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Colombia, the Caribbean country, is famous for several things, and its women top the list. You don’t have to wait to see a Colombian woman on the Miss Universe finalists podium before believing that ladies from that part of the world are among the most beautiful women. Assuming you don’t know much about Colombian women, this article will introduce you to them. 

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What Are Colombian Women Like?

Undoubtedly, Colombian girls are endowed with certain qualities that make them unique. These qualities involve their appearance, personality, and sentiments about them.


The appearance of Colombian girls puts them among the most beautiful women in South America and the world. 

Perfect look

Women in Colombia have attractive physical features, influenced by their genetic history with the Spanish. Hence, they have several features that resemble Spanish women and are slightly different from women from other South American countries.

The head shape of Colombian women is usually extended with a strong jawline. They look stunning with their long eyelashes, thick lips, and small noses. 

Perfect shape 

Women in Colombia have some of the most attractive shapes you will ever see of ladies from a particular demography. They have big hips, slim waists, and flat tummies. Their backside is enormous, and it adds to their fantastic beauty. The extraordinary shape of Colombian girls comes from their genetics, exercises, and diet.

Tanned skin tone

Colombian women’s skin tones differ, ranging from tanned to dark. The pigment in their skin ensures they are safe against the sun’s rays. This genetic trait keeps them looking young, as it reduces the rate of them having wrinkled skin. 


The women in Colombia have personalities that make them exciting friends and lovers. Below are some key features people love about these women.

They keep things genuine

Rest assured that Colombian women are not the type to fake emotions or love; these women are the definition of genuineness and honesty. They are experts in expressing their passions, displeasure, and pleasure through body language.

They have a never-die attitude

Colombians are known for their optimism. Irrespective of the difficulties in any situation, you can count on women from Colombia to be undeterred. These women are always focused on the positive sides of life, no matter how difficult it is.

They have great humor and are always up for a friendly chat

Colombian ladies are known for their wit, sarcasm, and gregarious nature. Slang, regional expression, and double entendres are things you will experience chatting with them. Although they like casual chat, there is nothing more enjoyable than engaging a Colombian in a discussion about something they care deeply about. In that situation, you will be impressed by their knowledge and how they express themselves.

They are the definition of passion 

Women in Colombia are highly passionate and outspoken. When chatting with them, you can sense how passionate they are about their work, aspirations, families, and country. The dynamic nature of Colombian women reflects significantly in their support for their sporting heroes and national team. 

Expect to hear beautiful Colombian girls talking of Radamel Falcao, James Rodriguez, or Juan Cuadrado. These women are usually the loudest in sporting competitions, keeping the excitement going while gracefully donning their beautiful yellow jerseys.

Colombian Women Stereotypes

While there are numerous things you may like about Colombians, there are a few uncomfortable sentiments about them. Below are some.

They tend to act on their feelings and impulses without thinking them through.

There is a general belief that with Colombian women, there is drama in even the most unnecessary things. They may become envious or angry if they feel they are not receiving your undivided attention. They are the friendliest, kindest people you will ever meet, but when they get mad, it is usually scary!

They blow things out of proportion

Expect women in Colombia to make a mountain out of a molehill sometimes. They may say, “you always do this,” even though it is something you did once. It reflects their passion, and while it may be a good thing, it can be annoying sometimes, especially when they are sad.

They do not adhere to the time 

Colombian women are not the type to keep to time. These women procrastinate a lot; when a Colombian girl tells you she will do something tomorrow, it might take a long time before they get it done. 

In Colombia, “Ahora” translates to “now.” However, to the ladies, it may mean “a bit later.” These women may tell you “Te llamo ahorita”— I will call you later— and take their sweet time. Also, they may tell you they are on their way even when they are still at home.

Colombian women lack the commitment to schedules and are rigid in their adherence to time. This side of Colombian women can be frustrating and make planning challenging.

Statistics You Should Know About Colombian Women 

Below are some interesting statistics about Colombian women that may excite you. 

Religious affiliation 

Statistics show that 69% of Colombians are Catholics. As such, their attitude reflects the catholic doctrine. They prefer to marry, according to catholic belief, rather than date. 

