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China is often in the news for political reasons, but recently, their women have been getting good PR for them because of their beauty. In fact, Western men who have gone to China can’t seem to stop talking about the local its ladies.

If you are reading this article right now, a Chinese woman has probably caught your fancy, or you are at least curious about what it feels like to spend the rest of your life with one. Consider this a manual that will guide you through the dating practices that Chinese women are used to.

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What Are Chinese Women Like?

Chinese women naturally have managed to gain the attention of western men who have visited the country, and there are many reasons. Here are the things that define make up a Chinese woman. 


The stereotype about thing with East Asia is that almost all people of them look the same. However, Chinese women have certain distinctive features. things about their looks that you can describe as distinct. Let’ us look at what these things are. 

Their eyes are adorable 

You can look into the tiny eyes of a Chinese woman all day and never get tired of it. 90% of the time, their eyes look closed, but when they look at you, you will catch that cat-like glint  glitter in their eyes. Their eyes can pull you in and leave you stuck on them.

Short bob or long fringe hair

It is not a law for Chinese women to carry their hair in a short bob or long fringes, but they have made this their style over time, and it works very well. The way the hair falls on their chin or over their eyes and bounces gives them a super sexy look as if they fell out of a James Bond movie. 

Small lips 

Over time the media and plastic surgeons have convinced people that made it look like full or big lips are the hottest thing ever, since the lava river, but they lied. Small cupid-bow-shaped lips are sexy as well, especially in the Chinese favorite if there is red lipstick. drawn on them, as Chinese women do. It will take a lot of self-control and some knowledge of how dating in China works for you not to kiss a Chinese girl at the first meeting because her lips will be very inviting. 


Chinese women have personalities that match their beauty., and h Here are four of these traits which you will would find interesting:

They are quiet 

Chinese women do not speak unless there is a good reason for them to add lend their voice. If they do not see a reason to speak, they will not talk, even when asked to say something. They watch their words and only bring intelligent inputs to conversations; if they suspect an opinion is not sensible, they will not say it.

They are intelligent 

It is almost a crime in Asia to be unintelligent. Even though China comes from a very patriarchal background, they view education to be just as critical for women as for men. Parents push very hard for their kids to do well in school. take the education of the women in the country as seriously as they take the men’s. You are not allowed to be less than brilliant in China, as your family might be angry with you. So any man going for Chinese women is getting brilliance as part of the package. 

They know a little about everything 

Conversation with a Chinese woman is like talking to walking into a living, breathing encyclopedia. They are widely read and have at least some knowledge about information on almost everything you ask them. If you are a man who hates mundane conversations and would rather have smart ones where everyone knows what they are saying, then a Chinese woman is perfect for you. 

They stay healthy 

Chinese women are always conscious about their bodies and try to avoid adding on extra pounds.are not trying to add extra weight. They work out as often as possible to and ensure they stay young and fresh for themselves and their men. They go to the gym, eat vegetables, and if they ever need a doctor’s help to fix something to fix one or two things, they are never ashamed to visit. 

Chinese women stereotypes

Chinese women have been marked with stereotypes for centuries. Let’s examine probably have had the most stereotypes stamped on them for the longest time. Let us look at some of these stereotypes:

Chinese women all know Kung Fu

Yes, Kung Fu is fu and the like are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, but many women are uninterested in learning how to fight. They’re simply not likely to  because 9 out of 10 times, they do not need those skills. So expecting your Chinese girlfriend to throw a dropkick because she is Chinese may be a little stereotypical; because she probably just wants a hug and to cry on your shoulders for comfort. 

Chinese women are brainwashed 

Chinese women know as much about foreign media as you do. If you approachSo approaching a Chinese girl to enlighten and educate her, you’ll simply  will come off as insulting. Approach her with respect for her intelligence and knowledge of world events. things worldwide. 

Chinese women are vain dolls 

Chinese women care about their looks, but they are not mere vain dolls. They do not seek male validation and won’t would not alter their looks or personalities to please a man who is not their husband. If you were expecting a mini-skirt-wearing hot Asian Chinese woman who licks a lollipop and bats blinks her eyes, you might need to try travel to Japan or South Korea instead.to find her because she does not reside in China. 

