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Welcome to Spain, the home of Penélope Cruz and Sara Montiel. People visit the country for many reasons, including the food, culture, beautiful sights, and lively people. However, most men travel to Spain to meet Spanish women. If you are reading this article right now, it means that you are interested in Spanish women and want to learn how to end up with one. Consider this piece an instructional manual to help you get what you want. 

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What Are Spanish Women Like?

Spanish women have specific things unique to them, like their looks, behavioral patterns, and others. To help you understand them better, we will be describing the average Spanish woman in different sections. 


What do Spanish women look like? Here are some of the physical attributes of women in Spain which should make the head of any man turn: 

Beautiful hair 

The first thing that would catch your attention about a Spanish woman is her hair. Spanish women have long, dark wavy hairs that defy the existence of hair extensions. The beauty of their hair is why in every Telenovela, there is an invincible fan blowing the hair of every female lead because their hair is a work of art. 

Curvy bodies 

Spanish women have the sexiest bodies you can imagine. Their curves are anything but subtle. They often flaunt their narrow waists, wide hips, and curved backsides, which is why they often have thousands of followers. Sure, some lean and plus-sized ladies are among them, but most Spanish women you will find on dating sites have the perfect figures. 

Spotless, toned skin 

Spanish women have golden olive skins that glisten in the sun. The color is a perfect add-on to their already striking features. Most men dating Spanish ladies never want to stop running their hands on their skin because of how smooth and soft they are. 

The perfect face for social media

Spanish women have faces that you can describe as perfect. They have pronounced cheekbones, less buccal fat, and full lips. Their eyes are bold and brown, their noses small and straight, and they always seem to age backward. They are the perfect picture of what a woman would want if she visited Dr. Miami for a facial reconstruction.  


The personality traits of Spanish women make them more attractive to men, and here are some of these traits: 


Spanish women learn independence early and carry on with it as they grow older. These women work for their money, so they do not have to depend on anyone for anything. Some men might find this independence a little threatening because men like to show their women they are capable, but women in Spain don’t care. 


It would take a lot to make a Spanish woman fall under the weight of timidity. Spanish girls exude the kind of confidence that can make a man shake at first glance, and this is because they are mostly independent. They have a lot going on for them apart from their physical looks, so they do not cower or easily get intimidated. 


Spanish women are vocal, and we do not mean that figuratively. They have loud voices and do not know how to whisper or keep their voice down when talking. We think it’s a culture thing and also is related to their passion when talking about things that are important to them. 


Spanish women have a personality that many define as feisty and passionate. When they like something or someone, they become so emotional about them that it can scare the receiving party. Without someone to balance the scales, that passion can become problematic for both parties, which is why they prefer calm men. 

Spanish women stereotypes

Here are some stereotypes that people have attached to Spanish women that may or may not be true: 

Spanish women are short-fused 

Spanish women are passionate about everything; this passion shows itself in how they speak about issues. Add this passion to their loud voice, and you get a wave of unintentional anger at random stuff. In reality, they are not mad, but their personality traits and gesturing habits make it seem like they are always angry at everything. 

Spanish women are promiscuous 

Spanish women are not conservative, especially when they like a man. They love to receive and give love and can be described as hopeless romantics. However, when something is not working, they do not stay there to figure it out, especially in the dating stages. A Spanish woman will not wait on a man to make up his mind about her; she will sooner move on to another man and show him all her love. People assume that they are promiscuous because of this, but they are not. Also, the media has overly sexualized Hispanic women repeatedly, and this identity has now become their burden. 

Spanish women are conservative Christians 

Most Latinas speak Spanish, but they are not Spanish women. People assume that the conservative nature of Latino women is the same as that of Spanish women, which is not valid. Although they live in a society with religious superstitions and rules, Spanish women are as liberal as any other.  

Spanish Women Statistics 

Here are some statistics about Spanish women:

What makes them different?

Here are a few reasons why you can say that women in Spain are different from the other women around them: 

They are warm and friendly. 

Women of Spain are not cold and rude to strangers; they offer a warm hand of friendliness and will always be found trying to help strangers settle into Spain when they visit. Women in Spain believe in being hospitable to people, so they show warmth when they meet someone for the first time. 

They are cheerful 

Spanish ladies are often happy, and if something terrible happens to them, you have no way to know unless you ask them. They are always in a good mood, laughing, dancing, and giving light kisses on the cheeks of their friends and loved ones. 

They are expressive 

Spanish women do not know how to hide their feelings about a thing. They talk about it immediately as long as they think about it. Some people will fault this behavior because they believe people shouldn’t say everything that comes to their mind. However, this trait makes Spanish women the most honest people you will ever meet because they hide nothing.

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Do Spanish Women Make Good Wives?

Men want to marry women in Spain for many reasons, but most importantly, they make good wives. Here are some reasons why: 

They look forward to being wives and mothers 

A Spanish girl learns when she is younger that one of the things that she must achieve is a family of her own. So, she grows up wanting to get married as early as possible so she will get there fast. Why is this an advantage for men? Because she wants the marriage as much as you do, so she will put in the work rather than leave it to you. 

