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Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and few people in the world know about local beauties. Still they are able to seduce with natural beauty which is combined with unique kindness and sincere character. Moldovan women are like wine which reveals its taste and intoxicates gradually but confidently and qualitatively. 

What Are Moldovan Women Like?

Slavic and Romance cultures influenced the appearance and character of Moldovan women making them not only attractive but also hot and loyal cuties. Let’s consider what virtues nature has awarded these ladies. 


Moldovan women have something interesting to show for connoisseurs of female beauty. A light tan on the skin gives them a special appeal, as well as magical dark eyes, wide eyebrows, and the pride of all women – dark curly hair that falls on their shoulders or flutters playfully in the rhythm of the wind.

Their appearance is bright. It was influenced by a mix of Slavic Hungarian and Turkish cultures. In the formation of the women of Moldova, you can see both European nobility and the spicy taste of Turkish land. 

Moldovan women can also boast impeccable figures given to them by nature. By the way, Moldovan ladies do not hide all their charms. They try to emphasize their beauty with clothes and accessories. So you would be able to appreciate the attractiveness of Moldovan woman at first glance, but also Moldovan lady knows how to create intrigue around themselves.


The appearance is only a wrapper behind which the ardent soul of a Moldovan woman hides. What are they, these mysterious beauties?

They are positive and cheerful

In Moldova, it is rare to meet a sad or worried woman. Local beauties give the impression of happy and cheerful people. A smile always shines on their beautiful faces, and their eyes are filled with a thirst for life. You might even think that these people live carefreely, but this is not the case, they just know how to be happy about little things and enjoy moments.

They are hardworking

Women in Moldova are not afraid of hard work either at home or at work. They got used to it from an early age because they know: the more work, the better the result. Therefore, even in spite of the difficult financial situation, they do not allow themselves to be broken and take the opportunity to reveal their best qualities in one or another business.

They are modest and unpretentious

And this is in the best sense of these words. Moldovan women do not need to pose or stand out in the crowd, because they already feel confident. After all, they are seen and appreciated by men anyway. Moldovan girls already have bright features themselves, and therefore there is no need for them to emphasize them with makeup or other things.

They are always ready to help

The kindness of a Moldovan woman knows no bounds. Her heart is open to anyone who needs her help or even just participation. Moldovan women are usually great friends you can always count on.

Moldovan Women Stereotypes

There are not so many stereotypes about mysterious Moldovan women that are known all over the world. Less so, we can point out what their culture is associated with.

They are frivolous

Sometimes the natural cheerfulness of Moldovan girls can mislead a foreigner and give the impression of a lack of a serious attitude toward life. Of course, this is not the case, because Moldovan women are responsible and reliable. However, their lively, mobile character can sometimes be perceived as an indicator of a somewhat frivolous nature.

They are weird

Moldovan women are not like European women, although they actually live in the middle of the continent. There are special features in the appearance, character, and behavior of Moldovan girls that may seem unusual and even surprising to a Westerner. Because of this, someone who is superficially familiar with the character of Moldovan ladies may consider them somewhat whimsical. In fact, they are simply more open and simple-minded compared to the women of the northwestern countries of Europe and North America.

Statistics You Should Know About Moldovan Women

The Sex Ratio in Moldova in 2021 is 91.79 males per 100 females. There are 1.93 million males and 2.10 million females in Moldova. The percentage of the female population is 52.14% compared to 47.86% male population. Moldova has 0.17 million more females than males.

Moldovan women prefer to get married and have a child as early as possible, and are often ready to become wives when they reach the age allowed for this (18 years). However, modern trends have slightly shifted this priority for girls, especially in the capital and large places. In general, the average age of marriage among Moldovan women is 21-24 years.

What Makes Them Different from Other Women?

Moldovan women are a unique people, unlike any nation on the planet. Most similar to Romanians, they also have a lot in common with Ukrainians and Russians due to the closeness of the borders and spending some time together in the Soviet Union. They have a distant connection with Italian women, southern Slavic women, and even Turks. In addition, they have significant differences from all the above-mentioned people.

For example, with Ukrainians and Russians, they are close in terms of mentality but differ in appearance – in particular, they have darker skin, eyes and hair. They share a similar appearance with the representatives of southern and Balkan Europe, but Moldovan women have a more modest character and are more family-oriented and homely, compared to the inhabitants of the same Balkan peninsula. 

In the end, the closeness of languages ​​and cultures unites them with Romanian women, but all the same, Moldovan women have a pronounced individual culture and character, which unmistakably identifies their ethnic group.

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Do Moldovan Women Make Good Wives?