Statistics on Chinese women 

  • The ratio of women to men in China is 487.71% to 51.29%.
  • Women make up 61% of the labor force in China. 
  • The life expectancy of women in China is 79.4 years.
  • The wWomen make up just 4.5% of in the People’s Liberation Army in China.  make up just 4.5% of the army. This stat is because China only recently started accepting conscripting women into the military, and many women are not yet sold on the idea. 
  • China’s biggest internet company is composed of has at least 40% of women.  working there.

What makes them different from other women?

Chinese women may look like other East Asian women, but they have stark differences which you cannot ignore., and h Here are three of them: 

They do not smell 

Believe it or not, Chinese women have effectively nodo not have body odors because they are missing a gene that makes people will make them sweat under their armpits. which is where the smell comes from. Everyone wants a sweet-smelling partner, so many men lean toward Chinese women.  that does not smell, which is why certain men find Chinese women adorable. 

Public opinion doess do not sway them

Something which has ruined western women for men is the constant virtue signaling. and inability to have a mind of their own. Chinese women hold onto their values and opinions, and if ever there must be a change, it will only be driven by genuine learning. the existence of vetted superior information. 

They are reserved 

Most Asian women are all over the place, and men can find them overwhelming. Chinese women are very reserved and are not interested in being noticed in public places. They will sit tight and remain composed, no matter what happens around them. 

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Do Chinese Women Make Good Wives? 

Foreign men have since made it clear that they want to end up with Chinese women; here are four reasons why:

They are incredibly loyal 

Chinese women are bound by an unspoken law to stay faithful to their husbands regardless of whatever happens. They never betray their husbands, and you can always count on your Chinese wife to stand by you through thick and thin, no matter what happens.

They avoid divorce are not trying to divorce you

China has a low divorce rate, so you can be sure that your Chinese wife will not leave you based on ‘irreconcilable differences.’ They will stay with their husbands, and if they need to work something out, they’ll do so will.

They adore their spouses 

Chinese wives live for their husbands; they love and will do anything for them. Even when love is not in question, they are passionate about making their partners happy and will work hard do anything to make this possible. There is nothing better than having a partner who adores you completely, which is what happens with Chinese women. 

They are very organized 

If you stumble upon those ‘back from work’ Chinese videos on TikTok, you will see how incredibly organized the Chinese womenan can be. All her things have their are kept in the same place, and her home is always neat. Marrying a Chinese woman will make you more organized, allowing you to think more clearly and work better. 

Where To Meet Chinese Women In China 

China is a busy place crowded with immigrants and citizens alikeitself. However, sSearching for a wife in the sea of people heads can be overwhelming. If you are thinking of traveling to meet Chinese women in China, then read on to find all the cool spots where you can find women. You can meet Chinese girls at malls, markets, and restaurants, and here are some of the bestthem: 


Malls are spaces where everyone goes now and then; here are three of the most date-friendly malls in three of the biggest cities in China.


The malls in Beijing are usually crowded. Try out, and here are three of them:

  • Solana 
  • The Place 
  • Taikoo Li Sanlitun 


Some of the malls in Shanghai include:

  • IFC mMall 
  • I aAm a sShopping mMall 
  • Kerry Parkside mMall 


Check out these fantastic malls in Chengdu:

  • Isetan Department sStore 
  • Ascott rRaffles cCity Chengdu 
  • New cCentury gGlobal cCenter


The markets in China will mostly be crowded by locals, making your search for a Chinese wife a little easier.easy, but here are a few:


The main markets in Beijing include: 

  • Hongqiao mMarket 
  • Dongjiao mMarket 
  • Bairong International fFlea mMarket 


Some of the markets in Shanghai include: 

  • Bird and fFlower mMarket 
  • Yuyuan oOld sStreet  
  •  Shanghai Muslim fFilm mMarket


Try out these Chengdu markets:Please see three of the markets for you: 

  • Yulin cComprehensive mMarket 
  • Night mMarket 
  • Qingshi bBridge mMarket


You never know if you’ll meet the love of your life while chilling at a restaurant with a great meal. Here are some notable big-city restaurants in China.can always chill at a restaurant having a great meal when you meet the love of your life, like in the movies. Some of the restaurants in the big cities of china include:


Beijing has excellent restaurants, and here are a few of these restaurants:

