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Syria isn’t very high on public lists of favorite vacation destinations for obvious reasons. Still, some people would be okay with traveling to this war-torn country just to meet its women. Syrian women are breathtakingly beautiful and have managed to be the silver lining behind the dark cloud of unrest surrounding the country. This article will show you all you need to know about Syrian women and how you can start a life with one of them. 

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What Are Syrian Women like?

Syrian women have certain things about them that make them unique and attractive. To help you understand better, we have divided this section into small subsections detailing their physical and character-based attractions. 


Syrian women have striking looks that make them attractive to men. Here are some of the features that make them very attractive. Here are some of these features:

They have dark bold eyes 

Dark bold eyes are not widespread, but they are beautiful, and you will often find Syrian women with these beautiful eyes. They don’t know how beautiful their eyes are, which explains why they do not look away when they lock their eyes with you. 

Their eyebrows are arched 

We have seen women lie underneath a brow esthetician for hours to have their brows artificially arched enough to know that arched brows are beauty standards. Syrian women have brows that are already shaped that way, which makes them more beautiful. 

They have full, supple lips 

The Kardashians have had more lip injections than we can count, and we all know why. Full lips are the trend, and it makes women look more beautiful. Syrian women do not need to inject their lips to look more supple and beautiful because it already comes naturally. 

They have thick, full, dark hair 

Syrian women do not cut their hair for religious reasons, so they have full, thick, dark hair, which they keep beautiful with oils and accessories. Syrian women look like princesses because of how they accessorize and take care of their locks. 


Syrian women have certain personality traits that endear to the men who want them. Here are some of these traits

They are kind 

Syrian women show kindness to everyone they meet, whether they are strangers or people they know. They do not believe it is right to be rude to someone because you do not know them. When you meet Syrian girls, you can be sure they will be hospitable towards you and show kindness. 

They are humble

Syrian women are not known to walk around with big egos or chips on their shoulders. Material possessions, physical beauty, and other things in the same range do not matter to them as they believe that what is in the heart matters more, so despite their possession of great beauty, they remain humble. 

They are conservative 

Syria is a religious country, and the religions practiced in Syria stick to conservatism. The women in Syria may find liberality attractive, but the essence of their being is tied to being conservative, and they practice this from childhood to adulthood. 

They work hard 

The economy in Syria is bad because of the war, so families are struggling to make ends meet. The women in the family work hard and take odd jobs to support the family instead of leaving the provision to the men alone. 

Syrian women stereotypes 

Here are some of the stereotypes that have followed the women of Syria for a very long time:

They are docile 

Syrian women are at the receiving end of oppression in an unstable country, and they have survived still; the last thing anyone should call them is weak or docile. However, because of their quiet, uncontroversial, and humble demeanor, people assume they are docile and can be walked all over, unlike their Iranian counterparts. 

They are desperate for foreign husbands 

Syria is not the best place to live because you could wake up to a bomb taking out half your apartment without warning. Syrian women are the greatest casualties of this war, and the country’s laws deal with them poorly. So yes, Syrian women want to leave Syria by all means, and if they can get this by marrying a foreign man, they will take it. 

They marry for money

Syria is a developing country, and the women often need extra help from the men they are married to help them and their families, but the women work hard and earn some money to take care of their families. They do not marry for money, but they would be okay with getting extra help now and then from their husbands. 

Syrian women statistics 

Take a look at some of the statistics on Syrian women: 

What makes them different? 

What makes Syrian women different from other women in the Middle East? Here are three answers to that question. 

They are welcoming to strangers 

When you live in the Middle East, you will be wary of strangers because you have seen more than once that people are never what they seem. However, Syrian women do not think anyone is out to harm them at the first meeting, so they are welcoming, and with the little they have, they show hospitality. 

They are calm 

Syrian women do not believe in needless conflict because they have seen firsthand how quickly it can turn grim. If they can resolve something from simple conversations, they will always pick that option because it is the safest one. 

They are cheerful 

Have you lived in the Middle East before? Then you will understand why their cheerfulness is a big deal. Syrian women keep a cheerful, positive outlook on life regardless of their situation and how far from happy it is. Other women in this region are not interested in being happy or positive; they want to sleep and wake up in a foreign country.

Syrian ladies

Do Syrian Women Make Good Wives? 

Men like to marry Syrian wives for many reasons, but most importantly, they make good wives. Here are some reasons that make Syrian wives the best on the block. 

They are traditional 

Syrian wives are some of the most traditional wives you can ever find. They believe in and stick to old values concerning marriage, where most of the authority is in the hands of the man. More importantly, they understand that their role in the home is to be a good homemaker, and they are very good at this task. 

