece are generous and often invite foreign men to their local parties for free, introducing them to regional attractiveness.

Statistics you should know about Greek women

Greek ladies do not suffer from the quantity of the opposite gender. Local women’s to men’s ratio is relatively equal, with a slight predominance of the male population making 1.07 men per woman. However, these remarkable women consider local men rather selfish, valuing males from other countries more.  

The divorce rate in this Mediterranean country is relatively low compared to other western countries and makes only 38.3 per 100 marriages. Greek women value their family life, thoroughly look for their partners, and forgive them many imperfections. 

What makes Greek girls different from other European women?

European girls differ from North to South significantly in features and characters. Mediterranean women and Greek ladies have darker skin tones, bright brown eyes, straight noses, chestnut hair, and full lips. With their sharply shaped jawline, they resemble females from Italy.

Distinctive inner features of Greek women make them unique. While women of Northern Europe are generally serene, reserved, and patient, Greek women are expressive and have vibrant characters. However, they are well-mannered, friendly, and know how to restrain their sincere emotions.

Greek girl

Do Greek Women Make Good Wives?

Oh, yes, Greek wives and moms are excellent. Their caring character and unbound hospitality are well known. However, they also get all the other traits of extraordinary wives for nice men. 

  • Hot lovers. Intimate life is a fantastic side of family relations for local people. Greek women are excellent lovers. Supporting their passion and affection with sincerity and real feelings, days and nights with Greek girls are lovely. 
  • Friendliness. Greek families are usually amiable both for newcomers and inside. Greek wives keep strong ties with their parents, in-laws, cousins, and distant relatives. Once you get into a big Greek family, you will become their treasure.     
  • Tender moms. Parenting is a big deal in a Greek woman’s life. She is very responsible for her kids, creating for them a place for development and education. Greek wives know how to raise kids and show them excellent examples in all life situations. 
  • Hospitality. Any guest gets all attention once coming to a Greek family, as this is a part of the culture of modern Hellenes. The women of Greece love to organize guests’ receptions and parties and know how to entertain them. Besides, local cuisine skillfully cooked by a Greek wife is incredibly delicious.    
  • Patience and devotion. Greek women are tender and devoted. They never cheat on their husbands. At the same time, their spouses may commit adultery, making their love experience more diverse. Due to the patient character of Greek wives, they seldom divorce and do not make a problem about this fact.  

Where to Meet Greek Women in Greece

Greece is a busy tourist destination. It offers excursions to ancient historical places, famous masterpieces, and vibrant beach vacations with a well-developed hospitality industry. 

Thus, if you come to this country to date an outstanding Greek girl, you can combine your time spending and enjoy your rest.


The capital of Greece, Athens, counts around 4 million citizens, making it the largest city in this Mediterranean country and one of the biggest capital cities in Europe. The locals are hospitable and welcome everyone with the warmth of their hearts. 

Athens is an excellent place to meet beautiful and educated Greek women who will be your lovely guide in a new country.

  • The busiest places you can meet a Greek girl are historical sites, like the Acropolis. The commercial Ermou street with numerous boutiques, Ano Petralona neighborhood housing restaurants, and clubs are also famous. 
  • The premium Hellenikon Metropolitan Park, with luxury lodgings, offices, and parks, offers an excellent opportunity to meet a marvelous Greek girl and have a good time with her.
  • Come to local cafes and bars during the daytime to enjoy Greek vibes: Exarchia, a friendly club with dynamic music; Cinque Wine & Deli Bar, with a wide choice of local drinks; or Bairaktaris Taverna Central.
  • Nightlife is vibrant in Athens, and there are always a few clubs to invite your Greek girl. E.g., Island Club in Athenian Riviera with relaxing cocktails and dancing, Enzzo de Cuba, Shamone Club, Half Note Jazz Club with hot and friendly Greek girls. 


Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is famous for its active business, relaxing holidays, and lively nightlife. Active economic life attracts many gorgeous Greek girls for work and leisure. Thus, it is an excellent chance to meet your destiny here.

  • Daily activity in dating a Greek girl is not limited to visiting these tourist sites: Panagia Chalkeon church, the old Xirokrini neighborhood, The church of Saint Demetrius
  • Restaurants with tasty dishes to try in Thessaloniki, Paraty & LoftARC, Espresso Wine Bar, and Navarino Creperie, with local cuisine and lovely music, are waiting for you.
  • Nightlife in Thessaloniki is joyful. Drop in local clubs to meet hospitable Greek women in X.O Club, Partytura, and Eightball for dancing and partying till dawn. 

Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, and other islands 

Once coming to this country, do not hesitate to spend some time on its pleasant islands, as the most tender and beautiful Greek girls will gladly meet and date you. 

