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Germany is a country with treasured bits of history that locals love to show off. But because of its WW2 history, tourists should think of the country as a testament to war’s effect on humanity, right? You’d be surprised to learn that that’s not the case.

So, why do people keep going there still? The answer is simple, German women! If you are reading this article right now, you are one of these men interested in German women. Our writers understand the allure of these women and have created a guide for you. So, grab a cup of coffee and let this article teach you all about meeting, dating, and marrying them. 

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What are German women like? 

German ladies have certain things about them that make them distinguishable from other women in Europe, and we will look at these things in different sections. 


The physical appearance of German girls is one of the reasons men find it hard not to take a second look at them when they pass by, and here are some of these physical attributes: 

Their blue/green eyes 

German women have either blue or green eyes, depending on when you meet them or what color of light reflects on them. Regardless of the color you meet, their eyes will either pull you in or hold you spellbound. 

Their gorgeous brunette hair 

German women are mostly curly brunettes. Their hair is so gorgeous that you fantasize about running your hands through it even when you do not know them. The women of Germany leave their hair to grow, restricting their trims to once in a while. 

They have a lithe body 

German women eat mostly home-grown and farm food, so they live a relatively healthy life, and as a result, they maintain supple bodies and physiques. The chances you will meet an overweight German woman are slim (pun intended) because of their feeding habits

They have long legs 

Women of Germany have legs that seem rather endless and add to their elegant gait when they walk. These legs make them more attractive to foreign men who want German wives.  


Women in Germany display particular personality traits that make them very attractive, and here are some of these traits. 


German women are brilliant, and you will notice this from their first conversation with you. They are open to learning more, and they are also willing to share their knowledge with you. Women in Germany will almost always have a valuable contribution to any discussion to pull them into. 


German women walk into a place or meet someone new and spend time observing before getting familiar. This trait makes it hard for anyone to catch them unawares, as they are always on guard. They do not just jump into conversations, events, or the arms of every foreign man interested in them. German ladies take their time, watch, observe and learn before they proceed. 


German women are not known to display aggressiveness traits; they believe they can resolve every conflict peacefully. It may be a result of being on one side of wars in their history, but the women of Germany will readily seek less volatile methods of solving issues rather than resort to what may be seen as violent. 


Women of Germany do not see the need to lie or be coy about anything. They are primarily honest because they require the same from you. Whatever a German woman wants from you, she asks without being sneaky about it.

German women stereotype 

There are certain stereotypes about German women that may or may not be accurate, and here they are: 

German women are cold 

Women in Germany are not the most affectionate when it comes to expressing romance, and that is because of the kind of society they are in. Germans could be better at public displays of affection because everyone in the country is a little reserved. While this is normal for Germans, foreigners may interpret it as cold because western women are warmer and more open with their feelings and affection. 

German women can’t dance 

Germans have their style of dance, which can look awkward to foreigners. So they are bad at maintaining the rhythms of contemporary dances. German women are also tall, with an average height of 5.5ft. So when they try to dance, it feels like watching moving sticks try to bend to the wind, and it is not the prettiest sight. So, this stereotype may be true after all. 

German women are blondes

When people say German women are blonde, they do not mean hair color; often, they suggest that the women are not wise, which is not true. German women are intelligent, and sometimes, when women in Germany hide this intelligence, it is because they do not like the men involved. 

Statistics on German women 

Here are some statistics on German women that you might find interesting: 

  • The unemployment percentage of women in Germany rests at 5.5%. 
  • Germany has 16.7% of women working in IT and statistics
  • Women between the ages of 30 to 39 in Germany record a percentage of 32% for falling in love at first sight
  • The average age of women when they have their first child in Germany is 30.5 years. 
  • The average age among unmarried women in Germany is 32.4 years. 
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Do German Women Make Good Wives?

Foreign men want to marry German wives for many reasons, and here are four of these reasons: 

They are reliable 

You can always rely on your German wife. A German woman’s best trait is her ability to be reliable regardless of anything and everything. When she chooses a person, she walks with them to the very end, and you will always know that even on weak days, she has got you. 

They are extremely loyal 

German women do not have a record of betrayal attached to their reputations. They stick to and stay loyal to their partners for as long as they remain with them. Even if the relationship ends, they will never betray the people they have been with. 

They cook excellently 

German girls learn how to cook when they are young, and as they grow, they keep honing this skill to teach their daughters when they have them. They also learn to cook using vegetables and herbs that they grow on their own, learning new recipes along the way and improving their knowledge. 

They make do with what is available 

German women are content and will always make what is available work. Often men end up with women who want certain things at certain times and are useless until they get what they want. German women will often try to make do with what they have until what they want comes. 