Divorce rate

Colombia has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. This low divorce rate could be due to their religious affiliation or good upbringing. Regardless of the reason for the low divorce rate, it is an indication that Colombian women prefer to stick to their husbands rather than seek divorce. They love to feel connected to their feminine nature and valued.

What Makes Them Different from Other (European/ Slavic/ Asian) Women?

Many things make women in Colombia different from girls in other countries. Below are some of these qualities that make a difference.


When comparing girls from Latin America to Colombian ladies, you will observe that women in Colombia tend to have a tan rather than a dark complexion. They have a lot of curves and are pretty stunning. There would be no regret in getting a Colombian wife due to their looks. 

Social life

You will undoubtedly find more ladies in a club in Bogotá, Cartagena, or Cali than you will ever find in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Texas, or London. Colombian girls are more outgoing than women in North America, Asia, or Europe. If you meet Colombian girls in any city within the country, you will be impressed by their waist-twisting dances.

Colombian chicks

Do Colombian Women Make Good Wives? 

Certain qualities make women in Colombia the best wives. Below are some of these features. 

They are romantic

The women in Colombian know how to make romance a part of their marriage. These women like to spring surprises on their hubbies here and there. Also, they take their time to learn how to please their partners in the bedroom best. They perfect several sex positions and techniques to ensure their partners are sexually satisfied.

They prioritize their family over other things 

Keep in mind that a good wife prioritizes her family over everything. This quality best defines Colombian wives. Regardless of their schedule, they try to put their families over other things. These women would go above and beyond to make her house a haven for her family.

They play the role of a partner and friend to their husbands 

Don’t let the high infidelity rate among Colombian women shape your perspective of them. Marrying a Colombian woman means you have successfully eliminated boredom from your life. Aside from playing the wifely and motherly role, their funny side makes them perfect gist partners; their intelligence makes them good advisors.

They are affectionate and kind

A good wife embodies affection and kindness; this defines women in Colombia. Colombian women care about their families and always want to help their partners. When you are not in the best mood, their sympathetic, caring, loving, and positive side will bring you to your best mood in no time.

For women of Colombia, affection is vital. They express their feelings candidly. If a Colombian woman falls in love with you, expect to hear beautiful songs every night and day. These women take singing as a hobby. Hence they will try to impress you with their perfect voice.

Where to meet Colombian Women in Colombia?

If you intend to date a Colombian woman, consider going to Colombia. The cities in Colombia comprise several spots where you can meet these women. Below are some cities and places you should visit.


There are many unique places you can check out when you visit Bogota to meet a Colombian woman you love.


When you are in Bogota, you can visit one of the numerous museums in the city to meet your perfect bride. Since most Colombian girls like artworks and artifacts, it is customary to find them in museums like the Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Museo Nacional de Colombia, and Museo Santa Clara. 


There are several top restaurants you can check out when you step foot in Bogota. Of course, these restaurants are not short of gorgeous Colombian women. Some of these restaurants are Pajares Salinas, Restaurante Capitalino, and Harry Sasson.


If you like dancing, there is every possibility that you will like Medellin. This city has numerous spots where you can sit, enjoy drinks, dance, and meet beautiful Colombian girls.

Night clubs 

There are several night spots you can visit when you are in Colombia. Since marrying or dating Colombian women is your intention, you will find them aplenty in these spots. Some of these nightclubs are Salón Amador, Gusto Night Club, and La Oculta.

meet Colombian women

Where to Meet Colombian Women Online? 

If you want to meet Colombian women, online platforms are the most appropriate approach. You can sign up on mail-order brides’ platforms to meet the girl or man of your dreams.

The risk and cost of visiting any Colombian city make mail order bridal platforms a suitable option. Your expenses will include hotel room, flight, feeding, and paying for dates when visiting women in Colombia. So, rather than spend all that, you can pay a token online to meet numerous women in Colombia with varying features. Also, it may be a risky venture to visit Colombia, especially if you are not familiar with its cities.