They take fidelity serious 

Your Syrian wife will never cheat on you, no matter how displeased your actions; she will never even be tempted by the idea. Growing up, she learned that cheating is a serious offense that will be punished by both the state and God, so she carries that as an adult if you were worried about your wife cheating on you, there is no need anymore. 

They are reliable 

You can always count on your Syrian wife to stand in for you whenever you need her and handle things the way you would have seamlessly. You can rely on your Syrian wife for support anytime, and she will always be there for you, no matter your need. 

They take loyalty serious 

In Syria, the family unit is essential because of the dynamics of the country. Everyone holds their family to their heart and would never betray them. When you marry a Syrian woman, you become her family. And even though you are taking her to a relatively peaceful country where she doesn’t have to worry about her betrayal resulting in your death, she is still loyal to you for the rest of her life.

Where To Meet Syrian Women In Syria

Syria is not an exciting place with so many great things to do and places to visit. Regardless of the life-threatening peculiarities in the country, it is still a good country for those who want to do some business. If you are going there to look for a wife, the areas and spots we pick next will help you find the Syrian woman of your dreams. 


Restaurants in Syria give you good food, ambiance, and beautiful women you must approach with care because of the laws of the land on conservatism. Here are some of the best Restaurants in Syria in some of the biggest cities: 


Restaurants in Aleppo include: 

  • Beroea Restaurant 
  • Grand Station 
  • Al Kommeh Restaurant


Restaurants in Damascus include: 

  • Naranj 
  • Haretna 
  • Bakdash 


Restaurants in Hamma include: 

  • Al- Rawda 
  • Al- Baoudi 
  • Maison Bagdash


Syrians love football and are among the few Middle Eastern countries allowing their women to watch football when they are not fighting. You can meet a few Syrian women at football stadiums during local matches. Here are some of the biggest cities and their stadiums: 


Stadiums in Aleppo include: 

  • Aleppo International Stadium 


Stadiums in Damascus include: 

  • Abbasisiyen- An Nassirah Stadium
  • Al Jalaa Stadium 
  • Tishreen Stadium 


Stadiums in Hamma include: 

  • Hama Municipal Stadium


Parks are open to everyone, and there is rarely segregation of males and females. If you want to meet Syrian women, then the gardens in some of the greatest cities in Syria should inspire you: 


Parks in Aleppo include: 

  • General park Aleppo 


Parks in Damascus include: 

  • Tishreen park 
  • Badr’s park 
  • Barada river 


Parks in Hamma include: 

  • Um Al Hassan park
  • Norias park 
  • Salamiyah amusement park 
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Where To Meet Syrian Women Online 

Meeting Syrian women in Syria is not the brightest idea, no matter how we view it. To build a relationship with a Syrian woman, you should start with Syrian mail order brides’ sites. On these platforms, you can get a variety of women in Syria at a click or more. As soon as you subscribe to their premium plans, you can start talking to any Syrian woman you fancy. This process costs less than traveling to Syria to find a wife, is considerably safer and gives you more options than if you visited the country.

How To Impress Syrian Women

How do you impress a Syrian girl? Before you start dating a Syrian woman, you must first get past the stage where you impress her into wanting to even give you a second look beneath that veil. Here are four tips that we are sure will work: 

Be polite 

A Syrian girl will always be polite when she first meets you and starts a conversation with you, so you must do the same if you are talking to her. Politeness is something that Syrian girls find attractive in foreign men, primarily because Syrian men are not the most polite people in the world. Meeting men who regard them with politeness is something out of the ordinary for women in Syria, so when dating Syrian women, be polite.

Look good 

Syrian men do not care for their dressings and will wear anything proper that is available. Often, their priorities lay elsewhere. Also, the westerners who go there for peacekeeping missions do not dress better than the men there. So when women in Syria see a man dressed in a formal outfit, it is a breath of fresh air, and he will have their attention immediately. 

Be respectful 

Syrian men do not respect women in Syria; they do not see them as human beings and treat them like objects that should be owned and discarded as the owner sees fit. Syrian women are tired of being treated like this, but because these are the only men around them, it is a reality that they have been forced to accept. If you want to impress a Syrian lady, be respectful because that is not something she is used to. 

Compliment her

Syrian ladies may put little effort into their physical looks, partly because they need someone to remind them of their beauty. So when you first meet a Syrian girl, give her specific compliments. Saying, “You are beautiful” is fine but also generic. Talk about her striking eyes because that might be the first thing you see since she is veiled. If she trusts you enough to open her face for you, compliment her features. 

