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Armenia is well-known for its scenic beauty, Christian affiliations, delicious food, rich culture, and ancient history. Armenia was the first nation to accept Christianity and is known as a Christian country.

But, have you seen their women? The creator indeed crafted these angels. How they have gone largely unnoticed by the internet is a mystery. However, this article will put them in the spotlight. So, here is everything you should know about Armenian women and the features that make them stand out from their counterparts.

What Are Armenian Women Like?

The ladies of Armenia are well-known for their beauty and intelligence. Women in Armenia have battled alongside males and even commanded the nation at various points in its history. Here are some great details on Armenian women’s appearance and personality.


One thing about women of Armenia is that they are different from their Asian counterparts. They have a distinctive European look derived from their cultural heritage. The only thing that makes them Asian is the country’s geographical location. Here is what a typical Armenian woman looks like:

  • Armenian women have long brown/ black hair

Armenian girls pride themselves on having long hair that they treasure. These women take their time to nurture their hair by eating healthy foods and vitamins that help them maintain their luscious look. They also prioritize hair oils and treatments to give their hair that shiny luster.

  • They have dark, piercing eyes

What stands out most about women in Armenian is their deep eyes, sometimes regarded as profoundly sad. These eyes have seen a lot of war and gender-based violence. However, none of that injustice takes away from the beauty of these ladies whose gazes are beautiful. 

  • These women have strikingly different complexions.

There is no universal skin tone for Armenian girls. Instead, it varies widely depending on where in the country one was born and one’s family tree. This diversity makes them perfect for men interested in variety when choosing a wife or partner from a specific region.


Now that you know some of the striking features of an Armenian girl, keep reading to learn more about their distinguishing personality traits.

  • These women are hardworking 

Armenian ladies are among the world’s hardest workers. Despite the overwhelming gender roles where men have to go to work and women are housewives, these women still thrive. Armenian women often work in the fields during the hot summer months to provide for their families with the harvest. These days, women may be found in various professions, from teaching to the highest levels of government.

  • Armenian wives prioritize their family

Armenian wives place a high value on family life as the country has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world at 1.1%. There is a high rate of early marriage and motherhood among Armenian women. They place a premium on domestic upkeep and family unity. Armenian wives strive to ensure that their families have only the best, as they are homely and quite conservative.

  • Their religious nature 

With over 95% of its people being Christians and 92% belonging to the Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenia is one of the most devoutly Christian countries in the world. Many Armenian women are devout Christians as they spend their leisure time praying and attending church, especially on Sundays.

  • They are fashionistas

Armenian ladies are known for being very fashion-forward and taking excellent care of themselves. Numerous Armenian women take pride in their appearance and are knowledgeable about the latest trends in the fashion world. Did you know that the Kardashians have Armenian roots? A typical Armenian girl is a trendsetter with tremendous interest in the beauty and fashion world.

Armenian Women Stereotypes

Like every other culture, there have been certain stereotypes about Armenian women. The most offensive stereotype that always seems to raise its ugly head is the gender discrimination pervasive within the country.

Many Armenians believe women are only essential as partners and extras in a man’s life. The ladies are seen as traditional mothers and homemakers, available for the whims and wants of their husbands.

This stereotype is so deeply-rooted that an Armenian woman’s accomplishments are not valued or acknowledged when she strives for leadership roles traditionally held by males. This bias stems from a long-held prejudice towards Armenian families.

Many Armenian mothers have used the derogatory phrase, “if only you were a boy,” when their daughters achieve a remarkable feat. It almost seems like girls don’t matter if there are no sons to carry on the lineage, and they have no place in the family tree. A girl is raised just to be given away at the end of her life. Meanwhile, a young man belongs to the family.

Statistics You Should Know About Armenian Women

What Makes Them Different from Other Asian Women?

There has been some discrepancy about Armenia as they have roots in Europe while being geographically located in Asia. Here are some features that set them apart from their counterparts.