How to Impress a Colombian Girl  

Impressing your Colombian woman involves attention to specific details and expressing your love. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Normalize opening doors for her

One of the most neglected ways of impressing women, particularly Colombian girls, is being a complete gentleman. When you step out together, hold the door for her. It is a gentleman’s thing to keep the door open for a lady.

Complement her 

When you meet a Colombian woman you like, compliment her. However, while offering compliments, steer clear of overused lines. She must have gotten bored of cliché compliments like “You have nice eyes.” Instead, look at her shoes and clothes, smile, and tell her how amazing she is. 

Familiarize with her friends

You undoubtedly consider a woman’s beauty, personality, sense of humor, and intelligence when determining whether or not to ask her out on a date— ladies act the same way. When you finally meet the lady that matches your standard, relates well with her pals, and mixes with her social circle, indicate your desire to date or marry her. If you can win over her friends, she’ll notice you. Make it crystal obvious that she is the one you want.

Keep your phone away 

Taking a call or checking a text message mid-conversation sends the wrong message. Therefore, impressing Colombian ladies means paying maximum attention to their talks. While most people believe it is appropriate to answer a call or send an email while conversing with their date, this is highly impolite. Show your Colombian woman you are entirely focused on her by putting down or turning off your phone when talking with her.

How to Date a Colombian Girl: 4 Tips 

It would help if you remembered that Colombian women differ from those of other countries. Men dating Colombian girls must follow the tips below.

Dance with her

Dancing is a vital part of Colombian culture; hence, any man dating a Colombian girl ought to know a bit about their dance, master the moves, and get a sense of national music. Dating a Colombian beauty requires a passion for the dance floor. Take her to the most excellent clubs, make sure she gets to dance and stay with her. Dancing is essential in strengthening the bond and love between you and your Colombian lover.

Show interest in her affairs 

Help your Colombian girlfriend get home safely by calling a cab or giving her a ride. That’s a sweet way to show your girlfriend you care. Also, she will appreciate your effort in assisting her in resolving specific issues, like finance or fixing household appliances. Colombian girls would prefer a man who plays a supportive and protective role in their life.

Expect your Colombian girl to offer to pay for things while you are out together. In this situation, you must stand your ground and pay for it.

Normalize listening to her 

Colombian women want their men to care for and appreciate them; they are not interested in self-centered men. You will get closer to your Colombian woman if you are a great conversationalist and listener. Ask her questions about her plans and interests and try to help her reach her potential.

Match her fashion sense

Colombian women are very fashion-conscious. Hence, they expect their partners to match their fashion sense and attention to detail. They expect you to look your best when you hang out with them. From your hair down to your shoes must be good enough. 

meet Colombian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Colombian Girl 

Below are things you must avoid when dating women in Colombia. 

Don’t snoop through her phone

Snooping through the phone of your Colombian girl is an indication that you don’t trust them. If you must go through their phone, do it with her permission. Ask her directly when you doubt how much privacy to provide your Colombian girl. Doing so can strengthen your connection and prevent fights before they even start.

Extreme possessiveness is a red flag

There is nothing worse than a companion who is nosey, especially after only a couple of dates. Although it is natural to want to protect your significant other, it is best not to get too possessive. Get to know each other through time, and stop worrying about someone attempting to steal your partner.

Pretense sends the wrong signal

If you want to impress your Colombian girl, the worst thing you can do is put on a false front. It is better to have your Colombian woman love you for who you are rather than pretending to be someone else. If you want a long-term relationship with her, build the relationship on trust and love.

Keep distraction away

Using your smartphone while on a date with your Colombian lady is a sign that you aren’t engaged in conversation with your date. When partners fail to give each other the time and care they need, they often end the relationship quickly. Before meeting with your Colombian girlfriend, ensure you are free and ready.

Marrying a Colombian Woman: Colombian Wedding Customs You Should Know 

Colombian wedding celebrations are known for their colorful nature and exciting activities. Below are some of these activities. 

Las Arras 

Colombia’s most popular wedding custom is the Las Arras. This wedding tradition links Catholicism and Colombian tradition. The couples will get thirteen gold coins blessed by a priest. These coins represent Jesus and his disciples. 