  • Kings Joy 
  • Asia Bistro 
  • TBR Forbidden cCity 


Here are some of the best restaurants in Shanghai: 

  • Yang’s fFried dDumpling 
  • Lost Heaven 
  • Flair Rooftop 


Here are some of the excellent restaurants that you can find in Chengdu:

  • Cheapo Sichuan 
  • Qinshandzai 
  • Min Ting Fan Dian 
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Where to Meet Chinese Women Online

Many scammers try to get money off of love-sick men. It’s good to have safeguards from reputable sites. are looking for desperate men to make their scapegoats. You can find Chinese women online in different places, but you can only get the best from mail-order bride sites. China censors a lot of their uses censored media, so you may have trouble finding romantic connections online otherwise. will not find many Chinese women online. 

On mail-order bride sites, you get a curated catalog of well-curated, gorgeous Chinese women to talk with. choose from, and aAll you have to do is sign up for premium service. This system also works better than traveling down to China to get a woman in China to find a wife; it costs less and requires fewer resources and less time. 

How To Impress A Chinese Girl 

Impressing a Chinese woman is not difficult, but there are a few things that will make the experience simpler:you need to do to help you out, and here are they: 

Be polite

Politeness is built into the Asian culture, and they will not settle for less. , no matter what happens. You will repel Chinese women if you are impolite. When you first meet her, you must be polite to her and everyone else around you. If you are polite to her but and rude to the waiter, she will think you are a pretender and avoid you. 

Look Good 

Women in China make an effort with their outfits, and they expect you to do the same. Do not go to meet them while looking like you just got off the set of were booted out of a scene in Mad Max Fury. Look good and smell good. First impressions are significant — make yours a good one!, and how they see you is their first impression of you; make it good! 

Imply your compliments

In China and Asia, women feel awkward when receiving public compliments and overt wooing strategies. Even with some western influence, China is still a largely a conservative society, and as such, you cannot just dump your emotions on a woman you just met. When you meet her, imply how you feel about her beauty rather than just telling her. Being too direct, or else you will freak her out because she is not used to such direct openness. 

How To Date A Chinese Girl: 4 Tips 

Dating a Chinese girl opens you up to another world you never knew existed. of which you had no prior knowledge, and if you have been datingIf you’ve only dated western women up to this point, before now, you will need help to navigatinge this new world. Here are four tips that should help you when dating Chinese women. 

Read up about her culture as often as possible 

There’s a big chance that your Chinese woman has already read a lot everything there is to know about the west. She’ll certainly make her knowledge known in conversation.  is also waiting to use it in a conversation with you. Besides showing off her intelligence, there it is also the intentionality behind it; she is showing you that she is serious about you. Now you must show her that you love gathering knowledge just as much as she does. 

Learn the language 

Contrary to what you might believe, some Chinese people are very good at English, but the women may wait to show that to you. Even if they don’t offer to teach you, you should learn at least some to speak some part of the language. At least I know enough to have a conversation with them. It shows them that you are a good communicator and that you went the extra mile to try and see how you can communicate better with them. 

Show that she can rely on you 

Women in China grow up learning that they are supposed to depend on the men they marry. When they meet a man courting them for marriage’s sake, they look for this singular trait in him. You must consider these small, simple things when dating a Chinese woman. She must believe you can offer her stability, or she will not move further with you. Can she rely on you? 

Be sincere about what you want from her 

Women in China do not spend long on the dating phase. They move from friendly to have long dating days; they move from the friend zone to ‘this is the man I am going to marry’ quite quickly. There are no long days in between, so they expect you to know that and be serious about what you want from them when you meet them. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Chinese Girl 

There are certain things that you must avoid when dating a Chinese girl:, and here are three of them:

Being overtly sexual 

Overt sexual approaches drive freak out Chinese women away. Avoid these conversations till you are married or at least in a serious relationship to her. If you must have these conversations, be subtle with them, and imply rather than saying it directly. use more implications than direct discussions. 

Political debates 

The only people who have issues with Chinese politics are people who do not live in China. Most locals Chinese are skeptical of Western politics and think much of the information from there is propaganda.

Has media censorship influenced this behavior? Maybe! But a young your relationship is not the place for to have such conversations. No matter how passionate you are about the topic, leave it alone.

