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Lithuanian women are characterized by attractive cold beauty, friendly character, and noble and refined manners. Lithuanian singles are very popular among men abroad looking for a wife in different countries, as Lithuanian women are often focused on serious and long-term relationships. Let’s consider what you need to know if you are planning a date with a Lithuanian girl.

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What Are Lithuanian Women Like?

This country belongs to the Baltic countries and shares a common history with neighboring Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Belarus. Currently, it is one of the countries that is on course for pro-Western European values ​​and is significantly successful in this. Let’s consider how these features affected the authentic culture of Lithuania and the character of local women.


The traditional image of a Lithuanian woman is a fragile blonde with blue eyes. This is true to some extent, but light hair and eyes are not mandatory characteristics of a Lithuanian woman. In addition, we will learn what features are characteristic of them.

Refined facial features

Lithuanian women really have an attractive appearance. Their beauty is not exotic, as it has a lot in common with European, Scandinavian, and Slavic types of appearance. They usually have regular, even chiseled, facial features, a noble profile, expressive eyes, and lips. This is a beautiful nation whose representatives steal the hearts of men all over the globe.

Well-kept and look great

No Lithuanian woman will allow herself to leave the house unkempt, without her hair, elegant clothes, and well-balanced make-up. By the way, they pay a lot of attention to make-up to emphasize their beauty. Proper self-care and a wise choice of style make Lithuanian beauty incomparable.

They have a model appearance

Lithuanian girls have an impeccable figure, with which you can immediately go as a top model. They are usually tall for women, with long slender legs and a slim waist. Together with the aristocratic hands, it makes them look simply divine.


The character of Lithuanian women is as aristocratic as their appearance and is determined  also by high-quality education and European behavior.

They are respectful and tactful

Lithuanian women are cultured, educated, have good manners, and respect others. They will always behave politely and discreetly because human rights and freedoms are essential to them. Lithuanian women know how to accept and respect other people’s points of view, even if they disagree with it, as well as their tastes and preferences.

Calm and balanced

Lithuanian women radiate harmony and confident calmness. It is difficult to bring them out of balance, they easily deal with stress and negative emotions. The tone of a Lithuanian woman is usually even and calm. Ladies of Lithuania are characterized by the fact that it is almost impossible to argue with them. They resolve any conflict issues peacefully and calmly.

Interesting and inquisitive interlocutors

Despite their calm nature and lack of excess emotions, Lithuanian women are very interesting to communicate and spend time with. They are usually erudite, well-read, intelligent, and genuinely interested in everything that happens around them. They can discuss politics, fashion, and the difficulties of male-female friendship with equal interest. Lithuanian girls are very grateful listeners and willingly like to listen to stories from other people’s lives.

Loyal and devoted

Lithuanian women know how to make friends and become great friends for life. All because they are characterized by honesty, loyalty, and the ability to maintain and keep secrets. At the same time, they are also able to rejoice in someone else’s happiness.

Lithuanian Women Stereotypes

There are several other stereotypes about Lithuanian women besides the fact that they are light-eyed blondes. Let’s figure out to what extent these ideas are true.

They are too slow

There is a stereotype about the Baltic and Scandinavian peoples that they do everything slowly – including thinking. This opinion is greatly exaggerated and even false. Perhaps it was born because Lithuanian women often think before they say. They are really calm and unhurried, but Lithuanian women cannot be called too slow.

They are too cold and unemotional

The calm nature of Lithuanian ladies gave birth to a stereotype of excessive cold-bloodedness and indifference of these women. This is not entirely true, as their phlegmatic features and restrained gesticulations do not prevent them from being sensual mistresses and loving women.

Statistics You Should Know About Lithuanian Women

The Sex Ratio in Lithuania in 2021 is 86.18 males per 100 females. There are 1.25 million males and 1.44 million females in Lithuania. The percentage of the female population is 53.71% compared to 46.29% male population.

The average age of a woman’s marriage is 28 years, Lithuanian women usually give birth to their first child at the age of 29-31.

About one-sixth (17.9%) of couples divorced after less than 10 years of marriage, 10.5% – during the second decade of marriage, 4.4 % – after more than 25 years of marriage. In 2021, the number of divorces per 100 marriages stood at 46.6

What Makes Them Different from Other Women?

Lithuanian beauties differ from other European and Scandinavian women in a more fragile figure, cute facial features, as well as a greater family orientation compared to other European women.

Lithuanian women differ from Slavic beauties in having a lighter complexion, and there are also more blondes among them than among Slavic women. Regarding the mentality, Lithuanian women can be characterized by greater restraint, independence and democracy than Slavic women.

Compared to women of the East and South (Latin America), Lithuanian women have many differences: from external to radically different approaches to the issue of creating a family, gender roles in society, etc. Lithuanian women are very independent, democratic and balanced compared to southern women.

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Do Lithuanian Women Make Good Wives?