Moldovan women are very popular as brides, and every year thousands of men from Western countries return home with Moldovan wives. All because Moldovan women are simply created to be perfect wives – the kind that every man secretly or not so much dreams of. But what qualities make a Moldovan woman attractive as a housewife?


Moldovan women do not marry in order to divorce in a few years. In marriage, they are responsive, faithful, and devoted wives who strive to live with their husbands for many years. The husband of a Moldovan wife can be sure that his wife will never cheat on him.

Skill and dilligence

After marrying a Moldovan girl, you will never think about cleanliness in the house and a delicious dinner. All this will be organized a priori by your beloved, as she has a tendency to be an incredible housewife in her blood.

She feels best at home

Moldovan women are family-oriented and open up if they have the opportunity to make their home as comfortable and cozy as possible. Men love when a loving wife and a delicious dinner await them after work at home, and a Moldovan woman is just in a position to organize it. Therefore, a marriage with a Moldovan woman is always strong and long-lasting.

Where to meet Moldovan Women in Moldova? 

Moldova is not a country that is too popular among tourists. Instead, she attracts men with the presence of beautiful and hot women. Where to find acquaintances with them? First of all, it is worth visiting the capital and large cities of the country.


The name of this city can also sound like Kishinev. It is the capital of the country and at the same time the center of cultural and youth life. On the streets of the city and in numerous establishments, you can meet Moldovan girls who speak English fluently and are open to communication with foreigners.

Restaurants in Chișinău: Osho, Pegas, Complement.

Night clubs in Chișinău: Decadence, Flamingo, Tao.


This city is called the northern part of the capital. It cannot boast of a large number of tourist attractions but instead offers tourists to admire local beauties. You can get to know them by walking on the street or in the park, or by visiting one of the restaurants or nightclubs.

Restaurants in Bălți: President, Aurica, Wine House.

Night clubs in Bălți: Graff, Bentli, Monro.


It is the capital of Transnistria, which is considered a country within a country, as well as a well-known cultural and economic center. Well-known universities are concentrated in the city, so you can meet a large number of young, attractive and ambitious Moldovan girls. Even if you didn’t manage to meet a Moldovan girl on the street, you will definitely do it in one of the great restaurants or nightclubs.

Restaurants in Tiraspol: Andy’s Pizza, Royal Club, Mafia.

Night clubs in Tiraspol: Sherri, Vintage, Craft.

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Where to Meet Moldovan Women Online?

If you have a desire and a goal to meet a Moldovan woman, it is better to use an international dating site. They are very popular among Moldovan girls, and you have a chance to communicate with more than one representative of this country. Usually, Moldovan women want to marry a foreigner, and look for their happiness on the Internet.

Experts advise not to rush to go to the country, but first to look closely at local girls online. Usually, during virtual communication, you can already assess whether you are interested in each other. If so, then over time, the relationship can be transferred to the real plane by visiting the homeland of your visavi.

How to Impress a Moldovan Girl

Is it difficult to win the sympathy of a Moldovan woman? Yes and no. On the one hand, Moldovan girls look at men with interest and dream of a fateful meeting every day. On the other hand, to conquer her heart, you have to try. How exactly?

Be tactful and kind

Moldovan women value not so much romantic courtship as adequate behavior and respect for people. Show that you respect her – first of all as a person, then as a woman. Moldovan women are very sensitive to this and can fall in love even for such an attitude. This is because, in this country, gender stereotypes still are a part of the present, not the past.

Show that you have serious intentions

A Moldovan woman is not looking for a one-night stand or a short fling. If she starts dating a man, then only if she is sure that they are serious. Therefore, at the very beginning of an acquaintance, you can hint or say directly that you have serious intentions. Then the Moldovan woman will look at you differently and agree to go on a first date.

How to Date a Moldovan Girl: 4 Tips

If a Moldovan girl agreed to go on a date with you, it does not mean that she has already become yours forever. Read our tips on how to date a Moldovan woman to build a bond with her for years to come.

Show initiative

Moldovan women are usually quite conservative to be the driving force behind romantic relationships. They usually expect such behavior from men and rarely dare to make the first move both in acquaintance and intimacy. A Moldovan woman is rather a party that is ready to trust her husband in everything, and for this, he must be decisive and confident.

Arrange a rest for her

Make her life like a fairy tale. A Moldovan woman usually works very hard and will be happy if her lover arranges for her a dream vacation, during which she can completely relax and think about nothing. It doesn’t have to be a full vacation. A weekend in an interesting place and even a magical evening full of relaxation will be a valuable gift for a Moldovan woman.

Pay for her

In Moldova, it is accepted that a man pays for a woman everywhere and at any stage of the relationship. Even if your Moldovan girl earns her own money and offers to pay for herself, deep down she expects you to take all the financial burden on your own wallet.

