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Norwegian women are unique, charismatic, and free-spirited. Their beauty is refreshing, like a breath of mountain air, and their energy will inspire you for many years of interesting and productive life. Marrying a Norwegian beauty means embarking on an enchanting journey in which every day will be interesting.

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What Are Norwegian Women Like?

Let’s get to know Norwegian women better and see what their strengths are.


Are Norwegian women beautiful? This, of course, depends on tastes and preferences. But we can safely say that they are attractive and can boast of an impeccable appearance.

Blond beauties

Most Norwegian women are charming blondes with blue eyes, who look like princesses from beautiful Scandinavian fairy tales. The Nordic appearance is just that, and among Norwegian women, fair hair is much more common than dark hair. The same can be said about skin color.

Supporters of natural beauty

Norwegian women are also distinguished by their desire to look natural. Their appearance allows you to look unsurpassed while using a minimum of decorative cosmetics. Norwegian women do complex hairstyles and bright makeup only for holidays or formal outings, the same can be said about heels and sexy dresses. In everyday life, they strive to look natural and prefer a casual style. Instead, they like hygienic cosmetics and generally consider it necessary to take care of their health. Thanks to this, they look healthy, fresh, and therefore attractive at any age.

Slender athletes

The figure of Norwegian women is rather athletic: long, strong legs, tall height, and slim body. Men like that many Norwegian beauties can show off attractive busts. Due to an active lifestyle and love of sports, you are unlikely to meet an overweight Norwegian woman.


What character traits best characterize the type of Norwegian woman? Let’s find out what is known about them.

Brave and self-confident

A Norwegian woman is characterized by a sense of self-worth and knowledge of what she is capable of. Usually, Norwegian women are calm and confident. She has no problem talking to a stranger, calling a handyman or home maintenance, or telling a man about her feelings. In situations where it is necessary to show courage and an active position, they are always on top.

Calm and sensible

Norwegian women are characterized by a calm temperament and a sober mind. Their manners are confident, and their voice sounds soft and smooth, which emphasizes the harmony and stability of a Norwegian woman. It is very difficult to bring her out of balance, offend or in some way morally harm her. You will never see a tantrum in a Norwegian woman. She knows how to put the interlocutor in his place with a calm tone. But usually, she does not even need this, because the Norwegian beauty causes exceptional respect in those around her.

Responsible and punctual

If you entrust something to a Norwegian woman, you can be sure: everything will be done conscientiously and in the shortest possible time. If Norwegian girls take up something, they definitely see it through to the end. During work, they are fully focused on the process, attentive, and calm. Therefore, everything they undertake is done perfectly and on time.

Sincere and open,

Unlike most women, Norwegian women lack the desire to resort to tricks and flirting. They are usually sincere, and open. They always speak directly, without hints. A lie, even a small one, is not about them, and neither is pretending to be something that isn’t really there.

Norwegian Women Stereotypes

It is clear that there are many stereotypes about Norwegian women. Let’s analyze a few of them and find out if they are true.

They look careless

It is often said about Scandinavian women that they do not care much about their appearance. All because they choose comfortable clothes and hardly use cosmetics. In fact, the appearance of a Norwegian woman is always neat and well-groomed, as well as thought out in detail. And the stereotype was born due to the fact that they will not see a woman’s attractiveness in the depth of her cleavage and the color of her lipstick.

They are very feminist

In Norway, equality between men and women is really developed. But everyone understands it in their own way. In the Norwegians’ understanding, this is a reasonable and adequate attitude to gender, without tying templates and stereotypes. If a woman needs a man’s help or wants to become a housewife, she does it. But because of one’s own desire and choice, and not the standards of behavior imposed by society.

They are very slow

This stereotype was born because of the calm and even sometimes phlegmatic temperament of Norwegian women. It seems to representatives of more southern peoples that Norwegians speak more slowly and generally do everything very leisurely. To some extent this is true, but usually, the stereotype is greatly exaggerated. In addition, the punctuality and responsibility of Norwegian women actually neutralize their natural tendency to slow down.

Statistics You Should Know About Norwegian Women

In a country with a population of almost 5.4 million, 2.6 million are women. That is, there are fewer women than men in the country.