When the priest blesses the coins, they are given to the groom, who presents them to the bride. Giving the cash to the bride signifies a commitment to providing for her.


Colombian weddings typically have parents instead of a best man and maid of honor. The couples choose the godparents; they can select anybody they see fit. The godparents’ primary responsibility is not to arrange celebrations but to provide emotional support and guidance to the newlyweds.

Candle celebration 

The candle ritual follows the exchange of wedding bands at the reception. The couples exchange lit candles that they carry with them. Next, the team will blow out the candles and take the third.

Colombian bachelorette party

The Colombian bridal shower, which occurs before the wedding, is steeped in tradition. The bride receives presents from all of the guests. However, the more important thing is to create a bond with her future mother-in-law.

During the bridal shower, the bride’s mother and mother-in-law pass over wedding heirlooms and meaningful gifts to the bride.


This is a tradition in which the groom surprises the bride with a musical performance. The groom will bring his band to sing at the bride’s house. Everyone who knows and loves the couple is invited to the serenade and parties that follow.

Craziness Hour

The la hora loca custom contributes significantly to the beauty of Colombian wedding receptions. After midnight, things start to get crazy. The couple often adopts a novel theme like Mardi Gras for this part of the reception. It is common practice to hire professional performers to ratchet up the atmosphere, such as Carnival dancers, fire dancers, or dancers on stilts. 


How to know if a Colombian Girl Likes You? 

Like women from other parts of the world, several signs indicate that a Colombian girl is in love with you.

She is eager to introduce you to her pals

Check if the friends of a Colombian girl you like appear to be observing you. In most cases, they have talked about you privately. She is likely waiting for encouragement and validation from her friends before dating you. You may need to pass a brief “check” with her pals before she commits her time and efforts to you. But rest assured, if she ends up with you, it will be because she believes you are an excellent, trustworthy man.

Constant eye contact

The way a Colombian girl makes eye contact with you is enough to indicate if she is into but attempting to hide it. She might be into you and trying to hide it if you constantly see her glancing at you from across the room.

She jokes and laughs with you a lot 

If a Colombian woman loves you, she will enjoy talking to you and smile at you often. Even when the joke doesn’t seem funny, they will laugh and encourage you to talk more.

Are Colombian Women Good in Bed? 

From the looks of Colombian women, it is apparent that they are good in bed. These women’s thin waists and big hips make them appealing to men. They can be inventive in bed as they seek to give their men complete pleasure.

What are the gender roles in Colombia? 

Over time, Colombia has made great strides toward gender parity. Colombian women and men have the same privileges, rights, and opportunities. Traditionally, women stay home and care for children, while men are the breadwinners. However, Colombian women are now taking leading roles in top organizations. 

Are Colombian Women Religious? 

The dominant religion in Colombia is Christianity, particularly Catholicism. Hence, Colombian women are mainly Christian and Catholic. These women observe the catholic holy days and abide by the religious doctrine. Their weddings and celebrations are usually according to the catholic way. 

Are Colombian Girls friendly to foreigners? 

Colombian women are friendly and respectful to foreigners. However, they demand equal respect. These women can be aggressive and disrespectful when they are insulted or disrespected. Their concern for foreigners is the same as what they have for their fellow citizens.

What is the Fertility Rate in Colombia? 

There were 14.02 births per 1000 Colombians in 2022, a decrease of 1.77 percent from the previous year. In 2021, there were 14.275 births per one thousand Colombians, a reduction of 1.73% from the year before.

Can a western man marry a Colombian woman?

As a western man, you can date and marry Colombian women. All you need is exemplary character and attitude. Colombian women are ready to settle with their fellow citizens or men from other countries. To these women, attitude and personality is everything.

Is dating a Colombian woman worth right?

Colombians place massive significance on family life. If you are a man with good character, you will have no problem finding a good wife. They have everything a man would want from a woman. They tend to make their men the best version of themselves

Is it common for Colombian women to date before getting married?

If a Colombian woman falls in love, she may consent to a marriage proposal without second-guessing herself. However, most women in Colombia will prefer to wait for several months before making such a significant choice. Ultimately, it’s up to the couple to date immediately, so experiences may differ.