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Welcome to Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia that escaped overt European colonialism. The story of how they did this is interesting, but we are here today because Thai women have caught your eye, and you want to meet them. We understand, which is why we have gathered all the information you need on how to meet, date, and marry these gorgeous ladies. 

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What Are Thai Women Like? 

Women in Thailand have certain attributes which make them different from other women in southeastern Asia. We’ll be looking at these things. 


Thai women have looks that differentiate them from the average southeast Asian woman: 

Tanned glowing skin 

The weather in Thailand is usually either hot or warm, and as a result, many women have beautifully tanned skin. They also have certain products that they use to make the skin glow, so when you see them in the sun, it almost feels like you can see your reflection on the skin of a Thai woman. 

Despite their propensity to tan, though, a common fashion in Thailand among its paler inhabitants is to try and maintain that light hue. If you meet a creamy-skinned Thai girl, she’ll probably cover up any time she goes outside in the sun. 

Long wavy black hair

The women in Thailand have pitch-black hair that can extend all the way to their waists. That gorgeous head of hair is one of the first things you’ll notice about a Thai woman when you first see her. Your world will slow down a little every time you see it. 

Small delicate frame 

Thai girls are smallish; they fit into hugs and snuggles, making them the perfect partners for men who like to wrap their women up and cuddle. They look like they could break into pieces if you poke them, almost like fine china.


The personality traits of Thai women make men love them even more. Here are three of these traits:

They are polite and welcoming 

Now and then, tourists will complain about the hostility they get from strangers or locals when they go on vacation. With Thai women, this hostility does not exist. Thai women politely welcome strangers and foreigners when they meet them, offering aid to ensure they have a good touring experience. This personality trait has endeared many men to them because men do not have the patience for rude women. 

They are sincere in their feelings 

You will know if a Thai girl likes you; you will also get the hint if she doesn’t. It is not in the character of Thai ladies to mask their feelings for any reason. They do not believe in hiding their feelings, so you’re sure to see their genuine personality. 

They are never in a hurry

Thai ladies love to take their time with everything they do because they genuinely believe there is no reason to rush in life. They expect experiences to be valuable, not quick. 

Thai women stereotypes 

Stereotypes may develop for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot change over time. Here are some of the stereotypes that people associate with women in Thailand:

Thai ladies are complacent 

Women in Thailand are anything but complacent. They may seem to move slowly because they do not see the need to be in a hurry when there is nothing life-threatening on the line, but they know when to pick up and get things moving. However, their calm, relaxed demeanor has made people believe that they are complacent when they are not. 

Thai women are loose 

People believe that women in Thailand are of easy virtue because of the scale of prostitution in the country. However, regardless of the booming sex-work industry in Thailand, the vast majority of women still maintain their conservative and modest values. Prostitutes in Thailand do it as an occupation, while the other women live within the restrictions of their traditional culture. 

Thai girls are pushovers 

Over time, people have also mistaken Thai women’s calm and peaceful nature to mean they are easy pushovers. When they attempt to muscle their way over the top, though, they are met with a strong pushback that they did not expect. The stereotype, however, remains, regardless of the evidence. 

Statistics You Should Know About Thai Women 

Here are some interesting facts about Thai ladies backed by statistics: 

  • The ratio of women to men in Thailand is 50.9% to 49.1%. 
  • Women in Thailand make up 45.92% of the entire labor force
  • Fully 15% of Thailand’s health sector CEOs are women. 
  • 53% of Thai science researchers are female. It is suspected that they will change the trajectory of gender disparity in the Asian tech world. 
  • 20% of Thai women are married before they turn 18

What Makes Them Different From Other Women? 

Women in Thailand are different from other Asian women and are undoubtedly distinct from every western woman you will ever meet. Here are a few reasons why: 

Thai women are taught how to be women

Western ideology holds that girls shouldn’t be forced into specific gender roles. On the other hand, women in Thailand undergo training on how to be more feminine as they grow, leading them to become well-rounded but traditional. 

Thai women follow the traditional definition of wifehood 

Women in Thailand are more conventional than the rest of their Asian sisters. The older women in the community groom women of Thailand to become traditional Thai wives and partners to the men they marry. Other Asian women mainly learn from watching, but everyone takes this very seriously in Thailand. 

Thai women have better physical features 

The stereotype that every Asian person looks alike did not fall out of thin air. However, Thai women are an exception. Despite the intermingling with Chinese and Japanese people, Thai women still retain their distinctive features. Their skin and hair is quite unique. 

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Do Thai Women Make Good Wives? 

Men want to marry Thai women for so many reasons. Let’s look at why Thai women are suddenly topping the list of most marriageable women: 

They want the relationship to work 

Thai wives want their marriage to last forever, so they will do anything to keep it healthy, even if that means carrying the man on days when he can’t pull his weight. It is frustrating to be with someone who’s not interested in putting in the effort to ensure that a relationship works. Make sure you don’t lay it on your lady’s shoulders. 