The average age at which women get married is 36.6 years. As you can see, Norwegian women are in no hurry to get married. Often they live with their partner in a civil marriage for years and even have children before they dare to formalize the relationship. All because such a step is considered too serious to be rushed. Therefore, weddings at a respectable age in Norway occur more often than at a young age.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of divorces – 46%. This is explained by the fact that Norwegian women do not want to save their marriage above all else. They usually maintain friendly relations with their ex-partner.

The birth rate is 1.5 children per woman. Usually, Norwegian women prefer to have one or two children, and they dare to give birth to their first child only after the age of 30-35.

What Makes Them Different from Other Women?

What makes Norwegian women unique? The following features distinguish them from Latin women:

  • light color of skin, hair, and eyes
  • slower pace of speech, movements, reactions
  • restrain, lack of gesticulation
  • external calm, balanced, phlegmatic
  • less dependence on gender stereotypes and the institution of marriage
  • independence in decision-making, a freer way of life
  • later age of marriage

Let’s consider how Norwegian women differ from Eastern women:

  • the light color of skin, eyes, hair (trousers are liked more than a skirt)
  • a more democratic and sporty style of clothing
  • active, sports lifestyle, frequent trips, “masculine” activities
  • independence from gender roles and public opinion
  • later age of marriage.
  • shifting orientations from the family and raising children towards career and social life.

Norwegian women differ from Slavic women in the following features:

  • a more democratic style of clothing (advantage of casual style, comfortable shoes without heels, free cut);
  • less use of decorative cosmetics;
  • independence from public opinion, gender stereotypes;
  • shifting of orientations from the family and raising children towards career and social life;
  • proactivity, expressed public position;
  • courage and ability to protect one’s interests.

Norwegian women differ from other European, including Scandinavian women in the following features:

  • among Norwegian women there are more blondes;
  • Norwegian women are more hardened, and hardy;
  • more independent and feminist;
  • get married later;
  • less dependent on men.
Norwegian chicks

Do Norwegian Women Make Good Wives?

Many men would like to see a Norwegian woman as their wife. Why? A number of qualities inherent in Norwegian women make them ideal partners for married life.

They are loyal and do not betray

Conjugal fidelity, honesty in relationships, and trust in a partner are virtues that guide every woman in her married life. When you marry a Norwegian woman, you can be sure that she will never cheat on you. She considers even flirting with someone else’s man unacceptable. In addition, if something does not suit her, she will tell about it honestly, and will not play a double game.

No quarrels and tantrums

In family life with a Norwegian woman, you will not know what tantrums, women’s tears, whims, and claims are. A Norwegian woman simply does not know how to raise her voice and argue. She is able to calmly discuss any problems and come to a compromise without a fight. Her manners are always calm and balanced. A Norwegian woman knows how to be assertive without creating unnecessary problems in the form of breaking up relationships.

We do everything together

A Norwegian woman knows how to take care of the house and children, as well as cook deliciously. But in household duties, she prefers to do most things together with her husband. It actually brings the couple closer and makes their relationship lively, interesting, and active, and the bond itself more cohesive.

A true friend and ally

By marrying a Norwegian woman, you can get a true friend who will share your sorrows and joys with you, support you in difficult moments, and understand and help you. A Norwegian woman does not set high demands on her husband and sees him primarily as a partner. Therefore, you and she will also be interested in spending time together, going for walks, going on trips, etc.

Where to meet Norwegian Women in Norway? 

You can meet a lot of beautiful, bold, and sexy girls in the big cities of Norway – Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim. Norwegian ladies like to have fun and spend time in the company of friends, as well as actively spend their free time hiking, cycling, or at ski resorts.

Night clubs

Norwegian women love to have fun in nightclubs – places where their restraint leaves no room. In the nightclubs, you can see how bold, fun, and loose Norwegian girls really are.

Night clubs in Oslo:  The Villa Oslo Dancing, VU Oslo, Skaugum

Night clubs in Bergen: Bryggen Nightclub, Kava Roofgarden, NATT.

Night clubs in Stavanger: Nova Nightclub Stavanger, Hexagon nattklubb, Backstage.

Night clubs in Trondheim: Arena Trondheim, Me nightclub, Studio 26.

Ski resorts

It is believed that Norway is the founder of alpine skiing – the first high-speed tracks were opened here. Mountain skiing is a very popular sport among local beauties, so you can look for interesting acquaintances by combining them with exciting skiing from spectacular Norwegian peaks.