Come and dine in restaurants with an excellent chance to encounter a lovely local woman: 

  • Koozen, Pere Ubu Mykonos, Restaurant & Bar, Avli Tou Thodori on Mykonos island; 
  • Blue Bay, Amethystos on Rhodes island; 
  • Iriana Cafe lounge bar, Dear Elie on Santorini island. 

At night you can dance and party till dawn with a beautiful Greek woman in:

  • Buddha Bar Beach, the Tropicana Beach Bar on Mykonos island; 
  • Paradiso Beach Club on Rhodes island; 
  • or Jojo Beach Bar on Santorini island.  
Greek woman

Where to Meet Greek Women Online

Suppose you are a long distance from your targeted country. In that case, chances of getting a friendly Greek bride are way higher with a reputable dating site.

The Internet offers local and international marriage portals, matchmaking agencies, a wide range of social media, and messengers for dating Greek women. 

Greek mail-order brides’ platforms have advantages in this list of options. Specialized websites offer comfortable spaces for personal chats, sharing interests, and exchanging videos and photos. These features help you understand a Greek girl better and establish trustful relations before a live meeting. 

It is convenient to use a mobile application or a desktop version of the dating platform to stay connected 24/7 with your Greek lady. Besides, such platforms propose additional assistance in checking the identity of a Greek girl’s profile to avoid scams. Booking trips, translation, and technical support are other benefits to make your love journey easier.       

How to Impress a Greek Girl

Apart from generally accepted conduct with women, keep in mind a few peculiarities when courting a Greek lady. 

  1. Remember the ancient culture of her native country. Reveal your knowledge and appreciation of Greek history when dating a Greek girl. She values your knowledgeability and broad outlook. 
  2. Control your emotions but do not be boring. Greek women are a unique combination of emotionality, charisma, and self-control. They indeed welcome your sheer feelings. 

Restrict your natural desires and attempts of PDA for private meetings. Find an appropriate time and place to disclose your love for a Greek woman. 

  1. Appreciate her internal and external traits. Greek women love compliments as any other woman. However, be sincere and never flatter. Reveal your Greek girl’s great features as a female, a host, and a professional. When complimenting, remember all sides of her personality.

How to Date a Greek Girl: 5 Tips

  • Be patient. Thanks to the sincerity of a Greek woman, you will always make a good decision about her emotions. However, be tolerant because you are accustomed to the restricted temper of western females. At the same time, Greek girls are emotional and may even cry when overwhelmed by their feelings. 
  • Do not criticize her prejudices. Greek girls spit three times or knock on wood facing something not desirable. They celebrate their name days, dreaming this will bring them luck. Be loyal to these superstitions as this is part of Greece women’s traditions. 
  • Stay always in a good mood. Greek girls are very positive. They know how to work and entertain themselves. They will grant you an unforgettable experience of sincere joy, hilarious dancing, and singing. You will have to share their way of life to be closer to one of the adorable Greek ladies.     
  • Facial expression is essential. Greek girls use mimics unintentionally. They follow the mood of their counterparts and notice any changes reflected on their faces. Thus, be attentive if you do not want to insult your lovely Greek lady. Do not frown your brows or make an angry face. 
  • Learn how to behave with her parents. A local family is an entire country in a state. When being introduced to your Greek girl’s parents, be polite. Their opinions’ weight is significant. A mom will think that no man deserves her daughter. Her dad is a hero who will give everything for his daughter. You will have to show how vital your Greek woman is to you. 
Greek ladies

Things to Avoid When Dating a Greek Girl

  1. Do not try to outdo her. Greek women were unintentionally involved in competition with others, including men. Please do not hurt her with any negative comment on this fact.
  2. Be respectful to all her relatives. Although they may seem different from other people, you may know.
  3. Avoid being greedy. Plan your spending in advance and gladly join any activities your Greek woman offers you. It won’t cost you much. 

Marrying a Greek Woman: Greek Wedding Customs You Should Know

Greece is famous for its unique national traditions of engagement and weddings. The ceremony contains ancient Orthodox and Christian rituals alongside local prejudices.   

Defining a date

Preparation for the wedding is essential, as even the period matters. Defining a day, remember that Greek people do not set for the nuptial: 

  • forty days preceding Easter – Lent, 
  • forty days before Christmas, 
  • certain days in August and several other dates.

Making up the bed

The Greek bride’s mom and grandmother lay a bed for the newly married. Close relatives and unmarried girlfriends may take part in decorating a bridal bed with flower petals or sugar almonds. 

Sometimes, a baby can roll on it, symbolizing fertility. The side, where it stops, reveals the gender of a future child – a daughter or a son. 

A groom and a bride

A groom’s friend assists in dressing a newlywed. The best man, the koumbaro, must shave the groom demonstrating trustful relations. It is a tradition to pin something of iron to the groom’s clothes to protect the couple from evil spirits. 

