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Russian women are among the most intriguing women because of their social fame and the characteristics that make them ideal partners. These qualities go beyond their appearance and personality. This guide covers everything you need to know, including their wedding traditions and insight on where to find them.

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What Are Russian Women Like?

Russian women’s appearance, personality, and other qualities throw light on their suitability as wives and partners.


The appearance of Russian women is beyond stunning. Below are details about their incredible body shape, hair and face shape, and skin color. 

Beautiful Faces and hair

Some Russian women have dark eyes, while others have blue, green, and gray eyes. They have rounded noses, thin lips, protruding eyebrows, and predominantly blond hair. However, you may find some with dark hair.

Skin and shape 

Russian women are mostly tall and gorgeous. These women are exotic and are always the center of attention wherever they go. They have light skin, though you may find some with darker skin. The shape of these women is stunning — their thin waists and large hips would make any man’s eyes glued to their bodies.


There is a reason why most men relish the opportunity of dating Russian girls. These girls have specific characteristics that make them perfect. Below are some of them.


Nothing beats the grit of a Russian girl. Russians are known for their determination and strong desire for success; hence, these women reflect this trait. When they decide to do something, they continue until it is done. Irrespective of obstacles, they approach life like fighters as they fulfill their potential. 


Russian women are sociable and friendly. You can meet these women at famous clubs in Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan, and other Russian cities. These clubs are never short of these beautiful women since they are always ready to have fun. Also, regardless of nationality, these women would relate freely with you as long as you have the right attitude


One thing that contributes to the beauty of Russian women is their dress sense. On the streets in Russia, you will find these women looking exotic and hot with their coats, sweat jackets, denim, or trousers. If you date a Russian woman, your sense of style will also improve since she will always ensure you look good.

Russian Women Stereotypes 

Movies and the media might be good sources of knowledge about Russian women if you have never met any in person. However, they carry some false opinions about these women. Below are some of these.

Wrong assumption that they are hostile

It’s no secret that foreign media view Russians as hostile and violent people. However, this opinion is false. Russian girls are the opposite of these opinions. Russian women are driven and willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals. They can be a bit too driven, though, which can be misconstrued as hostility.

Stereotyped as unfaithful partners

These women marry not to fulfill social obligations but for love and companionship. In contrast to the belief that they are disloyal, Russian women are faithful to their partners. They take their romance and married life seriously, which unfortunately doesn’t make headlines that often.

The sex addicts stereotype

Most people get this belief from adult movies; however, it is false. Anyone who has interacted with Russian girls will tell you they are like any other woman when sex is involved. They value their bodies and often only engage in sexual activities with their partners.

Statistics you Should Know About Russian Women 

The following are statistics from reputable sources that help understand the reality of Russian women.

High abortion rate

According to the United Nations Statistics, Russia has a 53.7 abortion rate per 1000 women. However, things are improving. In 2020, about 554 abortions were carried out in the country. This figure represents a decline from the over 2.1 million recorded in 2000.

Many women in the Workforce 

Research shows that in 2021, approximately 4.4 million Russian women were employed in sales, making it the occupation with the largest concentration of women in the labor force. More than 3.6 million women held the position of education expert, making it the second most common occupation among females in the country.

What Makes them Different from Other European Women? 

Several features make girls from Russia different from women from other parts of Europe. Aside from their beauty, these women possess attributes you may not find elsewhere.

They are outspoken about their feelings 

While women from other countries learn to conceal their feelings, Russian girls are taught to express them. These girls say things as it is without sugarcoating. If they are in a relationship with you, expect them to tell you the truth you don’t want to hear and speak their mind no matter the situation. This characteristic is not common among Asian and Latin American women. 

They are courageous

Generally, Russians are known for their courageous and confident attitude; therefore, their women reflect this attribute. However, this does not mean that women from other countries are not brave and confident. Russian girls’ confidence and courage are simply on a different level than what you can see in other places.

They are goal-getters 

The reason why most Russian women are educated is that they are goal-driven. They don’t let the stress of keeping the home comfy and raising kids make them lose sight of their life goals. Their ability to juggle work and personal responsibilities without whining is why they are respected globally.

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Do Russian Women Make Good Wives? 

Russian women are the type of wives any man would hope to have since they possess the following attributes.

They are the best cooks

Women in Russia start learning to cook early and often hone it by experimenting with new recipes. Irrespective of your nationality, these women would take their time to learn how to make your indigenous food, ensuring you feel more at home. When you marry a Russian wife, you can say goodbye to your days of eating out.

They are family oriented

Russian women are family oriented and would do anything to make their men and family happy and comfortable. Even before their marriage, Russian wives prepare themselves for household duties like bearing kids and helping them grow to become responsible. For many Russian beauties, the dream of becoming a homemaker like their moms is a major achievement.

They are full of life

Russian wives combine mystery, naughtiness, and kindness. When you meet these ladies, you may assume they are passive and meek, but they have more to them than humility and compassion. When you marry her, you will see some exciting traits you never knew she had. With her, you will have the best days of your life.

