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Japan! There are so many exciting things about this beautiful country, but nothing is more interesting than its women. Japanese women are among the most exciting and attractive ladies you will ever meet. When foreign men meet women in Japan, they get bitten by the love bug because those ladies have most characteristics men seek in a partner.

If you are reading this because you want to date or marry a Japanese girl, pay attention to what we have to say today! 

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What Are Japanese Women Like?

Women in Japan capture the attention of foreigners for two main reasons: appearances and personality. This section will highlight both factors, so you know what to expect from the average Japanese girl.


Women of Japan look much like other Asian women, but differ in certain traits:

They look like they took an anti-aging serum 

Japanese women practically seem to age backward,  almost like in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Most men find this trait attractive. There is no fountain of youth, but given the lack of wrinkles, you will constantly find yourself disputing their age when they tell you. 

They are smallish 

Japanese women are not tall; they have petite frames and can fit into your arms when you want a hug. Their small stature makes them appear conventionally delicate — the allure of fragile femininity — which many men find attractive. 

They have doe eyes 

Now, their eyes are a defining factor. These ladies have doe eyes which almost never get baggy, even later in life. Some of them go under the knife to achieve this appearance. They probably won’t admit they’ve had plastic surgery, even though that is quite common in Japan. However, even naturally, women in Japan have eyes that are so perfect they are doll-like. 

They have flawless skin 

The skin of a Japanese woman looks like it was formed out of white porcelain and sanded to perfection with oils. It glistens in the sun and feels smooth to the touch. Their skincare routine keeps their skin looking fresh and supple. 


Women in Japan have distinct personalities that some people may find interesting; here are some of them: 

They are passionate 

The average Japanese girl has surprising amounts of passion running through her veins; you can feel it when she likes you. Women in Japan are your best bet if you are a fan of unbridled passion for everything she does in life. 

They are calm

Japanese girls do not like to argue, fight, or create confrontations. That’s especially appealing to men who don’t want controversies at home. If it is not worth a fight or an argument, a Japanese woman will simply not engage.

They are vain 

Japan is fourth on the list of the world’s largest beauty exporters, with $6.2 billion in beauty-product exports as of 2021. It’s not surprising, then, that the women are very invested in their beauty — so much so that they could be called vain.

Japanese Women Stereotypes 

People often attach certain stereotypes to Japanese women, and some of these stereotypes have remained for ages. Here are four of these stereotypes: 

Japanese women are tall 

Japanese women are rumored to be tall, but the men are the tall ones. Japanese women have an average height of 5 feet, 2 inches, which makes them anything but tall, so that narrative is not exactly correct. 

Japanese women are docile 

Women in Japan are not fans of confrontation and arguments, but it does not make them 100% docile. Their love for calm and peace has made people push a narrative that women are weak and docile, but that’s not a complete picture. 

Japanese women love kawaii 

Kawaii is the Japanese culture of overt cuteness. If you watch adult films, you will notice that most of the time, the women are dressed like dolls to represent some childish cuteness. However, not all Japanese women find this style attractive. The more traditional Women in Japan detest this narrative, as it does not appeal to them. This stereotype exists because of the explosion of anime on the world stage. 

Statistics You Should Know About Japanese Women 

Here are some vital statistics about Japanese women that you should know:

  • Japan’s ratio of women to men is 51.18% to 42.82%. 
  • The life expectancy of women in Japan is 87.74 years. 
  • The labor force in Japan is composed of 53.5% women. 
  • Women between the ages of 30 to 34 have the highest birth rate in Japan.
  • Women in Japan earn an average of 9.46 dollars per hour. 
  • 36% of Japanese women work 40 to 48 hours per week. 

What Makes Them Different From Other Women? 

Women of Japan are different from Western, European, and other Asian women in many ways: 

Japanese women have better skin than other Asians 

We mentioned the skin of women in Japan earlier, but when you compare it to the skin of western women, you will see just how different the Japanese appearance is. Western women age quickly, so their skin usually begins to sag before age 35. Not so in Japan. 

Japanese women have perky boobs 

Seeing as breasts factor highly in mens’ attractiveness scales, this can be a big deal. Though their busts are often small, they are unequivocally beautiful. 

Japanese women are not loud 

Japanese women have different ways of communicating their opinions, and they’re never loud about it. Women want to be ‘heard,’ of course, but in Japan that doesn’t mean yelling. 

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Do Japanese Women Make Good Wives? 

Men want Japanese wives for so many reasons. Here are three of the biggest drivers that push men to go all the way to Japan for a wife: 

They remain desirable 

People like to deny it, but men want their wives to look desirable for their whole lives. No man wants a wife who changes completely after having children; they want their wives to still look hot and young. Japanese women seem to have cracked the anti-aging code, so when you are married to her, your Japanese wife will always remain young and fresh for you. 