They are hopeless romantics 

Thai culture learned how to be romantic, and now they are some of the most romantic people on the planet. Marrying a Thai wife means she will smother you in love throughout your relationship. Whether or not you are just as romantic is immaterial; be open to taking all that love, and she will be happy. 

They are exceptional at homemaking 

Homemaking is a skill that the women of Thailand have perfected over time. They look forward to a time when they can be in charge of their own homes to make them the way they want to. You never have to worry that home management is lacking when married to a Thai lady. 

They are eager to please 

Living with an eager-to-please wife can go one of two ways: it can become very uninteresting for men who like a challenge, or it can create one of the most peaceful homes in existence. Sometimes men who go for mail-order brides are not interested in challenges; they want quiet homes where they can be happy, and Thai wives meet that preference. 

Where To Meet Thai Women In Thailand 

Meeting Thai women in Thailand takes a lot of travel and a bit of luck. Even though the women are warm and welcoming, they will not automatically gravitate toward you; you have to go after them. Moreover, unless you are fortunate, the first woman you meet will not be your wife. But if you are in Thailand looking for a Thai wife, here are some cities and spots that are great for meeting Thai women. 


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the biggest city in the country. There are lovely places in Bangkok where you can meet traditional, beautiful, and marriage-hungry Thai women:


You do not necessarily need to shop in the Bangkok markets since you can always go to the malls. Still, if you want to find traditionally raised women, the markets are the most accessible spots. Here are three popular markets in Bangkok where you can meet Thai women: 

  • Chatuchak weekend market 
  • Pak Khlong Talat flower market 
  • Train Night Market 


Bars in Bangkok are fun places where you can have good drinks, dance, and meet hot women in Thailand looking for foreign men to marry. 

  • CRU Champagne Bar 
  • Red Sky Bar 
  • The Bamboo Bar 


Everyone goes to the beach to breathe clean air and enjoy the scenery. You can find local women there who are interested in marrying foreign men. 

  • Ko Kood
  • Cha Am 
  • Ko Si Chang 

Samut Prakan 

Samut Prakan is another city in Thailand where you can meet Thai girls waiting for foreign husbands to take them out of Thailand. 


Samut Prakan has many local flea markets where many people shop for essential household items and souvenirs. You’re sure to find a Thai woman that will suit your needs there. 

  • Samut Prakan market
  • Pak Nam fresh market 
  • Black market 


Bars in Samut Prakan are fun and lively and cater to more locals than tourists. You will most likely find many Thai women working or just chilling around here. 

  • Pink Tender 
  • Burirom pub and restaurant 
  • Ban Din alcohol spin shop 


Beaches in Samut Prakan are more local than in Bangkok, so your chances of meeting local ladies here are higher. Here are three beaches in Samut Prakan 

  • Miami Bangpu Condo Beach 
  • Bang Krachao 
  • Ammara beach 

Udon Thani 

Udon Thani is a big city, but smaller than the others mentioned above. It does not attract many tourists, so you have a greater chance of finding a traditional Thai wife in Udon Thani markets, bars, or beaches. 


The markets in Udon Thani are open to everyone, and you can easily find a wife in one of these markets: 

  • Train night market 
  • Night place 
  • Udon Thani wet market 


If you go to the Bars in Udon Thani, we advise that you focus on women who work there rather than the women who visit in groups. Check out these bars: 

  • Yellow bar 
  • Flower bar 
  • The Safehouse cafe and bar 


Udon Thani is the closest large city to the Mekong River. Visit the riverside or take a nice slow float tour. You’re bound to run into lovely ladies everywhere you go.

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Where To Meet Thai Women Online 

Traveling to Thailand for a vacation is great, but the chances of finding your perfect woman are slim. Thai women regularly join Thai mail-order bride sites, making those your best bet at getting a Thai wife. With Thai mail-order bride sites, your search is more streamlined according to what you want, and it saves you both the time and resources you would otherwise spend on travel. Yes, you will spend money on the mail-order bride service, but it is a far cheaper option.  

How To Impress A Thai Girl 

Impressing a Thai girl only requires you to roll out your entire romance arsenal. Thai women are easier to please, and here is how you can impress them. 

Be nice

The stereotype surrounding Thai women is that they are weak and complacent. Hence it gives men space to be unnecessarily mean to them because they believe women will take it with a smile. Thai women are not used to genuinely nice men who will not treat them like trash from the first hello. Be that man, and you will impress them. 

Look responsible 

Thai women are taught to defer to their man and let him shoulder large responsibilities. If you want to impress the women in Thailand, you must look like you are going to be a responsible man. Do your best to follow through on that, too; mere looks will only take the relationship so far. 