The close people of a bride also help her with wedding garments. Usually, she puts a lump of sugar in her glove for a future family’s sweet and problem-free life. Unmarried maidens write their names on the soles of brides’ shoes. If their inscriptions disappear by the end of the evening, singles will marry till the end of the year.

The Orthodox ceremony 

The Orthodox Church is the place for the marriage ceremony. A couple holds lighted candles throughout the ceremony when exchanging wedding rings and vows. 

The newlyweds put on unique crowns in the church, swapped by the komumbaro three times back and forth. These crowns are beautifully decorated with flowers, ribbons, or even jewelry. 

The couple wears engagement rings on their left hand, exchanging them for the right hand after the marriage.

Receiving guests and a party

An authentic Greek wedding is jolly and vibrant, with singing and dancing throughout the night. Hilarious Sirtaki, Hasapiko Tsamiko, and Zeibekiko are integral to these celebrations. 

Every guest receives treats at the end of the party – Koufeta, sweet almonds with sugar. The sweets symbolize prosperity and fertility. 

After the last dance of the newlywed, their friends throw coins and rice or pin the money to their clothes for a wealthy life.      

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to know if a Greek girl likes you?

Vivid mimics and gestures of a Greek woman depict her feelings and attitude. The glances of a Greek girl will be long and tender when she sees you. Her touches will manifest her interest and sheer love for her partner. These movements are caring and tender.   

A Greek woman will mirror all your movements, like crossing your legs or sipping her drink with you. She will tidy up herself every time meeting you, from hair to make-up. A Greek woman needs to impress her beloved with her impeccable look. 

What is the fertility rate in Greece?

Although families are essential for Greek girls, children’s number per kinship could be higher. However, these women are eager to have more kids, and childbirth has been increasing in recent years, achieving the figure of 1.4 births per woman. 

Are Greek women religious? 

The country of ancient amphoras has a long religious tradition of Orthodox Christianity, constructing beautiful pieces of architecture.   

You may notice the division inside the premises for women’s and men’s parts when visiting the service. The side intended for women is crowded, while the male’s domain is almost empty. Greek women are more religious than local men.  

Are Greek girls friendly to foreigners? 

Hospitality is in the blood of Greek women. They are accustomed to the tourists’ attention as the country attracts many foreign visitors.

Without exaggeration, Greek women are among the most welcoming in the world. They are charming and tender with foreigners, always greet them with sincere smiles, and are excellent in chatter.   

Is it easy for a Greek woman to separate from her parents after marriage?

Greek wives relocate to their spouses’ countries without difficulty. It is easy for them to separate from their kinships. 

However, Greek girls are very close to their families. Be ready that they will communicate about everything with their parents for a long time after marriage. 

Are Greek women good in bed?

There are many emotional and passionate nationalities. Greek women differ from the sweetest lovers by their caring and tender nature. 

Sex with them is incredible because they start intimate relationships only by being emotionally close to their partners. You will feel in heaven after intimacy with a Greek girl accompanied by a lovely prelude. 

What are the gender roles in Greece?

In the 20th century, gender roles in Greece changed drastically. Nowadays, local men and women have politically and economically equal rights. 

Most Greek women work outside their homes, have a good education, and are excellent professionals. However, their jobs still need to be estimated adequately. Their salaries differ from the same of their men, almost by 15%. Frequently, this fact lays the basis for the desire of a Greek woman to marry a foreign groom and emigrate.  

However, the Greek woman’s role in this country tends to be more traditional. Females care for households, children, and older family members.  

How fluent are Greek brides in English?

Most Greek women and men engaged in the tourist business can communicate with foreigners easily, speaking several foreign languages.  

Almost half of the local grown-up people speak English. Educated Greek ladies learn English as an obligatory language in the university. Thus, if you date a girl with a Master’s or a Bachelor’s diploma, she is sure to speak this language. 

What authentic dishes to taste when dating a Greek girl?

Obesity is a rare thing in Greece. These people are lucky to have all the benefits of freshly cooked Mediterranean foods, tasty dairy products, and local vegetables.  


These plants are the essence of this country. Local people grow and consume them in large quantities. 

All Greek women have secrets for preparing this delicacy: olive oil with various additives, such as rosemary, basil, or garlic. The variations of dishes are significant: uncured from the trees, cured with sauces or brine, or salty. 


Moussaka is an authentic local dish that Greek girls can cook from childhood. Easy to prepare, it is incredibly delicious, contains all locally raised products, and lures multiple gourmets.

Greek girls bake it in the oven. They lay out slices of fried eggplant, lamb, potatoes, pureed tomatoes, onions, garlic, cinnamon, and allspice and top it with béchamel sauce.