They put their families first 

Japanese people take the family units very seriously and always put their immediate family first, no matter the circumstances. When you marry a Japanese wife, rest assured that you and the kids will always come first in her life, no matter what odds are stacked against her. 

They are respectful 

No one wants to marry a woman who is disrespectful and does not understand the value of a man in the home. The respectful nature of the Japanese woman is not peculiar to women alone; all Japanese people grow up with a culture of respect. As a bonus, your wife will raise your kids to be equally respectful. 

Where To Meet Japanese Women In Japan 

Japan is a lovely country both as a home or vacation destination.  However, finding a wife there might be challenging because the society is changing rapidly. Some of their inherent values remain strong, but others, on the surface, are beginning to bow to newer norms. Nonetheless, if you intend to search for a Japanese wife in person, here are some places to meet Japanese girls. 


Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan, with an estimated population of 37 million. You can meet Japanese girls in Tokyo bars, markets, and temples. What this means is that you might be able to meet Japanese women who will be interested in getting married and leaving Japan with you. 


Bars in Tokyo are fun and lively and host many people at the right time of day. You may or may not meet many kawaii females at the bars, but they are worth a try. Three of the most popular bars in Tokyo are:

  • Gen Yamamoto
  • The Bellwood 
  • Flying Bumblebee


Markets in Tokyo usually have more tourists than locals, but if you stick to the food markets, you’ll find a few Japanese women buying things they need while trying to avoid the eyes of prying men. Three markets to try out include:

  • Ameya Yokocho Ueno 
  • Toyosu fish market 
  • Nakamise shopping street

Temples and shrines 

Tourists are allowed into the temples in Japan now and then; consider this an opportunity for you to meet a traditional and religious Japanese lady ripe for marriage. Three temples to try out include:

  • Sensoji temple 
  • Meiji Jingu Shrine 
  • Tennoji temple


Hiroshima is another sizable Japanese city with a smaller population and more cultural inhabitants. You can find a local girl to get intimate with, date, or marry in this city’s bars, markets, and temples. Let’s take a look at these places. 


Bars in Hiroshima are less crowded than in the big cities, but it’s typically just the modern Japanese women there. See three fun bars you can visit: 

  • Mac bar
  • Bar Suizokukan 
  • Pretty date 


Markets in Hiroshima are local, and you can find the locals there, including a woman you may want to make a life with. Here are two markets that should make your journey easy: 

  • Hiroshima Buchiuma Dori 
  • Takanobashi shopping street 

Temples and Shrines 

Temples and shrines in Hiroshima are your best bet when searching for a traditional wife in the city. You come to visit, she comes to pray, and it is a win-win. Here are three well-known temples/shrines: 

  • Mitaki Dera Temple
  • Hiroshima Gokoku shrine 
  • Itsukushima shrine 


Osaka is another exciting city where you can find Japanese women interested in getting married to you. You can find wives in markets, bars, temples, or shrines. Let us explore some of these places. 


The bars in Osaka are filled with people looking for fun and one-night stands; you will need some ability to discern so that you pick the right woman out of these bars. Here are three of them:

  • The Drunken Clam
  • Ghost 
  • Bar Nayuta 


The markets in Osaka are open to everyone who wants to shop, locals and foreigners alike. So grab your shopping basket and explore the following locations where you might find your wife: 

  • Shintennoji flea market 
  • Ashiharabashi upmarket 
  • Nakanoshima food lover’s market 

Temples and shrines 

You do not need a discerning spirit to find a wife in a temple. If she is religious, she might have all the values you seek in a woman. Check out these temples: 

  • Hozenji temple 
  • Isshinji temple 
  • Namba Yasaka shrine 
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Where To Meet Japanese Women Online 

Sadly, Japanese women are not the easiest to meet online, so you may have to do some legwork. Japanese mail-order bride services help because they bring many traditional Japanese ladies to your screen. When you pay for a premium service, you can pick your preferences out of the list, start and continue conversations with women, and decide on the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Traveling to Japan to find a wife sounds romantic, but it may not work — you might end up spending lots of money and time with no results. With a mail-order bride site, you can get the woman you want after talking to her and agreeing on how to move forward. 

How To Impress A Japanese Girl 

In trying to get a Japanese girl to like you enough to want to marry you, you must figure out different ways to impress her and get her attention. Here are a few ways you can impress a Japanese lady.

Be a responsible man 

In Japan, every young man is supposed to look and live responsibly, have a good job, respect others, and be capable of taking care of his family. If you appear unable to do any of these, a Japanese girl will not be interested in you. 

Discuss business 

It may sound weird for you to start talking like a business person when you meet a lady who interests you, but things are different in Japan. For some reason, Japanese women are attracted to businesslike demeanors, so even if you are not a business person, it’s good to adopt that attitude. 

Take care of everything on your first date 

On the first date in Japan, you should take care of even the tiniest details. You must do that because Japanese women like reliable men who they can depend on to plan things well. Learn to take care of everything, and they will rely on you. 