The best Norwegian ski resorts: Hemsedal, Trusil, Lillehammer. 

Bars, coffee shops,

Of course, the greatest chances of finding acquaintances are in places where there are more people, and this is primarily the capital of the country. The most effective time of day for dating is the evening because during the day most women are working, not sitting in coffee shops.

The best coffee shops in Oslo: Retrolykke kaffebar, Brasilia Oslo, Stockfleths.

In sports clubs, on ice rinks

Since Norwegians are a sporty nation, look for new acquaintances in the appropriate places: sports clubs, roller rinks, ice rinks, tennis courts, basketball courts and even just renting a bike in the park.

meet Norwegian women

Where to Meet Norwegian Women Online?

Meeting a girl from Norway online is not only cheaper than traveling to the country but also more reliable and calmer. Not everyone is so brave that they willingly make acquaintances on the street or in a store. And if you manage to meet a charming Scandinavian beauty, then you will hardly understand from the first minutes whether she needs a serious relationship with a man. 

By using the online service, you will avoid misunderstandings, and instead, you will be able to choose a girl who fully matches your tastes and fits your character. All you have to do is choose a reliable service that you were comfortable using.

How to Impress a Norwegian Girl

Now you already know enough about Norwegian girls to want to make the first move to meet one of them. But how to do it correctly to make the best impression on her?

Be yourself

Don’t fake it, and don’t try to impress when flirting with a Norwegian girl. She will feel insincerity and she will not like it. Be as natural as possible and do not try to hide even those features that you do not like in yourself. A Norwegian girl, on the contrary, will respect your imperfection and, even more so, your sincerity.

Smile and be positive

What Norwegian beauties really like in men is optimism and the ability to joke, even about themselves. So relax and let a smile be on your face. This will make you more convincing and bring you closer to the Norwegian girl.

Be brave

Do not hesitate and do not doubt if you have decided to meet a Norwegian girl. They like bold men, not shy ones. Therefore, discard all doubts and complexes – and go forward, toward adventure and happiness.

How to Date a Norwegian Girl: 3 Tips

So, you managed to attract a Norwegian girl. Ahead of you is an incredibly exciting period of first dates. How to spend them as best as possible? Let’s talk about ideal dates with a Norwegian girl.

Pay the bill for her

Sometimes men, guided by stereotypes about the feminist inclination of Norwegian women, play down the manifestations of gentlemanliness. No wonder – women are women everywhere, and Norwegians sometimes like it when a man takes care of her. So try to pay for her after dinner. If she’s surprised, tell her it’s a first-date gift. In general, she will surely be pleased.

Be original in choosing places and formats

Norwegian girls are not those who are ready to limit themselves to the traditional set for dates like “restaurant – flowers – kisses”. Your dates with a Norwegian girl must be original and creative. For example, hiking in the mountains, flying in a hot air balloon, or spending the night in a tent in a deserted place. Your imagination should be a lot and don’t hesitate to ask your girlfriend for ideas. 

Variety is your everything

Be diverse. You don’t have to stick to the same pattern all the time. Alternate dates in the snowy mountains with trips to the museum, or even gatherings at home with hot tea, pastries, and TV shows. The main thing is that you should be interested together.

Cook something yourself

Usually, women like to bake something to surprise their lovers with their culinary skills. Do it differently in your couple: cast a spell on the tile yourself and surprise her with homemade cookies, gingerbread, or cakes. Your Norwegian girl will be sincerely delighted with your skills and efforts.

Things to Avoid When Dating a Norwegian Girl

Each country has its own unwritten taboos, the violation of which can lead to unpleasant misunderstandings. Let’s find out what Norwegian chicks don’t like in order to avoid such behavior.

Don’t tell her what to do

If in southern and eastern countries, women like it when a man takes part of the responsibility for her life and actions, Norwegian women will never accept it. Therefore, the best thing she can hear is “do as you see fit, my love.” The only exception is when she herself asks you for advice. But even in this case, let her know that you will accept any decision she makes.

Do not control or limit her

Even if the basis of your actions is caring for her, you should not check her, monitor her, look at her phone, personal things, etc. A Norwegian woman is very independent in character and will consider such actions as the humiliation of her personality, encroachment on her personal space, violation of boundaries, and other unpleasant things. This is unacceptable to her, even if you have the best intentions.