Where To Meet German Women In Germany 

As we said earlier, Germany is not the favorite place to visit for many people for many reasons. However, if you have decided to visit Germany for the sole reason of meeting German women for marriage, we have made a list of places and spots where you could be sure to meet German women. You can meet German girls in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich in Bars, Markets, and Restaurants. 


If you are interested in alcohol and women, German bars/pubs are the best places to find them. Germans will often visit bars in the evening after a long day to watch football or have a drink or two with friends. Here are some of the Bars in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. 


Bars in Berlin include: 

  • Monkey bar 
  • Klunkerkranich 
  • Green door bar 


Bars in Hamburg include: 

  • Beerpongbar 
  • Glanz and Gloria 
  • Central congress 


Bars in Munich include: 

  • Garcon 
  • Die Goldene Bar 
  • Augustiner-Keller 


Germans are not heavy eaters, but they have fantastic restaurants that people can visit to enjoy local staples. Here are some restaurants in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. You can also meet the German woman of your dreams in these restaurants. 


Restaurants in Berlin include: 

  • Clubrestaurant am Wannsee
  • Kumpel & Keule
  • Lebensmittel in Mitte


Restaurants in Hamburg include: 

  • Das Dorf 
  • Estancia Steaks
  • Landhaus Scherrer


Restaurants in Munich include: 

  • Chopan Schwabing
  • Wirtshaus Maximilian
  • Preysinggarten 


Everyone goes to the market in Germany to get fresh food to cook. You do not have to want to cook to visit the German markets; you can go there for the sights and to meet and relate with locals. Here are some of the markets in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. 


Markets in Berlin include: 

  • Kollwitzplatz Farmers’ Market
  • Markthalle Neun
  •  Boxhagener Platz


Markets in Hamburg include: 

  • Goldbek Market
  • Spritzenplatz Market
  • Volksdorf Market 


Markets in Munich include: 

  • Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt 
  • Münchner Christkindlmarkt
  • Flohmarkt München-Riem 
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Where To Meet German Women Online 

You can meet German women on different dating apps online, but you may get scammed in the process of trying, which is why you should stick to mail-order brides’ sites. German mail-order bride sites have varieties of German women for you to pick from. 

Meeting German women using mail-order brides’ platforms is far better than trying to meet them in Germany. You can also chat with different women at the same time to be able to make the right choice. More importantly, using the premium feature means that you only get to select from the top selection of German women that the app’s creators have arranged based on popular and unpopular metrics.

How To Impress German Women

Dating a German woman is relatively easy, but you must first impress her. To aid your journey, we have curated a list of things you should do to help you impress the German woman that may have caught your eye: 

Smell good

There is a theory that European men do not smell great, so a great smell is refreshing for women on the continent. If you meet a German woman for the first time, put on perfume that will make her turn. It is even better if the perfume you wear is one that you wear constantly, she will know to recognize you by your smell which she already likes. 

Dress well 

It is normal to dress like you are going on a hunting expedition when you are a tourist; however, change that mentality if you are interested in meeting a German woman. You do not have to dress formally to impress women in Germany, but please look reasonable, intelligent, and responsible. If you need to check out a lookbook before you go out on the day you want to search for a German wife, go ahead. 

Be polite 

Women in Germany naturally do not like rude men, so whatever cockiness you thought would have made sense would ruin your game. When you meet German women for the first time, ensure you are polite, and they will return the gesture. Conversations can only begin when both parties have been respectful to each other. 

Be in shape 

German women work hard to maintain their lithe bodies, which is one of the reasons you like them; they expect you to look the same way or at least try. You can also wear clothes that make you look slimmer when meeting German women for the first time. 

How To Date German Girls: 4 Tips 

Here are four essential tips that will help you navigate your journey of dating German girls seamlessly: 

Allow her to be independent 

German women learn to be independent as they grow, which does not mean they do not want men to care for them. They want to be able to do things for themselves. If you notice this trait in them, do not be threatened to the point that you try to shut it down. The best thing you can do for a German woman you are dating gives her spaces where she can be independent while reassuring her that you can always take care of her. 

Ask about her family 

The family structure in Germany is fundamental, and each one is close-knit. To date a German girl, you must respect her family. When you marry her, you become a member of that family, so while dating a German woman, you must prove that you are willing to become a part of that family soon. 

Engage her mentally 

German women love to show off their intelligence when they meet a man they like, and it is like a mating ritual. When you are with her, throw questions at her; she will either answer, attempt to or ask you to teach her the answers you know. Some men might find this trait intimidating, but if you do not engage or challenge her, she will find it attractive. 

Listen to her 

Women in Germany do not like to feel like they are speaking to a wall when they are talking to their partners. When dating a German girl, you must be a good listener. Pay attention to whatever she says because she will ask you later to test your abilities, and you must know the answer. Take notes of what she says and ensure you remember when she eventually asks you again about it. 