They have a great sense of humor and sarcasm

When you meet Russian women, remember that they may say things in a sarcastic way to get you to respond. It’s not uncommon for a Russian wife to make jokes about her feelings and that of her partner. They live for friendly banter. If your Russian wife says, “I hate you,” know that she likes you and likely just said the opposite to see your reaction.

They offer adequate support to their families

Russian wives are the foundation of the family. These women offer excellent support to their husbands while being the best caregivers to their children. These act as best friends and advisers to their partners, ensuring they always make the best decision.

Where to meet Russian Women in Russia? 

You can meet Russian women by visiting Russia. If you make up your mind to visit the country, there are several cities with cool spots you can check out.


Moscow is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. Aside from the beautiful environment, you will enjoy the view of beautiful Russian ladies. To meet Russian women, visit the following places. 


There are several exotic restaurants in Moscow where you can enjoy Russian meals like Pirozhki, Ukha, Borscht, Shchi, etc. These restaurants include Tkemali, Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago, BoEmi, etc. You can visit them in the afternoon to meet Russian women with gorgeous physiques having lunch. You should have a great time if you are bold enough to approach them.


While you visit malls in Moscow to get your valuables, you can meet Russian women who might be interested in you. Some of these malls are Aviapark, Evropeysky, and Crocus City Mall. Since Russian women love to adorn themselves with trinkets, you can find them in their droves in these malls. Just head to the jewelry stores, and you will see desirable ladies.


Kazan is known globally for housing some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Interestingly, it is easy to meet Russian women since they are outgoing and fun-seeking. Check out the following places when you are in Kazan.


Why stay in your hotel room when you can dance and get along with hot women in night spots? It is okay if you are not a good dancer; you can enjoy your drink while watching hot Russian beauties do their thing. Some nightclubs you should consider are Tangiers Lounge, BASH, Barsuk strip club, IDOL Night Club, etc.


Kazan has numerous churches where you can pray and attend activities. Some of these churches are Kazan city Pyatnickaya church, Parish of the Holy Cross, Tikhvinskaya Tserkov’ Bozh’yey Materi, etc. Aside from religious practices, you can meet Russian girls ready to date in the city.

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Where to Meet Russian Women Online? 

Russian mail-order brides’ services provide an easy way to meet Russian women. On their online platforms, you will interact with Russian beauties of different body types and personalities willing to date and marry foreigners. In many ways, these platforms are like dating sites, but specifically for Russian ladies. They are safe, well-designed, have features that make online interaction more exciting, and are cheaper than visiting Russia. Besides, with the ongoing war in the country, Russia mail-order brides’ sites are your only choice.

How to Impress a Russian Girl 

Impressing a Russian girl is not too different from women from other countries. Aside from being yourself, here are other tips to know.

Be trustworthy and genuine

Every girl wants a man they can trust. So, to impress a Russian woman, you must prove trustworthy and kind. Never raise your voice at her or others when you are with her. Also, speak respectfully to people, especially when you are with her. Importantly, tell her the truth — if she discovers that you hide things from her, it could end your relationship.

Be sensitive to her likes and dislikes 

Did she say that she dislikes horror movies or doesn’t like going to the cinema? Then don’t try to talk her into doing any of that. Being sensitive to the whims of Russian girls makes them love you even more since it shows that you are a good listener.

Your Russian beauty does not have to tell you about her dislikes; you can learn about her likes and dislikes from her body language and expression. So, always pay attention to her moves and attitude.

Prove that you are a gentleman

Being a gentleman is a golden rule if you must impress the women of Russia. When you go out with the girl you love, show her love with your attitude. Bring on the chivalrous approach— hold the door for her, hold her coat, pay the bills and ensure she is comfortable. Being a gentleman with her sends the message that you care about her.

How to Date a Russian Girl: 3 Tips 

Dating involves communication, which gives room for understanding and love. If you are intent on dating a Russian girl, follow these tips below.

Keep up with the Communication 

Regardless of how good the first date was or whether you have arranged another date, get in touch with your Russian girl regularly. These girls love men who call, text, and visit regularly. Remember, periodic messages and calls can be the difference between you being friends with these women and dating them.

If you and your Russian lady had a perfect first date, she would certainly be thinking of you. So, texting and calling her shows that you are also thinking about her.

Display Affection While out on a Date 

On a first date, there is an element of mystery. You wonder if the Russian girl likes you; remember that she would think the same. In this case, body language may not be enough to know your intention. Touch her hand, wrap it around her, and try to steal a kiss before the night is over. 

Take her on Dates

It is impossible to date a girl if you never ask one out. If you meet a Russian woman you like, ask her to date. Going on dates gives you a chance to know your Russian beauty. After the first date, you can make arrangements for further dates. These dates must not be expensive; you can take her to a restaurant, bar, or movie. Wherever you decide to take her, ensure she has a good time. 

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Things to Avoid When Dating a Russian Girl 

There are things you must avoid to stand a chance of dating a Russian woman. Below are some.

Being Inconsistent with Your Approach 

If you are unpredictable, she may find you unreliable. If you struggle to keep up with regular calls, don’t give her the impression that you are a big-time caller. Stick to what you can do, and when you make a promise to her, keep to it. Russian ladies love men who they can trust, keep to their words, and are consistent.