How To Date A Japanese Girl: 4 Tips 

Dating a Japanese girl is not easy; you should watch your steps at the beginning because you’re competing with Japanese men who know the cultural expectations well. These women grew up differently than you did, which means you have some learning to do when dating them. Here are four tips that can help you: 

Ask them about their story 

Every Japanese person has a story and is willing to share it. Ask the person you’re trying to date to tell you more about their life experiences. This conversation creates a stronger bond and can unravel the similarities you share with them. When dating a Japanese woman, you must ask about these things. 

Keep the first date friendly and neutral 

We understand that time may feel short and you want to dive into the relationship immediately, but you must be patient. First dates in Japan are where you get to know each other without the burden of sexual or romantic baggage. You must keep your overt displays of affection to yourself until the third date to be safe.

Teach her a few English jokes 

They may not always admit it, but Japanese people often want to be let in on English jokes that they do not understand. Since you’re probably planning to take her to an English-speaking country, you should teach her some English jokes and ice-breakers to help her start conversations with your family and other foreigners. 

Show maturity 

Japanese women who aren’t into the Kawaii fad find childishness unattractive and will waste no time to show you the disgust they feel. You must show them that you are mature and do not have time for childish games. Maturity is a turn-on for Japanese women. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Japanese Girl 

There are a few things that you must avoid when you are dating Japanese Women:


Japanese culture is big on respect, courtesy, politeness, and punctuality. If you tell a Japanese woman that you will be somewhere at 5:00 pm, show up at 4:45. She will not be late, and she expects that you respect her time and show up early. 

Splitting bills 

Some Western women prefer to split bills, but you shouldn’t try to do so with Japanese women. They have learned that men take the lead in everything, including dates. Avoid exposing them to this bit of foreign culture, especially early on while you’re dating. Dating Japanese girls means that you have to revert to some older traditions, which means that you are in charge. 

Public displays of affection 

Japanese women do not find PDAs cute, so resist the urge to be overly affectionate in public. She’ll consider it disrespectful, and we already know how much everyone in Japan hates disrespect. 

Marrying A Japanese Woman: 4 Wedding Customs You Should Know 

Before marrying a Japanese woman, you must get acquainted with their customs. Here are four important ones: 

The cleansing 

Before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom clean themselves by washing their mouth and hands with water before anything can begin. 

The San San Kudo

San San Kudo means three, three, and nine, representing the cups from which the couple will drink sake. The couple will first drink from the small cup, which indicates they are thanking the ancestors for their past. Then they will drink from the medium cup, which means they are thanking their ancestors for the present and what they have become. Finally, they will drink from the biggest cup, which indicates that they are thanking the ancestors for the future and asking for blessings on their future descendants. 

The money present 

Guests must bring money to the wedding as a gift to the couple. The funds must be in new bills to signify the new beginning as a family, and they must be in odd numbers to indicate the indivisibility of the couple.  

Gifts for the guests and the parents 

The couple must give gifts to the guests — usually candies or essential souvenirs — in gratitude for attending the event. Then they must provide a substantial present to their parents for raising them well.


How to know if a Japanese girl likes you 

If a Japanese girl likes you, she will consciously try to learn English from you. The reason she is doing that is that she wants to be able to communicate with you without language barriers. She will ask you to teach her what you say and tell her how to reply.

If you notice that she is reluctant to learn English for any reason, that might indicate that she is not interested in learning anything about you. 

Are Japanese women good in bed?

Forget what you see in adult films; most Japanese women only know what you teach them, as they are not sexually expressive. The good part is you can open them to a world of sexual desires, and they will be willing to learn. 

What are Japanese ladies’ opinions of gender roles? 

In Japan, the men take the lead, and the women follow. Japan is a very patriarchal society, and the ladies are used to it. While many of them are beginning to embrace the idea of fluid gender roles, most Japanese women are comfortable with traditional roles.

Are Japanese women religious?

Japan is divided into four different religious categories. 69.0% practice Shinto, 66.7% practice Buddhism,1.5% practice Christianity, and 6.2% practice other faiths. The Japanese woman you marry may belong to any of these groups.

What is the fertility rate in the country?

Japan has a declining birth rate, with the number of births per woman hovering around 1.34. This number does not imply that the ladies are infertile; on the contrary, it is due to the society which glorifies small but closely-knit families. Japanese are comfortable having just one or two children, unlike people from other countries.

Are Japanese women materialistic?

Japanese women like to be taken care of by their men, but they are not precisely materialistic. They only want tangible things they’ll find useful in the marriage. The work-focused society also makes them more dependent on men because they are often too busy juggling work and homemaking.

Do Japanese women want foreign men?

Japanese women are not exactly desperate for foreign men since they are fine with marrying Japanese men. Their families often encourage their daughters to marry their countrymen. However, many are becoming more open to international unions and do not mind the idea of a new life away from what they know.