  • Their independent nature

Having been looked down on for so long, the modern Armenian lady strives for independence. The Armenian people, from their history, are resilient and stubborn, and the ladies are front liners in this characteristic. They take pride in their independence and will never give up; therefore, they fit the stereotype of “stubborn” people.

  • These girls are welcoming and cozy

Armenian women are known for their welcoming nature and love to share stories about their country’s rich history. They will go above and beyond to make you feel at home with their legendary sense of humor and kindness.

  • Armenian women are unique

The Armenians, in general, have a distinct culture and language. Despite their small population, they have used their alphabet and language. Armenian women are excited and always bring something fresh to the table.

Armenian chicks

Do Armenian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Armenian women make terrific wives. Foreign men from different walks of life have always been interested in getting Armenian wives. “Why,” you may ask. Keep reading to know more:

  • Armenian wives regard their families

Armenian wives are excellent spouses as they regard marriage and family highly. These women are ideal spouses as they make excellent parents and lovers. In the literal sense, they value having a family and a home with a spouse who will love and care for them. Armenian wives cherish and protect their families at all times.

  • Armenian wives are educated

Armenian wives are brilliant and well-educated while also being well-organized and taking care of the day-to-day tasks of caring for a home. These women prioritize their education and have no problems doing homework for their kids. They are bright and can communicate flawlessly wherever they find themselves.

  • Armenian wives are always on the quest for fulfilling relationships

A typical Armenian wife wants a long-term, committed relationship with the right person. So, these women are content with settling down with someone who loves them to have a wonderful family. Armenian women have a deep-seated, universal affection for their children and are fully competent in caring for their young.

Where to meet Armenian Women in Armenia?

If you’re considering traveling to Armenia to associate with these women or even there for vacation, worry no more because this section of the article exposes you to strategic locations to meet Armenian women.


Many Armenian women frequent the Malls daily to accomplish daily tasks. Here are two hot spots where you can find Armenian women in malls.


Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, boasts state-of-the-art Malls where you can meet a significant percentage of Armenian girls. Some of the Malls are:

  • RIO Mall
  • Tashir Street Shopping Centre
  • Yerevan Mall


Gyumri is one of the largest cities in Armenia, where you can meet Armenian girls. Here are some malls in the city:

  • Gyumri mall
  • Hagusti Ashxarh
  • Shirak Mall


The restaurants in Armenia provide locals and foreigners with a taste of local and international dishes. People from everywhere can eat delicious food and even take some rips from the chefs. Here are three cities to eat delicious meals in a while waiting for your Armenian heart-throb. 


This city has many sumptuous meals like Khash, Lavash, and Dolma. The restaurants you can visit in Byurakan‎ are:

  • Amberd Tavern
  • Zipwine Byurakan
  • Byurakan Pandok


Abovyan‎ is a place in Armenia for delicious local delicacies. Some of its restaurants are:

  • Tsirani Garden Restaurant
  • Coffeeshop Company Tumanyan
  • Lusacuyc


Want a feel of mouthwatering dishes while you meet Armenian Women? Visit the following restaurants:

  • Machanents House Restaurant
  • Agape Refectory
  • Nazani Restaurant

In Mother Nature

You can never go wrong with mother nature. Whether it’s sightseeing or visiting historical sites, here are some fantastic places to meet Armenian women:


Visit the following places in the old city of Tatev:

  • Old Alidzor
  • Satanayi Kamurj (Satan’s Bridge)
  • Tatev Monastery


Check out these fantastic places in Vanadzor:

  • Vanadzor Botanical Gardens
  • Fine Arts Museum
  • Hayk Square


Have a feel of Goris by visiting:

  • Khndzoresk
  • Medieval Goris Cave Dwellings
  • St. Gregory the Illuminator Church
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Where to Meet Armenian Women Online?