Marrying a Norwegian Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Now in Norway, wedding traditions are not followed too much. And what traditions can we talk about if the spouses are 50 years old each? But it doesn’t hurt to know a few traditions. And on occasion, you can even have a Norwegian bride incorporate some of them into your wedding. Firstly, the Norwegian bride will be pleased, and secondly, it will add an unforgettable flavor to your wedding.

Wedding porridge and cheese

Porridge is a mandatory attribute of a wedding table in Norway. It was carried out only after the bride removed the crown from her head – an attribute of virginity – and changed her wedding dress to the clothes of a married woman.

But the cheese was served at the end of the feast. The bride cut it with her own hands and gave it to all the guests at the wedding. How the cheese was cut – neatly or not very well – depends on the future wife’s mastery.

Parents do not help young people in marriage and raising children

In addition to folk ceremonial traditions, there are those that have taken root from ancient times to the present day. They include the independence of a young couple who decided to get married. It is believed that if they have made such a decision, then they have the finances to arrange a wedding. The same applies to the birth of a child. A husband or wife can apply for parental help and even receive it, but this is not usually the case in this country.

Live together before the wedding

Norwegians have always been progressive. They had nothing against young people living under the same roof until the wedding, although in many countries this was considered a sin. On the other hand, in Norway, it was considered normal – this way young people should get to know each other better before the wedding.


How to know if a Norwegian Girl Likes You?

Norwegian women do not always openly show their romantic feelings. Sometimes you can communicate, but not guess whether she sees you as a friend or wants something more. The easiest way is to ask her about it, and then you will surely hear an honest answer. If you want other methods, connect your intuition. Watch how she looks at you, how close she is, how she turns and how her voice sounds. These non-obvious manifestations can tell a lot about her feelings – much more than affectionate words and gestures.

Are Norwegian Women Good in Bed?

Norwegian beauties are called passionate lovers. They are active, often the first to take the initiative in sex, and they adore sexual and role-playing games and experiments. With a Norwegian girlfriend, you can talk about any sexual topic without any taboos, without fear of judgment, laughter, or misunderstanding. A Norwegian woman knows what she wants from sex and knows how to say it openly.

What are the Gender Roles in Norway?

Gender roles in this country are very conventional. Usually, they are determined by the desire of the couple themselves and the character traits and skills of the spouses. If the wife has the desire and ability to manage the household, then she becomes a housewife, and if the husband is more inclined to do this, then he is the person who waits for his significant other at home with a delicious dinner. Norwegians are free from stereotypes and prefer to live as they like, without looking back at the opinions of other people.

Are Norwegian Women Religious? 

Norwegians cannot be called too religious. However, 75% of the population consider themselves members of the Church of Norway and observe the main religious holidays. But religious terms do not appear in their everyday life.

Are Norwegian girls friendly to foreigners? 

Norwegian girls love to travel and meet young people in other countries, especially on resorts or excursions. They are just as friendly as those who came to Norway. You can always turn to an attractive woman on the street and expect not only to help but at least a friendly conversation.

What Fertility Rate is in Norway?

The current fertility rate for Norway in 2022 is 1.696 births per woman, a 0.24% increase from 2021. The fertility rate for Norway in 2021 was 1.692 births per woman, a 0.24% increase from 2020. This decline is in particular a result of increased childlessness, higher age at first birth, and a smaller proportion of two-child mothers having a third child.

Do Norwegian women speak English well?

The English Proficiency Index (EPI) ranks Norway 5th out of 112 countries for their English language skills and describes the locals as being “at a very high proficiency level”. English is taught in Scandinavian schools from a young age. As soon as children have mastered reading and writing their native tongue, English is introduced. Thus, about 90% of the Norwegian population speaks English fluently.

Is it true that women in Norway do not look feminine enough?

This is another stereotype about Norwegian ladies, but it quickly dispels if you visit the country and meet the women of Norway. You will see how different and beautiful they are and of course feminine. Norwegian women, like all European women, do not neglect dresses and emphasize sexuality with the help of interesting forms of clothing, but they know the measure and always dress appropriately for the situation.

How do Norwegian women feel about sex on a first date?

Usually, Norwegian women do not mind getting to know their partners better at the first meeting. But it is worth understanding that people are different, and every woman is an individual. If you’re thinking about a long-term relationship, it’s best to be careful with instant rapport and find out how your Norwegian girlfriend feels about it.