How To Date A Thai Girl: 4 Tips 

Dating a Thai girl is easy because once she likes you, she’ll try to please you. You do not need to do too much. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t make any active efforts yourself. Here are four tips that can help you when dating Thai women: 

Buy her flowers 

Flower markets are common things in Thailand, so don’t be surprised that your Thai girl loves them. She picked most of the flowers in her possession, so get flowers that she will cherish for as long as they remain fresh. The good thing is that even when you are not near her, you can always order them for her. 

Be polite when you are in the public 

Be polite always when dating a Thai woman, but be more polite when you are outside. Thai women can handle anything but public embarrassment. They will retreat into a shell and run away from you if you are impolite to them (or to others) when you are out. 

Ask about her family 

Thai people run close-knit family systems and will not give their daughters out to anyone who does not acknowledge them. Understand that marrying a Thai woman means becoming part of that family. Therefore, when dating Thai girls, always ask about their families. You can even go the extra mile and send them presents too.

Take her seriously 

Men have a weird habit of not taking the woman they are dating seriously, even going so far as to think her intelligence level is lesser. When dating a Thai woman, take her and her opinions seriously, and do not treat her like she is small or unimportant. She will pull away from you if you disrespect her like that. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Thai Girl 

When dating Thai girls, there are certain things that you must avoid if you want to ensure that your relationship moves to marriage. Here are a few of these things: 

Alcohol and drugs

Thai women view drug- and alcohol-addicted men as irresponsible, and that is just not a good look. They will run away from you faster than you can spell your name if they notice you abusing substances. Even if they decide to follow through with marriage because of love or anything else, their family will reject them, and a Thai woman will not go against her family for any reason. 

Pressuring her for sex 

There is no reason for you to pressure a Thai girl for sex. That’s a sure way to drive her away. You are probably marrying a virgin if you are going for the traditional girl. There is absolutely no reason to start pressuring her for sex. You might end up scarring her for the future if you later break up. 

Do not be insulting 

No matter the intent, bridle your tongue and restrain yourself from hurling insults, intentional or not. Thai women do not understand all English idioms and will take you seriously, regardless of the intention behind your statement. 

Marrying A Thai Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know About 

If you want to marry a Thai woman, you must follow the customs of her land. It will help you to know some of these customs up front so that you are not caught by surprise when you encounter them in Thailand. 

The pre-ceremony and the holy water 

The night before the wedding day, the bride and the groom must participate in a Buddhist ceremony that involves paying respects to the bride’s ancestors. There will be nine monks present, and you’ll see water in bowls in front of them.

The couple will place the water used for the wedding day at the altar, and a candle will be placed inside it. The family will run a thread around the bride and groom and place the rest of the line in the monk’s hand. The monks will pray on the water and the couple repeatedly, and they will go to their temples. On the wedding day, the nine monks will return and spray the holy water on the guests and everyone. 

The door ceremony 

From the gate of the bride’s home, the groom will open different doors to find which one his bride is behind. With every gate he opens, he will hand a gift to her family; the presents should get bigger with every door until he discovers her. 

The feet-washing ceremony 

The groom has to stand on a chair while the bride kneels and washes his feet with a bowl of water to signify respect for him. The groom, in return, will give her family a dowry to show that he can take care of her financial needs. The family will eventually return this money to the groom. 


How to know if a Thai woman likes you 

Thai women are known for being very sincere with their feelings, and they are also very romantic and eager to please. If a Thai woman likes you, she will overtly tell you or show it. She will fawn over you, be very romantic, show her interest in every way possible, and look for ways to please you. 

Are Thai women good in bed?

Thai women may come to you virgins, but the women before them coach them on the art of sensuality, so they will know some of the theory and be willing to try out everything and anything with you, as long as you both are ready. 

What are the gender roles in the country?

In Thailand, the men take the lead, which is the story’s end. Now and again, there will be clamors for equality, but the conversation never really goes anywhere because culturally, Thai women always defer to the men. 

Are Thai women religious?

95% of Thai people are Buddhist, with the next most common religion being Islam. You will very likely be marrying a practicing Buddhist. If this bothers you, remember that she will often defer to your authority. So, if you demand it, she may become more liberal. 

What is the fertility rate in the country?

Thai people have a low birth rate, with the women having 1.50 births per woman. The country is still growing, but the growth rate is steadily slowing. 

Are Thai women Materialistic?

Thai women are okay with a modest, humble beginning; they grow up appreciating little things and take this attitude with them when they get married. They, however, will relish a present if you give them one. 

Do Thai women want foreign men?

Thai women are very interested in foreign men; however, they do not actively seek them out because they are modest. Instead, they’re more likely to use a mail-order bride site to improve their chances.