Talking about Japan 

China isn’t on good political terms with Japan, and much of the strife has permeated the citizens’ minds. Do not trigger your Chinese lady by focusing conversation on Japan.  mentioning Japan in your conversations. If you do not want her to get angry, talk about something else. everything else but Japan. 

Marrying A Chinese Woman: 4 Wedding Customs

Congratulations! You are getting married to a Chinese woman, and as such, you must learn the culture so the wedding ceremony isn’t too confusing. that you are not walking through your wedding ceremony confused. It is an unwritten rule law that we all must do a wedding ceremony according to the bride’s culture. That means you may getSo you are having a very traditional wedding and must do it right. Part of doing it right is getting acquainted with the culture, which is why we have written about some of four of their customs. 

The gift exchange 

Before the wedding, there will be a betrothal ceremony where the groom carries will carry several selected gifts to the bride’s house to seek permission to marry their daughter. The bride’s family will then take half of his gifts the skills and return the others to the groom to tell him that they approve and want to maintain a relationship with him and his family.

The Marriage bed 

A Chinese woman must decorate the bed on which the couple will sleep after the wedding.  before they come in. A female relative with a family will be the one who carries out this the tradition of getting the bed ready. The woman will dress the bed with red sheets and pillows.; Then she’ll no one will scatter dried fruits and nuts all over the bed to signify a long-lasting sweet, and fertile marriage. Until the couple comes in and climbs into on the bed, no one is allowed to even sit on that bed. 

The hair combing 

The night before the wedding, the bride and groom bathe with in pomelo leaves to chase away evil spirits, then change into new red clothes and shoes. The bride and groom’s parents will prepare certain items, including two red taper candles, scissors, hair combs, wooden rulers, a red thread strung with cypress leaves, and an incense stick. The bride and the groom will sit down facing specific directions. The bride will face a mirror or a the window, and the groom will face the house., then At this point, a woman will comb their hair while she prays for them. After she has searched their hair four times, she will cut the thread to let the cypress leaves fall all over them. 

The Groom Test 

Before the groom picks up his bride, her family people will put him through a series of tests. After he gets to her room, he has to find her missing shoe and then wear it for her before he eventually takes her out of the room to attend a traditional, and they all go to the tea party. It is usually a fun event where different members of her family ask him a lot of questions to prove how well much he knows her. Then he will hand out gifts or money to her friends to sweeten the deal so he can take her hand.get to her. 


How to know if a Chinese girl likes you 

Women in China are naturally conservative, reserved, and uptight. If she loosens up around you, she likes you and is willing to show it. Still, do not take this for granted; take it , and go at her pace. A Chinese woman who triestrying to communicate to you in the language you understand is showing you that she likes you. Women in China are not overt with their emotions, in how they feel, so if they make this conscious, intentional effort, it is for a reason. 

Are Chinese women good in bed?

Do not let their conservativeness fool you; women in China are absolute pros in bed, and they will drive you wild. They are sexually curious and love to try new things; even their comics reflect what goes on in the minds of the Chinese people. However, you first would have to gain their trust before they’ll let you to be privileged to see that side of them.

What are gender roles in this country?

China is a very patriarchal country, which may never change, regardless of how many protests, riots, and walk-outs are staged. China believes its growth is better with men at the helm of affairs, so they try not to rock do not need to tilt the boat.

What is the birthrate in the country?

China has a declining birth rate and currently stands at records 10.9 births per 1000 people. The country is slowly becoming more populated with middle-aged and older people. So, if you are interested in having kids with women in China, don’t be surprised if they want to raise only a small family; that’s just viewed as the norm. consider that they may only want to have a few children because they believes it is the norm.

Are Chinese women materialistic?

Chinese women will accept your gifts and money when you give them. They love gifts and sweet things but rarely mention that they want them. The onus lies on you to pay attention to what they like and get them thoughtful presents now and then.

Do Chinese women want to marry foreign men?

Chinese women are traditionally inclined to marry within their own culture. be with people from their country. However, Westernization has recently made them more open to tying the knot with foreigners. As long as they can get their parents and families to support them, many young Chinese girls will now consider marrying a foreign man and starting a new life together in a new land. It gives them new opportunities to grow and explore.  where they can learn new things and explore.