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If you are reading this article right now, it means that you are interested in the islands and want women. Consider this an exposé to lead you into the world of Filipinos to learn how to get Filipino women to marry you. Filipino women are some of the most traditionally-raised women on the planet, which is why men do not travel to the Philippines for the inexhaustible islands alone. 

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What Are Filipino Women Like? 

Filipino women are famous among foreign men for many reasons, but primarily because of the kind of women they are. This section of the article will explore the type of women they are and what makes them unique. 


From the days of Marimar, we have always known that Filipino women were beautiful. They have attractive features which can turn them into the belle of any ball they walk into; let us look at three of these features: 

They have killer curves 

Asian women are known to be smallish with slight curves, not Filipino women. If you called Filipino girls curvy Asians, it would not be out of place. Filipinos have very noticeable curves that will catch the eyes of any man attracted to women. They look like every drawing ever made of a sexy woman. 

They have long, dark hairs 

Filipino women have such lovely hair that when they cut it for sale, it goes off the market very fast. When you see them standing in the wind, their long, black curly hair dances ever so beautifully. When you see these women in their telenovelas, their hair always features as paid casts in the series because of how beautiful they are. 

They have beautiful skin 

Filipino women hang somewhere in between caucasian white and Latino caramel. Their skins are so beautiful that when they go into the sun, they look like what angels would have been like if we ever saw them in real life; they glow! 


Besides being breathtaking, Filipino women have certain personality traits which also make them unique, and here are some of these traits:

They are literal rays of sunshine 

Filipino women are always happy and cheerful, even when having a good day. They love filling a room with joy and happiness when they enter it. It may be a cultural trait, but your mood and day will improve once you meet a Filipino girl. 

They are hospitable 

A Filipino woman will not let you be stranded as a foreigner around her. She will offer to take you to a place where you can settle down and rest. A woman in Filipino will also offer you food and water and try to ensure that you are okay before you continue on your journey. 

They are respectful and polite 

Politeness runs through the blood of a Filipino woman such that she doesn’t have it in her to be rude to strangers. Filipino women are very polite and respect everyone, regardless of who you are. Unless someone has done something very grave to them, Filipino women have no reason to be rude to anyone. 

Filipino women stereotypes

Now and then, people come up with a rumor about a place or person, and they will propagate it so much that it suddenly becomes the standing truth. As time goes on, this will become a stuck stereotype. Here are some of the stereotypes of Filipino women: 

Filipino women are weak 

Filipino women are cheerful and often happy, so people mistake their choice to always seek peace for weakness. Filipino ladies are strong, and they will react if you disrespect them or try to do something that will affect their reputation. 

Filipino women are illiterate 

People like to act like the Philippines has many uneducated women waiting for their husbands. This assertion is false; Filipino women are educated and can hold their own in this confusing world. 

All Filipino Brides Are Mail Order Brides 

Many Filipino brides get married via the mail-order route, but it doesn’t mean that every Filipino bride is a mail order bride. Some women in the Philippines meet and fall in love with their foreign spouse in person. 

Statistics you should know about Filipino women

Here are some vital statistics about the women of the Philippines that you should look at. 

What makes them different from other women?

Filipino women are from Southeast Asia but differ from women there and elsewhere. Let us look at some of the things which make them different from the other women:

The Western influence is noticeable there

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia with heavy western influence, and you can see it in how the women dress. Women from that side of Asia often cover their skin by personal conviction or the conservative society they work in. As a result, more Filipino women have a tan, giving them a beautiful shade of caramel. 

Filipino women are more liberal with relationships 

Relationships with Filipino women are usually more liberal with fewer constraints, depending on the level of education and the lack thereof. This liberality makes it easier for foreign men to approach them without jumping through so many hoops, which is usual with Southeastern Asian women. 

Filipino women speak better English than most 

Due to the influence of western colonization, most Filipinos are native English speakers, thus making it easy for foreign men to communicate with them without the language barrier. It is cute to have a wife who cannot speak English, but foreign men no longer have the patience to listen and wait, so they go for Filipino women who already know their English. 

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Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives? 

Filipino wives are lovely, which is why men want them. Here are some of the reasons why this is so: 

They are Loyal 

Filipino women are fiercely loyal to their husbands and their family; they will never betray the trust of these people, no matter what happens. You will never wake up one day to worry that you cannot trust your Filipino wife because she will prove to you that you can throughout your relationship. 

They like to take care of the family 

Filipino women are very family-oriented, and they grow up wanting to get married and start their own family so they can take care of it the way they have learned. You never have to worry about the home front when married to a Filipino woman because she will take care of everything, save for the parts that are strictly your business as her husband. 

They are excellent cooks 

Filipino wives can cook up and storm and waste no time wanting to show off this skill to their husbands and family. If you marry a Filipino woman, you never have to deal with your wife not wanting to cook for you. You will always return from work to a fresh, warm meal. 