They are romantic 

It should not come as a surprise that a Spanish girl is romantic, as most of the rom-com Telenovelas on TV today are of Spanish origin. A Spanish woman has seen love growing up and is eager to give that love. So rest assured that she will smother you with love for most of your marriage to her. 

They are family-oriented 

Spanish women love family and want to raise and live with theirs. They feel their lives are only complete when they begin raising their children with their husbands. You don’t have to convince a Spanish woman to have children and start a family with you because they already want to. 

Loyalty is important to them 

Spanish wives are loyal to their husbands to death. Nothing you can do will push a Spanish wife to betray her husband; she would rather endure hardships than have to do that. You can trust your Spanish wife with everything, including your life. 

Where To Meet Spanish Women In Spain 

Spain is a beautiful place to visit for many reasons, including your wife-hunting reasons. There are so many places where you can meet Spanish girls in their country. However, you must be ready to go out and meet them where they are because they will not come to you. You can find these women in some of the hot spots in some of the biggest cities in Spain. We have made a list for you.


Bars are a fun place to find women ready to let loose, have fun, have drinks, and become your wife. There are so many bars in some of the biggest cities in Spain. You can visit all of them if you want to, but you must start with these in these cities: 


Bars in Madrid include:

  • Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco
  • Calle 365 Callejón Secreto
  • Essential Flamenco


Bars in Barcelona include:

  • Piñata Cocktail Cantina
  • Boadas Cocktails
  • Vai Moana 


Bars in Valencia include:

  • L’Ermita Cafe Cultural 
  • Café Negrito 
  • La Taberna Reina


Restaurants in Spain have good food, ambiance, and beautiful women in one place, making your search easy. Check out these restaurants in these cities to find beautiful Spanish women: 


Restaurants in Madrid include: 

  • Los Montes de Galicia 
  • La descarada 
  • Txirimiri Pardinas


Restaurants in Barcelona include: 

  • La Gastronomica Burgers 
  • Xera Restaurant 
  •  Solomillo


Restaurants in Valencia include: 

  • Restaurante Nou Chocomeli
  • Ricard Camarena 
  • Destino Puerto


You can always relax, see sights and enjoy the cool evening air in the parks in Spain. The gardens are also open spaces where Spaniards visit to hang out. You might be lucky to find the woman of your dreams in these parks in these cities:


Parks in Madrid include: 

  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Casa de Campo
  • Jardines de Sabatini 


Parks in Barcelona include: 

  • Ciutadella Park
  • Parc de Collserola
  •  Parc de Montjuïc 


Parks in Valencia include: 

  • El Jardín de Polifilo
  • Oceanogràfic València 
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
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Where to Meet Spanish Women Online? 

Spain is a beautiful place to visit, but it is always a tourist country, so going there to look for a Spanish wife is a bad idea. Using online methods to find your Spanish wife will work better for you.

Spanish mail-order bride sites exist to help men find the women the men want with ease and without spending too much. You can meet Spanish women in their numbers on Spanish mail-order brides’ sites. The best part is that the platforms usually have verification steps to ensure only real ladies sign up, thus keeping you safe from fraudulent accounts.

How To Impress A Spanish Girl

Before you start dating a Spanish girl, you must first figure out how to impress her, and here are a few tips that can help you. 

Have a car 

This tip may sound weird because it seems materialistic, but most people live with their parents in Spain. Sometimes, a guy gets married, and his wife moves into his room in his parent’s house. Women do not expect men to own homes in Spain, not that they mind, but it is not an expectation. So when a man is trying to woo a woman in Spain, he must first have a car. 

Be good looking 

For Spanish women, looks matter, and that is because of the society they are in. Beauty is a big deal for Spaniards, so if you are planning on dating a Spanish girl, you must look good enough to be considered. Even her friends and the other women in her family will want her to end up with an ‘eye candy.’ 

Speak the language 

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to acquire in the world, and if you come from America, you should already know how to speak it. If you did not learn to speak it when you were younger, start learning before you meet the Spanish girl of your dreams. If you make mistakes when talking to her, she will think it is cute and correct you. 

Have a calm demeanour

Spanish girls are a burst of energy that can be exhausting for both parties when left alone to spiral. Spanish women do not want to be with men who are just as energetic and passionate as they are, so they intentionally go for more quiet men. So if you exude some calmness, they will want to be with you. 

Dating A Spanish Girl: 4 Tips 

Here are four essential tips that can help you when dating a Spanish woman: 

Be romantic 

We said earlier that Spanish women are romantic. Spanish girls want you to serenade them, bring them flowers, sweep them off their feet, and everything else. However, they also expect romance from their men. If you want to understand how romantic you need to be, watch Telenovelas, read romance books, and know that you have much to live up to. 