Meeting Armenian women online has always been better than meeting them in their home country. Men have since learned to embrace the stability mail-order bride websites provide. If you were to travel to Armenia, what’s the guarantee that most women you meet aren’t already in committed relationships? 

Using a mail-order bride service, you can be sure that most people you talk to are looking for a serious relationship. From their profiles, you can quickly tell if they are single, dating, or married. Your romantic life will experience a remarkable turnaround when you use the service.

How to Impress an Armenian Girl

Since you have read this article section, it means you are interested in dating or marrying an Armenian girl. To make the process easier, here are some valuable tips to help you get their attention and also impress them:

  • Be polite 

One can never overemphasize the importance of always being polite. Help her out by opening doors to cars and buildings. Also, help her move her chair so she can sit, and be courteous to servers and help. A typical Armenian woman will watch your interactions and how you treat those around you before she submits herself to you.

  • Listen to her

Assuming you want to know what your date likes and expects from you, the best way to find out is to listen to her. You should refrain from interrupting her when she’s trying to tell you anything. Instead, pay rapt attention as if you are going to write a test on what she’s talking about.

  • Put some thought into your outfit

Always wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Choose clothing that is appropriate for the occasion. Don’t go crazy, but making an effort with your look will undoubtedly wow the Armenian girl. Similarly, your clothing choices should reflect your personality. Consider what makes you feel the most attractive and assured, then wear that.

How to Date an Armenian Girl: 5 Tips

Need tips for dating Armenian girls? You are in the right place. Here is some valuable information to help you sustain your relationship with your Armenian sweetheart. 

  • Always be courteous

When dating an Armenian woman, avoid saying anything that might be seen as harmful or disrespectful. Say nothing you’ll come to regret. Maintaining self-control while experiencing intense emotions may be difficult, but don’t forget that healthy disagreement is typical in relationships.

  • Seek her consent for intimacy

When dating Armenian women, figure out the kind of personal contact they prefer and how close they want you to get at every stage. Remember that your Armenian girlfriend is highly religious, so she will tend to be reserved and conservative. Be aware of and respectful of each other’s sexual preferences and receptivity.

  • Strive to make the relationship work

Put forth work every day to keep the spark alive. The smallest gestures may have the most significant impact on your bond. Try to show her how much she matters to you daily through simple gestures like buying her flowers, shopping, or even treating her to a favorite restaurant.

  • Make her happy

Every woman enjoys being told she radiates happiness. Asking her about the things that make her happy will make her think fondly of the time she spent talking to you. As said earlier, when dating an Armenian girl, buy her gifts and even take her on vacations. Talk about fond memories, and make sure she never stops smiling. 

  • Be confident

Embrace who you are by recognizing your accomplishments and appreciating your best traits. Be confident, and always stand up for your lady. Never give her reasons to doubt your intentions and sincerity.

meet Armenian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating an Armenian Girl

Like how there are dos in relationships, there are also don’ts. To ensure you build a sturdy relationship, here are some essential things to avoid when dating Armenian girls.

  • Don’t ignore her

Smile and make direct eye contact with your Armenian sweetheart to make her feel special. Show that you’re paying attention to what she’s saying by nodding and making other signs of interest.

  • Please don’t rub it in her face that you’re a foreigner 

Never try to impress an Armenian girl by boasting about your nationality too much. Focus on being humble and truthful in your interactions. Don’t be judgmental of her culture.

  • Discussions about your exes are unnecessary 

Try to stay away from discussions about your previous relationships. Your girlfriend may worry that you haven’t moved on from your ex or other women if you bring them up often in conversation.

  • Never hit your Armenian girl

As said earlier, there’s a high rate of gender-based violence in Armenia. Do not act like the brutes in the country, and instead, maintain a more civil and composed demeanor.

Marrying an Armenian Woman: 4 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Armenians highly value family and tradition. In Armenian weddings, both the bride’s and groom’s families play essential roles. Even though modern wedding ceremonies may not last many days, they are spectacular gatherings with many pleasant traditions.