Men who meet a Lithuanian woman very often understand that she is the one they want to spend their whole lives with. What makes Lithuanian beauties such good wives?

They are accommodating

It is easy to get along with a Lithuanian wife, to agree, and to find a common language. She will take care of the comfort and happiness of her partner if he is willing to do the same for her.

They are thrifty and smart with money

In Lithuanian families, it is the woman who is responsible for the family budget, and her approach is smart and thrifty. She will not spend money on trifles and is not prone to impulsive purchases. Instead, you will always have a resource for the necessary things and your needs, which will be taken care of by your Lithuanian wife.

They are caring and unobtrusive

With a Lithuanian wife, you will feel really loved and needed. She will always guess your needs and satisfy them, feel your condition, and be there when you want her. At the same time, Lithuanian women are self-sufficient and take care of their own and their husband’s personal space. Therefore, you will be comfortable with her in every sense.

Where to meet Lithuanian Women in Lithuania? 

Lithuania is a very popular tourist destination among Europeans. They note its sweet and cozy atmosphere, the hospitality of local residents, and, of course, the variety of local beauties. We tell you where it is best to get to know them.


The capital of Lithuania offers the most opportunities for fun and interesting acquaintances. After all, you will be able to meet many attractive women here who are open to meeting Western culture and men. Where is the best place to meet them? Check out the Lokys, Amandus, Anayor restaurants or the Salento, Materialist, and Mojo Lounge nightclubs.


It is a small but very cute city with incredible architecture and a lot of different sights. Walking through this cozy city, you can meet many beautiful Lithuanian girls. You can also try your luck at The Uoksas, Talutti, and Al Cantuccio restaurants. Kaunas also has a good nightlife scene with Taboo, DejaVu Party Bar, and Basement nightclubs being especially popular.


This city is considered a university city, so you can meet a lot of smart and educated girls here. In addition, it is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and is famous for its magnificent architecture. If you still lack the courage to meet on the embankment, Pepper Grey, Momo Grill, and VivaLaVita restaurants or Heavens, Crystal, and Bluez nightclubs are at your disposal.

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Where to Meet Lithuanian Women Online?

In fact, online flirting is to the liking of Lithuanian women, due to their modest nature and conservative views, which inspire long-term relationships. That is, they are usually not interested in fleeting relationships, and if you want to find a wife from Lithuania, you can use those services where women are looking for their second halves.

If your goal is to meet Lithuanian girls for a serious relationship, you can contact the mail-order bride service. There are many to choose from, but they all have in common that there are thousands of beautiful and intelligent Lithuanian singles to meet. You can go from first contact to a full-blown romance from the comfort of your home, and meet in person only when it is convenient for you.

How to Impress a Lithuanian Girl

How to behave so that a Lithuanian woman pays attention to you? A few simple tips will help you.

Talk to her

A Lithuanian woman will always support a conversation, especially if a man starts it. Therefore, do not hesitate and talk – about your childhood, interesting travels, and impressions of her country. A Lithuanian woman will rarely start a conversation first, but will support her and even be able to fall in love with an interesting interlocutor.

Don’t break the boundaries

Few among the representatives of the fair sex of Lithuania are immediately ready for a serious relationship. Lithuanian women first want to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere, get to know a man better, and make friends with him. Therefore, do not rush to get too close to a Lithuanian girl, respect her boundaries and feelings.

Dress with taste

Lithuanian women love and appreciate men who know how to look neat and elegant. So take care of your wardrobe. It does not have to look expensive, but stylish, complete, and tasteful. Just pay more attention to your appearance to please a Lithuanian girl.

How to Date a Lithuanian Girl: 4 Tips

So you managed to attract the attention of a Lithuanian girl and exciting dates await you ahead. How to arrange everything in a proper way to make your relations deeper and longer? Use a few simple tips for dating with Lithuanian girl.

Try different date ideas

Lithuanian women like to spend their time and leisure in different ways, so they will be happy if your dates are not similar to each other. In addition, it will give an opportunity to better learn about each other’s tastes and hobbies and will save your relationship from premature routine. Replace the restaurant with a theater, and then a walk in the park or a bowling club. Ask her what she likes, but don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things as well.

Pay for her 

Lithuanian women are generally democratic, but in situations where they have to pay – for dinner in a restaurant, tickets to the cinema or the theater, etc. – they prefer a man to do it. When going on a date with a Lithuanian girl, be prepared to pay for yourself and for her.

Take your time with intimacy

Sometimes a Lithuanian woman can invite herself to visit, but if she doesn’t do it, don’t insist. Not every Lithuanian girl agrees to an intimate relationship on the first or second date. If you really want a serious relationship with this person, give her time.

Introduce her to your relatives and friends

Getting to know the closest circle of people dear to you is a responsible step and for a Lithuanian girl it can only mean that you have serious intentions towards her. At the beginning of the relationship, talk about your family, hint that your mother or father will definitely like it. And at the slightest opportunity, introduce her to relatives or friends who are important to you.