They are incredible homemakers 

Homemaking is a skill, and only a few women have this skill. Filipino women have hacked this skill called homemaking, and they are exceptional at it. You never have to worry about anything concerning homemaking when you are married to a Filipino woman. 

Where to meet Filipino women in the Philippines 

The Philippines have so many places where you could go to find women who you would like enough to marry. You can meet Filipino women at the beaches, markets, and bars. Traveling to the Philippines to find yourself a Filipino wife is not out of place, but it certainly can waste your time and resources if you do not know what you are doing or where you are supposed to go.


The beaches in the Philippines are so many that you cannot explore all of them in a single visit. You can always find great beaches in some of the major cities in the country, and here they are: 


The beaches in Manila include:

  • Masasa beach 
  • Halfmoon beach 
  • Anilao beach 


The beaches in Cebu include: 

  • Logon beach, Malapascua island
  • Bashaw beach, Camoosa Island
  • Sta, Fe, Beach, Bantayan Island


The beaches in Davao include: 

  • Starfish island 
  • Gumasa beach 
  • Canibad beach 


Markets in the Philippines usually have many locals shopping for their daily needs. At the same time, foreigners like you who want to meet Filipino girls can also often pretend to shop for souvenirs. If looking for women in markets is your cup of tea, here are some markets in some big cities to start your search. 


Markets in Manila include: 

  • Baclaran market 
  • Maginhawa food park
  • Divisoria Market 


Markets in Cebu include: 

  • Taboan market 
  • Lahug market 
  • Carbon market 


Markets in Davao include: 

  • Bankerohan public market 
  • Agdao public market 
  • Bankerohan farmers market 


Bars are often fun and lively in the Philippines. You can find different kinds of women at the bars and make your pick from among them. Although some men would like to take a more reserved/ traditional approach to search for Filipino wives, this is how you can find them. Here are some of the bars in some of the big cities: 


Some bars in Manila include: 

  • Dusk till dawn bar
  • Warehouse pub of Manila 
  • Metrowalk 


Some bars in Davao include: 

  • Club Echelon
  • Casa de amigos 
  • Indigo bar 


Some bars in Cebu include: 

  • G-Spot bar 
  • Bamboozlers bar 
  • Howling dogs 
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Where To Meet Filipino Women Online 

There is a stereotype of Filipino women being all mail-order brides because they are pretty successful at it. Men have better luck meeting, dating, and getting married to the Filipino women they met on mail-order bride sites than when they travel to get this encounter for themselves.

Unless you live in the Philippines, you’ll not have the time required to get through most of the stages with different Filipino women before you decide on the one you want. The best alternative is to look online. Mail-order brides’ platforms are your best bet to get a beautiful, hardworking, conservative Filipino wife. Their services are affordable and secure and take the pressure associated with looking for women on the streets.

How To Impress A Filipino Girl 

Before you can start dating a Filipino girl, you must impress her first to sweeten her up so that she does not give you the runaround. Here are a few ways in which you can impress a Filipino girl. 

Be generous 

Filipino women like money and, by extension, generous men, so you should be open to giving. When you first meet a Filipino woman, part of your flirting techniques should show her that you can take care of her financially if she ever decides to walk this path with you. An excellent way to show her that you can take care of her financially is by showing off when you first meet. Some men may find this a little bit shallow, but it has never been said that Filipino women were deep. 

Be Funny 

Even if you have to tell jokes you heard from Dave Chappelle, ensure that you are making her laugh. Filipino women are cheerful and happy-go-lucky; if they cannot find laughter around them, you become the thing that they must avoid. At least make an effort to make the woman laugh when talking to her. If she laughs a lot even when you are not funny, at least you will know that she probably likes you more than you expected, and then move on from there. 

Be open from the start 

Filipino women cannot stand a man who is unclear about what he wants from the story. They find this behavior exhausting because it means they would have to go the extra mile just to know if the men genuinely like them. They don’t like that idea, so they will not even bother with men they get such vibes from. It might be cute to beat around the bush when you want a woman in other climes, but it is seen as silliness in the Philippines, and it will lose you the woman faster than it will get her for you.

How To Date A Filipino Girl: 4 Tips 

Dating Filipino women does not come with a one-size-fits-all handbook, as each is dynamic. However, specific tips will help you get a better dating experience from these women, which may eventually lead to marriage. Here are four of these tips:

Be respectful 

When dating Filipino girls, you must consciously be respectful regardless of how you feel about issues involving them. Do not speak to or regard them in a manner that makes them feel like you are intentionally disrespecting them. They already have to deal with the stereotype that they are wives for sale, so they are a little more touchy than others. 