Dating A Syrian Woman: 4 Tips 

Dating a woman from a war-torn country is not the easiest thing to do, but we have tops that can make it easy for you. 

Make her feel protected 

When dating a Syrian woman, you must make her feel like nothing wrong will ever happen to her, that because she is with you, she is protected and safe. Syrian women want nothing more than to feel protected by the men in their lives. 

Make her feel seen 

Women in Syria constantly fight a system that seeks to diminish them at every turn. They want to be seen and heard, and it might take decades for Syria to ever get to the point where women are seen and heard. However, your Syrian girlfriend should be able to get that from you. Listen to her when she talks, and let her know that she will always be able to voice out things where you are without fearing being shut down. Sit with her and walk through her needs, desires, fears, and insecurities without dismissing them. Let her know that you see her and that you hear her. 

Make her feel beautiful 

We said earlier that you should pay your Syrian lady compliments, but don’t stop there. Buy the things that make her feel beautiful; it could be an outfit, jewelry, makeup, or something else. A Syrian woman will not allow anyone to see her body and even her hair until she marries them. When she lets you see her body and hair for the first time, admire every bit of her and let her know that you are in awe of her body. Your Syrian woman should never have to feel self-conscious around you; she should feel beautiful.

Make her feel important 

When dating a Syrian girl, make her feel like an essential part of the relationship rather than an accessory. Ask for her opinions on things, and take them if it is better than yours. On the days when she cannot offer something of value, share your views with her and teach her better.

dating Syrian girls

What To Avoid When Dating Syrian Women

Dating Syrian girls comes with some don’ts which you should adhere to if you want a successful, exciting relationship. Here are some of them. 

Don’t yell at her 

Syrian women grow up hearing people yell at them in expletives and others because they are women. If you start yelling at a Syrian woman when you are still dating her, she will pull away from you because she does not see a difference between you and the men in Syria. 

Don’t dismiss her 

Your Syrian girlfriend will not always have an opinion on anything, and even if she does, she will rarely ever voice them out, same with her disapproval. However, if she ever gets through her societal and self-imposed barriers to voice her displeasure or any opinion, you should not dismiss her and make her feel small. 

Don’t try to touch her without permission 

Syrian women are conservatives and would not want to be touched inappropriately, even when they are dating. When you are married, you can touch her however you want, but keep your hands to yourself while dating until the marriage rites are completed. If found, you might be let off the hook, but she will suffer gravely for letting you touch her.

Marrying A Syrian Woman: 3 Customs 

If you are marrying a Syrian girl, there are a few wedding customs you should know for your wedding day. Here are three of them: 

The contract 

During the engagement ceremony, the bride and groom have to sign a contract to promise to get married. The agreement also has to contain how much the groom is supposed to gift the bride.

The Arada

The Arada is a group of songs the groom’s friend must perform while carrying him on their shoulders, dancing, and parading the hall. If you do not have Syrian male friends, you can skip this event, but it is fun, and you can always ask the bride’s brothers to do it. 

The sword fight 

To show bravery, courage, and the ability to protect his wife, the groom, must challenge his friends to a mock sword fight when making his entrance into the wedding hall. After the battle, he will walk under a canopy of crossed swords made by his friends. 


How to know if a Syrian girl likes you? 

Women in Syria do not wear their hearts on their sleeves, so it is easy to know when a Syrian lady likes you because she will immediately start showing emotions toward you. A Syrian woman who likes you will always want to be around you and may attempt to let you touch her away from the public eye. She will also try to marry you immediately. 

Are Syrian women good in bed?

Syrian women are conservatives, even when it comes to sex. The good thing is that they are willing to learn how to please you and will quickly soak up information from other sources as long as you make them available. If you want good sex, you must teach her how to satisfy you. 

What are the gender roles in Syria?

Syria is a strongly patriarchal society where women have little to no say in anything, including moving around the country. The girls are married off at a young age to older men and are out of school due to war and other factors. The men make all the decisions in Syria, and the women must obey. 

What is the birthrate in Syria?

Syria currently has a birth rate of 2.84 births per woman. More women are refusing to have children in a war-torn country, especially as the kids are the most affected by the war, so the birth rate has been declining in recent times. 

Are Syrian girls religious?

85% of Syrians are Muslims, and the rest are Christians, so your chances of marrying a Muslim woman are high. However, some Syrian women are open to change, especially when married. If they see that what you offer brings more freedom and a better quality of life, they may leave their religion behind. 

Are Syrian women materialistic?

Syrian women are content with whatever you give them because they do not believe in material things. However, they get excited when they get lovely gifts because they are not used to them. So despite them not being materialistic, it would help your relationship if you bought gifts often.