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Things to Avoid When Dating a Lithuanian Girl

Lithuanians have a special mentality, and some things that are familiar to other European nations may be unpleasant or incomprehensible to Lithuanians themselves. What not to do when dating a Lithuanian girl?

Flirt with other women

In some cultures, girls are okay with their partner being overly nice to a waitress, cashier, or other random woman. It is not very accepted in Lithuania. Such behavior may be perceived by a Lithuanian woman as a manifestation of your frivolity. At worst, it can hurt her pride and self-esteem.

Joke about obscene topics

This should not be done especially at the beginning of your relationship. Lithuanian culture is more restrained and discrete, so people with little acquaintances do not allow themselves too frank statements. Wait until you get closer and become each other’s true relatives. Then you can afford more.

Being late for a date

Lithuanian women are rather punctual. If she has to come later, she will have a very good reason for it, and she will sincerely apologize. She will expect the same approach from her partner. Being late is a sign of disrespect, so plan your time carefully when preparing for a date with a Lithuanian girl.

Marrying a Lithuanian Woman: 4 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Lithuanian culture is spiced up with a variety of wedding traditions. Some have long since become old-fashioned, but many have survived and are actively used at modern weddings. Enrich your erudition with information about them.

The Bride’s Dance

The bridal dance is a mandatory attribute of most people’s weddings. A Lithuanian wedding is special in that after it each of the married men can dance exclusively with the bride. But not for free, but for money that will go towards financing the couple’s honeymoon.


This is a mandatory attribute of a traditional Lithuanian wedding – a red or white canopy, which the bridesmaids hold over the heads of the young couple.

Gigt the Veil

At a Lithuanian wedding, the bride wears a veil until midnight, after which she becomes a wife. She passes the veil to her younger sister or another relative, who will probably marry next.

Mock Kidnapping

The tradition of bride kidnapping is present in many cultures. The Lithuanian wedding was no exception, during which the bride is kidnapped, and the groom has to buy her back for money or other reward.


How to know if a Lithuanian Girl Likes You?

Lithuanian girls can hide their sympathy for quite a long time, not daring to fully express their feelings. Therefore, if you want to know here and now how she feels about you, it is best to ask directly. In this case, she will surely answer you honestly. But if you don’t dare yet or want to keep the intrigue – wait and watch for changes in her behavior, which sometimes resemble the melting of snow in the spring sun.

Are Lithuanian Women Good in Bed?

And why not? The following should be noted here. The modesty and restraint of a Lithuanian woman totally disappear in bed. Sure, everything is individual, but the majority of Lithuanian women are sexually liberated, aware of their own desires, and unerringly guess the desires of their partner. If you like hot sex, consider yourself lucky: Lithuanian beauties like the same.

What are the gender roles in Lithuania?

The traditional patriarchy in Lithuania is gradually losing its relevance. This is one of the countries where gender equality is perceived as something natural and real. However, in the process of courtship, women still dream of feeling like princesses, and in relationships, like queens, who are cared for by their beloved men.

Are Lithuanian Women Religious? 

Lithuania is overwhelmingly Christian (93%), and three-quarters of its adults identify as Catholic. However, Lithuania is considered a rather secular country, where religion has little influence on the political, social and personal life of its inhabitants.

Are Lithuanian Girls friendly to foreigners? 

Lithuanian culture is open to foreigners, especially tourists from Western Europe and the USA. After the difficult experience of being part of the Soviet Union, Lithuania has maintained difficult relations with Russia. After separating from Russia, Lithuania, along with other Baltic countries, started an active pro-Western course and is now one of the leading countries in the context of international communication and friendly attitude towards foreigners.

What Fertility Rate is in Lithuania?

At the end of 2022, the fertility rate in Lithuania makes up 1.7 children per woman, which in general did not reflect a positive trend compared to the previous two years. Thus, population growth increased by 0.35%. The low birth rate in the country depends primarily on the priorities of modern women towards education and career, as well as the shift in gender roles and labor market rigidities.

Are Lithuanian Slavic?

Lithuanians are neither Slavic nor Germanic, although the union with Poland and Germanic and Russian colonization and settlement left cultural and religious influences.

Are Lithuanian Women Happy?

Lithuania was ranked the highest among neighbouring countries. This year, Lithuania was ranked 41st in the World Happiness Report, leaving Poland (43), Estonia (51) and Latvia (57) behind. Russia came in 73rd and Belarus was 75th.

Do Lithuanian Women like to drink?

Lithuania is known as a beer-loving country. At present there are over 80 breweries, large and small, operating in Lithuania, producing beer that may be light or dark, weak or strong (by law the strongest beer allowed is 9.5% alcohol by volume). Women in Lithuania drink beer much less than men. Occasionally, on holidays or at friendly gatherings, they can afford a glass of beer.