The gifting 

An Armenian wedding traditionally begins the night before the ceremony, when the groom’s family gives gift boxes to the bride’s family. Somewhere in here is the veil, the shoes, the chocolate, the Armenian cognac, the perfume, and the flowers.

Entertainment and good luck 

The parents of the groom host a reception at their house, where tables are spread with food and sweets, and photos of the bride’s family are displayed. Before the wedding, the bride’s brother would place shoes on her feet and put money in one shoe as a good luck charm. 

The veiling ceremony 

Before placing her veil on her head, the bride customarily bestows marital luck on the single ladies in her dressing room by looping her veil over theirs. The veil is then placed on the bride’s head by a married woman as a sign of happiness in the new marriage.

The flower ceremony 

Tradition calls for the bride and groom to pass over an archway of flowers carried aloft by the bridesmaids and groomsmen on their way to the reception. As well as tossing money at the newlyweds, guests traditionally release a pair of doves, a symbol of peace and happiness. Dishes like dolmas, hummus, baba ghanoush, bourek, and kabobs are often served during receptions.


How to know if an Armenian Girl Likes You?

Armenian girls are conservative and may not be upfront about their feelings for you. She can be playful around you and slightly touch you when laughing. So you often need to watch out for subtle hints.

Despite a hectic schedule, an Armenian girl who likes you will still make time to meet up with you. She’ll find it funny even if you tell her the stupidest or corniest of jokes. Sometimes, she can’t help but stare at you whenever you’re in the same room.

What are the gender roles in Armenia?

It’s well known that most Armenian homes strictly enforce gender roles. Men traditionally served as the families’ breadwinners, while women stayed home to raise children. With time, women have strived to break out of these roles and be more intentional about their lives. Now, they work and assist their spouses in caring for their homes.

Are Armenian Women Good in Bed?

Armenian women are pretty conservative. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get sexual when needed.  These women understand the obligations that come with lovemaking. 

Armenian ladies are self-assured, attentive, and desire to satisfy their spouses. They enjoy sex and aren’t afraid to try new things and explore new sex positions. So, if you are looking for a woman who takes her time to realize her full sexual potential, consider making an Armenian your lover.

Are Armenia Women Religious?

Armenian wives are some of the most religious in the world. These women place high importance on their Christian faith and follow its doctrines religiously. The faith guides all their interactions, and they strive to do things that will not shame their church. Remember that the first church in the world is situated in the country, proof of the country’s strong religious roots.

Are Armenian Girls friendly to foreigners?

Yes, these women are loving and accommodating to foreigners. They aren’t discriminatory and don’t look at people based on their skin color or nationality. These girls are hospitable and welcoming to everyone they come across. They care less whether you are a local or a foreigner, as they do not see color and instead focus on personalities.

What is the Fertility Rate in Armenia?

According to the World Bank, the fertility rate in Armenia is at 1.76 births per woman in 2020. These women are pretty fertile and love children, and wouldn’t mind birthing at least two kids. They are family orientated and understand how much procreation impacts a marriage.

Are there planned marriages in Armenia?

Marriages in traditional Armenian culture were arranged either by the bride and groom’s families or by a matchmaker hired by the groom’s family. Because of the patrilocal nature of Armenian households, it was customary for the bride to relocate to the groom’s family’s residence upon marriage. Today, women make their decisions and choose whomever they want to marry. 

Do Armenian Women Make Good Wives?

Even in today’s fast-paced world, modern Armenian women still place a premium on family and the observance of cultural norms. In Armenia, attractive women are known for raising healthy children and caring for their families. These wives are devoted to their husbands and recognize the importance of a man taking the lead.

Why do Armenian Women want to marry foreigners?

The Armenian society is quite patriarchal and there has been a high rise in gender-based violence. Most Armenian brides flock to foreign men because of the promise of a better life. Women from Armenia believe that foreign men are more refined and can love them genuinely.