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What To Avoid When Dating German Women

There are a few things that you must avoid when dating German women; here are four of these things: 


German women are sincere, so they expect only honesty from the men they are dating. Under no circumstances should a German woman catch you in dishonesty because that would mean the end of the relationship. If all you want from a woman in Germany is sex, go ahead and ask. Despite their culture of conservatism, women in Germany are pretty liberal about sex and do not mind giving in to your desires if they are interested. Just ensure that you are honest about whatever it is you want. 

Do not be sexist 

In Germany, women are almost equal to men; they have not fully achieved this equality in the rural areas, which is why we said ‘almost.’ Do not bring sexism near a German woman; you will be out of her life faster than you can get a ticket to Germany. When you want to assert your supremacy as a member of the male gender in Germany, remember that they had a female chancellor and understand that the rules you live by do not apply here. If she wants to split the bill, let her, and if she decides that she is going to pay for the entire dinner, do not argue. 

Do not be late 

German women will only take it if you show up on time for dates. Women in Germany take tardiness as a sign of disrespect for their time and their being. If you are supposed to be at a place by 5:00 pm, show up by 4:55. There is a chance that a german woman already made it to the location earlier. 

Do not make small talk 

German women want to engage you in challenging, intelligent conversations. They find small talk mundane and will often not participate in it. So if you want your date with a German woman to go well, go as far as researching topics that both of you will find interesting. 

Marrying A German Woman: 5 Wedding Customs 

Understandably, Germans are very serious about their businesses, and if you intentionally or unintentionally break them, someone will read the riot to you. If you are getting married to a German woman, there are a few customs about weddings in Germany that you must acquaint yourself with so as not to get confused. Here are five German wedding customs: 

Veil Dance 

Unlike western weddings, where the veil goes off after the first kiss and never comes up again, women in Germany have to wear their veils till the end until midnight. The bridesmaids have to help the Bride hold up her veil as she moves around. They are not holding the veil for altruistic reasons. When the dance begins, each person will try to tear out a piece of the cover, and whoever has the most significant portion of the veil is the one who will get married next. So when you see the ladies hustling for the veil off your wife, do not be worried. 

Penny in her shoes 

In some customs, Germans hide a penny inside the Bride’s shoe or tape it to the side of her footwear. This custom is done in hopes that it will make her future home prosperous. 


Polterabend is a custom that involves breaking porcelain items the guests outside the Bride’s home at night. It has a few meanings, as many people have yet to learn the exact origin of this culture.

On the one hand, some people believe that the loud noises from the porcelain items as they hit the floor will chase evil spirits away. On the other hand, people believe that the couple cleaning the shards away will show that they can work well together as a couple in the future. 

The Bridal Chalice 

The Bridal chalice is an elegant cup that the couple customizes and engraves. The large cup is designed in a way that two people can drink from it at the same time. The Bride and groom have to drink from the cup to show unity. Not a single drop of wine must touch the floor when the Bride and groom are drinking from it. You must agree on how you drink from the cup. 

Sawing the log 

Most of the German wedding traditions are there to prove that the Bride and groom can work together, and sawing the log is just one of those exercises. The bride and groom hold a saw with two handles and cut a log together. The log is usually tiny and dry to ensure the endeavor goes smoothly.


How to know if a German girl likes you?

German women love to have conversations, profound, insightful conversations. So if a German lady is not interested in having a long conversation with you, chances are she does not consider you intelligent enough to like you. More importantly, when a German girl likes you, she will tell you because she does not believe in the time-wasting venture called wooing. She wants to kick things off the floor immediately, so she will tell you how she feels so that you can move on to other aspects of your relationship. 

Are German women good in bed?

A German woman will give you a good time in bed, and you can bet on that. German ladies are liberal indoors and conservative outside. Do not mistake her reluctance for affection in public to be naivety in matters concerning the bedroom. 

What are the gender roles in Germany?

Gender roles in Germany are almost non-existent. Germany scores 68.6 on the gender equality test, and with each evolution, this number increases. Germany practices equality, where everyone decides what they want to contribute to the family system. The goal is that both parties put in enough to make the family thrive instead of assigning gender roles to any party.

What is the fertility rate in Germany? 

Germany has a low birth rate of 1.53 births per woman. This low rate is because traditionalist social standards and legislation made women struggle to balance modern-day employment requirements and family life. The travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t help matters either.

Are German girls religious?

Germany has 52.7% Christians, 42.0% irreligious people, 3.5% Muslims and the rest belong to different religions. Judging from these statistics, the chances that you might end up with an agnostic woman if you marry from Germany are almost as high as ending up with a religious lady. 

Are German women materialistic?

German girls make their own money, so the narrative that they are with you for your money is dead on arrival. These ladies are as gainfully employed as their counterparts in other countries, and their strong work culture is famous worldwide.