Ask about her family 

Remember, we mentioned earlier that Spanish young adults do not move out of their parent’s homes. The family system in Spain is very close-knit; they spend a lot of time together. Wanting to get a Spanish wife means you will become a part of that family, so you must start asking about them and getting to know them early enough. 

Teach her English 

Spanish women want you to teach her English just as much as she wants you to learn Spanish. They are learning English for many reasons, and you may never find out all of these, but when dating Spanish women, you should prepare to be their ad hoc English teacher sometimes. 

Buy her gifts 

Spanish ladies are not materialistic, but they speak all five love languages, including gift-giving and collecting. When dating Spanish girls, you should leave out a small budget for cute and thoughtful presents. These presents are not expensive; they have to be sweet.

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What To Avoid When Dating Spanish Girls? 

There are certain things you must avoid when dating Spanish girls, and here are some of them: 

Do not speak badly about her family

Whatever negative feelings you have about the family of the Spanish girl you like should stay with you no matter how hard it is. Your criticisms should remain in your mind and never make their way out. The family unit is more important than anything else in Spain, and until you are married to her, you are a stranger. A stranger does not have the right to criticize the family of the Spanish lady he wants to marry. 

Never tell her she is loud 

When you tell a Spanish girl that she is loud, she does not understand that you mean her voice; she explains it in a way that comes off as insulting to her. It also indicates that your knowledge of Spanish women needs to be improved, or you should have bothered to learn about their attributes, including having a loud voice. 

Avoid arguments 

Before you get into an argument with a Spanish woman, remember that she is excessively emotional, passionate, and has a loud voice, then ask yourself if it is worth it. The moment she starts shouting, you will head nowhere with the conversation. Learn to have more calm-headed discussions because that is the only way you will pass your point across. 

Accept her food and compliment her cooking 

Spaniards love to feed their loved ones and will feel slighted when someone rejects this offer of love. If your Spanish girlfriend makes food for you, eat it. If you are going to visit her family, go hungry, but always eat when you are offered food. 

Marrying A Spanish Woman: 4 Wedding Customs 

Before you marry a Spanish woman, you must understand that they have certain wedding customs which you must follow during the ceremony. Here are four wedding customs that you must engage in when marrying a Spanish Lady: 


Arras is a way for the bride and groom to prove that they can care for themselves financially. Someone, usually an officiating minister, places 13 coins in the hands of the groom and pours them into the hands of his bride. The bride raises her hands close to her head and puts the coins back into his hands. Afterward, the groom lets the coins fall into a plate. 

The sand of unity 

The bride and the groom each hold a sand vase, then pour the sand from both their vases inside a bigger one. This practice symbolizes two people of different personalities coming together in unity to become one. 

Passing of the ring 

The rings are tied together with a string, and the friends and family form a circle around the couple, pass the rings among themselves and speak good wishes until it has gone around, then they hand it to the couple. The Spaniards believe this custom brings good luck to the couple.

The candle-lighting ceremony 

The groom’s family lights a candle and keeps it, the family of the bride lights another and does the same, and then the couple lights their candle and places it between both candles. This practice shows that the families support the couple for as long as they are married. 


How to know if a Spanish girl likes you? 

It will be easy to know if a Spanish girl does not like you because Spanish women are good at many things, but subtlety is not one of them. Women of Spain are called promiscuous because they are open with their feelings and how they can be taken up about a man when they like him. A Spanish lady will offer to feed you, take care of you, and show you to her friends and parents when she likes you. More importantly, she will agree to have sex with you if she likes you, so you do not have to wonder about that. 

Are Spanish women good in bed?

Spanish women are liberal about sex, and they learn about sex from a very young age, so they become very good at it as adults. They are willing to learn different things about sex as long as you are eager to teach them. They will also teach you some of the tricks and things they know about sex. Every sex with a Spanish woman can be defined as an experience. 

What are the gender roles in Spain?

Spain is a progressive country with women getting out of their homes and clinching office positions instead of staying home all day. However, it does not take away the fact that the men are primarily in charge in Spain while the women tend to the home and take care of them. While the gender roles seemingly do not exist as many women are independent in Spain, when push comes to shove, the women will always defer to the authority of the men on important family and societal matters. 

What is the birthrate in Spain?

Spain has a birth rate of 1.23 births per woman, which is that low because women started working more and focusing on raising a family less. There are also a lot of unemployed men still living at home with their parents, making them undesirable to women who already work. As a result, more women are single and have their first kids later than usual, hence the low birth rate. 

Are Spanish girls religious?

The religion of Spain is divided into three, with over 50% belonging to catholic Christians, about 30% to non-religious people, and the rest shared unevenly among other religions. So whether you are religious or not, you will find a suitable Spanish wife.

Are Spanish women materialistic?

Spanish women love gifts, flowers, and other lovely things. Can that be considered as being materialistic? Maybe. However, these women are also independent and do not need to depend on men for anything. If you have to spend a little when wooing the Spanish woman you like, then that sounds like a fair bargain.