Communicate often 

Call, text, send messages and reach out to your Filipino woman more often than you think you should. They like to know that you are thinking of them, that you miss them, and that you always want to talk to them. This activity may sound tiring because we are in an age where people no longer call that much, but it will not hurt to do more than usual when dating a Filipino woman. 

Buy them gifts 

The gifts you are getting for your Filipino lover do not have to be expensive but must be sentimental. Filipino women are highly emotional and quickly form sentimental attachments to things and people, so they naturally want gifts that remind them of you. These gifts can be anything between a necklace and a bracelet, depending on what you like. 

Ask about their family often 

Filipinos are very attached to their families and, as such, would not want to be with a man who does not care about the said family. When you talk with your Filipino lady, endeavor to ask her about her family. And when you send gifts to her, send some to her family. The presents indicate that you are thinking of becoming a part of that family when you marry her. 

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What To Avoid When Dating A Filipino Girl 

There are certain things you must avoid when dating a Filipino woman. When there are three of these things: 

Asking personal questions too quickly

When Filipino women get comfortable with you, they will tell you things about them that you did not ask for in the spirit of full disclosure and honesty. Suppose you request this disclosure too early into the relationship. In that case, you will trigger a withdrawal because they feel like you are trying to manipulate them, so you ask them about these things early into the relationship. 


Filipino women will be very honest with you and expect you to return the favor. They should never catch you in a lie or shady behavior towards them, and these women are sensitive, so they will catch you, no matter how smart you think you are. The last people should ever think of outsmarting, lying to, and being shady with. If they somehow miss your behavior, their friends or family will because everyone is watching your every move. 

Taking her for granted 

Filipino girls wear their hearts on their sleeves; they also fall hard and fall too quickly; it would be an unbelievably cruel thing to do to take them for granted. If you break their hearts, they will never forgive you. As a result of the way they are, they are cautious when you first meet them. So if women in the Philippines sense that you are taking them for granted, they will move away before they get to the point where you can hurt them. 

Marrying a Filipino Girl: 4 wedding Customs 

The Filipino wedding custom is exciting, and if you are marrying into the culture, there are essential things you must know about the wedding so that you are not looking around lost on your wedding day. Granted, we cannot tell you everything in this article, but we can give you four essential basics you will encounter during the wedding ceremony. Here they are: 

The candle lighting 

The Filipinos believe it takes three people to build and sustain a marriage; the couple and Jesus Christ, so they light two small candles and one big one in the middle to signify Jesus and unity. The couple’s godparents, called ninong and ninang, light the candles for the couple. 

The coin ceremony 

The priests take 13 coins representing Jesus and his 12 disciples and will trickle them into the hands of the couple. These coins are called Las Arras or Archie. The coin ceremony signifies material possessions within the couple and is meant to represent the vow which says ‘for richer and poorer. 

The veiling ceremony 

The veiling ceremony represents the couple’s humility and total submission to God’s help in a burdensome world. The couple will stand before the altar, and the priests and the sponsors will take the veil and clothe the couple as one, veiling them from the groom’s shoulder to the bride’s head. 

The Yugal 

The sponsors take a nuptial cord known as the Yugal to bind the couple in an infinity symbol that signifies forever. They will also place a silk lasso over the head of the couple. The Yugal is the final step in all this, as this is the last binding ceremony that supposedly holds the couple together. 

At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom step out, now one as declared by the church and everyone in attendance, and the guests and well-wishers will spray them with rice grains. 


How to know if a Filipino woman like you

Filipino ladies do not hide their feelings when they like a man. However, they are cautious, so they will not get hurt. The easiest way to know when a Filipino woman wants you is when she is ready to open herself to you, not just physically or emotionally. She will tell you all her deep and darkest secrets in the spirit of full disclosure if she believes that you are there to stay. Also, if she laughs at your jokes, she likes you, especially if you know you are not funny.

Are Filipino women good in bed?

Yes, women of the Philippines are highly sexual, despite being religious. They’re pretty liberal and may have picked up on a trick or two as they grew into adulthood. Your Filipino wife will be open to learning new things from you, and she will teach you the things she knows about sex too. 

What are the gender roles in the country?

The Philippines still hold onto their traditional ways where the man is the primary breadwinner, and the woman stays home to bear children and take care of the home. Even in the more sophisticated/affluent families, this system plays out. When you marry a Filipino woman, expect her to be regarding you similarly. 

What is the birthrate in the country? 

Filipinos have a high birth rate of 2.49 births per woman. However, there has been a steady decline of 1% since 2020 for no particular reason.

Are Filipino women materialistic?

Women of the Philippines love gifts, money, and good things, so yes, you can say they are materialistic. They are very okay with this culture, and any man who wants to marry them has to accept it.

Do Filipino women want to marry foreign men?

The Philippines may be a vacation spot for many people outside the country, but those in it want to get out. Getting married to foreign men will make it possible for them to leave the country for good.