Plan your future

Make plans with her both for your next date and for the next few decades. In the future, you must be a happily married couple who will later have children and live in a large family. Such conversations have a wonderful effect on the mood of Moldovan women, who blossom before the eyes and become even more beautiful.

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Things to Avoid When Dating a Moldovan Girl

Moldovan women are very vulnerable and sensitive, so learn how not to scare these graceful birds on the first date.

Don’t talk about other women

Moldovan women will not arrange scenes of jealousy. But they are very sensitive to the sound of women’s names in the mouth of their beloved husbands. Therefore, be careful and do not repeat these names unnecessarily. A Moldovan woman will thank you with love, attention and a good mood.

Don’t make her wait

This applies both to being late for a date and to global things like a marriage proposal. If a Moldovan woman is forced to wait for you, this is not a very good sign for her. A Moldovan girl can understand that she is not so important to you and, accordingly, think about your relationship not in your favor. The same applies to a marriage proposal – you should not delay it if the woman you like and suits you as a future wife.

Marrying a Moldovan Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

A traditional Moldovan wedding is a whole set of rituals that are still important for many modern couples. Traditions in Moldova differ according to region, but there are several common features that unite all weddings in this country.

Wedding parties

In Moldova, instead of the traditional term “wedding”, it is customary to say “wedding party”. The wedding ceremony itself usually takes place in the so-called “casa mare” or House of happiness and takes place modestly. The wedding ceremony is marked by the fact that the couple must bow at the feet of their parents. The wedding party is usually loud and lasts all night, sometimes several days and nights. 

Grains as a sign of fertility

The wedding assumes that the young couple will have several children. Children are the most important thing in a Moldovan family. Therefore, the path of the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony is sprinkled with grains as a sign of well-being and fertility. In general, raising a son and planting a tree is very important for Moldovans and is a sign that a person is living his life to the fullest.

Forgiveness of the bride

Forgiveness of the bride is a touching custom that the bride does alone or with her groom when he comes to pick her up before the wedding ceremony. It consists of the fact that the bride and groom kneel before the bride’s parents, who bless their marriage. In this way, the bride seems to be saying goodbye to her parent’s home and her maiden life.


How to know if a Moldovan Girl Likes You?

Although Moldovan women are rarely the first to talk about their feelings, it is not difficult to find out about her attitude towards you. She will demonstrate this primarily with the help of non-verbal language: looks, gestures, and movements. The attention of a Moldovan woman in love is completely focused on the man she likes. She does not take her eyes off him and listens to him carefully, and her body and facial expressions demonstrate openness and trust in the interlocutor.

Are Moldovan Women Good in Bed?

Moldovan women are passionate lovers, although due to lack of experience in the first stages of a relationship, they may feel a bit constrained. Give her time, pay more attention to the previous caresses, and your Moldovan beauty will show her best qualities in bed.

What are the gender roles in Moldova?

Traditional Moldovan society is patriarchal. The man is considered the head of the family, and the woman is the mistress of the house, who must please her husband in everything. This system is still preserved in many families in Moldova.

Are Moldovan Women Religious? 

Most Orthodox adherents (approximately 90 percent) belong to the MOC, which is subordinate to the Russian Orthodox Church; the remaining 10 percent belong to the BOC, which falls under the Romanian Orthodox Church. Nearly 7 percent of the population does not identify a religious affiliation. Women in Moldova celebrate religious holidays and go to church from time to time, but overall it is a more secular than religious society.

Are Moldovans Girls friendly to foreigners? 

Many girls in Moldova dream of meeting a foreigner in order to marry him and move to his country. Therefore, they learn English and willingly respond to signs of attention from foreign citizens.

What Fertility Rate is in Moldova?

Despite the desire of Moldovan women to give birth to children, the birth rate in the country as of 2022 is 1.3 per woman. This is due to the insufficiently high standard of living in Moldovan society, due to which most modern families are forced to give up large offspring.

What is the stance of Moldovan women on work?

It is difficult to call Moldovan women careerists. Most of them go to work only because they have to support their families. Therefore, if her husband turns out to be sufficiently well-off so that the wife can deal exclusively with herself, the house, and children, the Moldovan woman will agree without a doubt.

Are Moldovan girls only looking for rich guys?

For a Moldovan woman, the material well-being of her husband is important because she seeks to provide herself and her future children with decent conditions. But this does not mean that the thickness of your wallet is in the first place. First of all, a Moldovan woman is looking for a confident and ambitious man who will be ready to take responsibility and take care of the family.

Are Moldovan women good mothers?

Moldovan women consider the birth and upbringing of children to be a woman’s vocation. Therefore, they will make maximum efforts to take care of their children and become the best mother for them.