Talking too Much About Your Previous Dates

If you keep talking about your previous dates, you will lose her interest. Doing this could make her think you are comparing her with them. When you talk to her, explore topics such as her emotions, yours, the relationship, and your aspirations. It is okay if you don’t have much to say; you just need to be a good listener.

Making Things About Yourself

When you focus solely on yourself and your interests, you will turn off most women. This demonstrates that you are self-centered and don’t care what she thinks of you. You must allow her to talk about her interests, dislikes, likes, and what she thinks of you. You can learn more about her by asking her questions and encouraging her to talk more.

Marrying a Russian Woman: 4 Wedding Customs You Should Know 

Weddings in Russia are always a special occasion due to several exciting practices. Here are a few Russian wedding customs.

The Payment of Ransom 

The ransom payment practiced in Russian weddings is the same as dowry payments in other countries. However, this practice is more entertaining and exciting in Russia. 

Before the ceremony, the bride’s parents “take” her away. She remains hidden until her fiancé overcomes trials that the bridesmaids have put up to test the depth of his love. In some cases, a male from the bride’s family dresses in wedding clothing until a ransom has been paid. This ritual could be embarrassing, but it is ultimately fun.

The Betrothal Practice 

A customary Russian Orthodox ritual begins with the betrothal. The priest blesses the couple while they stand at the church’s entryway. The couple gets lit candles to hold as they participate in the service. The betrothal practice is a religious ritual since it features prayers and readings from the Bible.

The Crowning Ritual

It is more significant to place crowns on the heads of the newlyweds than to exchange wedding rings since, for Russian Orthodox believers, marriage is one of the seven sacraments. The priest lays the crowns on the couple’s heads as they stand atop a rose-colored material. 

As a symbolic representation of their transition to marriage, the couple shares a glass of wine and, alongside the priest, walk around the lantern three times. Afterward, the priest will pronounce the union and offer benediction before the couple can remove their crowns, as opposed to the old practice of wearing them for eight days following the ceremony.

Glass Smashing Ritual

Their parents present the couple with a crystal glass once they are proclaimed newlyweds. Then, they proceed to smash the glasses. The glasses denote a year of blissful marriage. Also, the bride lets go of a balloon bearing her maiden name as she begins her new life under her new identity.


How to know if a Russian girl likes you? 

Russian ladies are not the type that hides their feelings. Even when they try to conceal their desires, they fail at them. When they display any of the following signs, it is a sign that they are into you.

They Will be Free Around You

If a Russian girl becomes free when she is around you, it is a sign that she is interested in you. You may meet a Russian girl that is reserved and shy; if she becomes free to the point of dancing for you or saying things without thinking, she is in love with you.

When She Always Wants to Keep in Touch 

If the Russian lady you want to date always wants to be near you, it indicates that she has fallen in love with you. If these women can not see you due to distance, they will text and call you regularly, irrespective of their schedule. 

They Would Want to Meet Your Friends and Family

When a Russian woman loves you to the point of wanting to meet your family and friends, just know she is in love. These women know that meeting and forming a relationship with your family and friends is a pathway to your heart; therefore, they won’t hesitate.

Are Russian Women Good in Bed? 

Russian women are one of the best women in bed. These women like to take control when having sex with their partners. Also, they try to explore their sexual fantasies, so don’t be surprised when she comes up with something new. Dating Russian women allows you to learn new things and try all your sexual fantasies.

What are the gender roles in Russia? 

Traditionally, Russian culture has rigid ideas of masculinity and femininity. Women are expected to have a feminine appearance and be well-groomed, thoughtful, and reserved. Also, Russian wives are responsible for the bearing and upbringing of children.

Are Russian Women Religious? 

Russia has diverse religious practices —Russian Orthodoxy, Islam, and Christianity. However, there is a high number of non-religious people. Compared to men, Russian women are more religious but not as women from most Caribbean countries. 

Are Russian Girls friendly to foreigners? 

Russian women are free and friendly to people from other countries. These women are accommodating and demand respect from people, irrespective of nationality. 

What is the Fertility Rate in Russia? 

Russia’s fertility rate in 2022 is 1.824 births born per woman. This figure shows a 0.05 percent increase from the previous year. In 2021, the country’s fertility was 1.82, with no change from 2020.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Russian Girl From Mail Order Brides Platforms? 

It depends on your suaveness. Making Russian girls from mail-order platforms fall in love could take a month, two months, or even a week. Men who have the right attitude and are ready to constantly chat with girls on the platform will win their love in less time. 

Are Russian Girls Willing to Marry Foreigners?

Russian women are ready to date and marry men from other countries. However, men must meet a certain behavioral standard. On mail-order brides’ platforms, you can meet Russian women willing to marry men from different countries.

Is Dating a Russian Girl a Good Idea?

Without a doubt, dating a girl from Russia comes with several perks. Russian women have the attitude to make their men comfortable and happy. Also, their supportive attitude would help you be at ease even in difficult situations.