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There are several beautiful things about Italy and how Hollywood and the media portray it. One of them is Italy’s breathtaking landscape and architecture. Italy is fifth on the list of the most traveled countries in the world, receiving as many as 65 million visitors per year. These visitors come for different reasons, including pasta, wine, culture, sights, pizza, and, more importantly, the Italian women. If these women have caught your attention, consider this piece a guide to help you foster a relationship with them. 

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What are Italian women like? 

Italian ladies have had the attention of foreign men, and we are about to see why in different sections. 


Italian women have physical features which have been defining for them since time immemorial, and here are some of these features: 

Their hair is dark and wavy 

The first thing you notice about an Italian woman is her long, wavy, dark hair. When they walk, the hair goes swish-swish and steals your heart with each sway. Think of a black billowing ocean, and you will have the hair of an Italian lady for the perfect illustration. 

Their skin has a golden olive complexion

The best thing about being Italian for some Italian women is that they don’t have pale skin. They have golden olive skin that competes with the sun for attention now and then. Their skin is also soft and smooth to the touch. Italian women lucked out here; having to live life knowing that their skin does not turn pink under weird circumstances is a blessing.

They have a slight but noticeable curve 

Italian women do not have Brazilian butts, but they sure have very noticeable curves. Their curves are slender and will often show in their dresses, skirts, and jeans when they walk. On the days they decide to wear less clothing and sunbathe at the beach, your eyes would have seen enough good things to shut down for eternity. 

They have alluring brown eyes 

The eyes may be the gateway to a man’s soul, but the eyes of an Italian woman will be the reason you sell yours. When you look into those big chestnut brown eyes, you are sold for all eternity and may never find redemption. 


The personality traits of Italian women make it easy to fall in love with them, and here are some of these traits: 

They are complex 

If you are looking for simplicity, there may be better options than an Italian woman. Their complexity does not tire you out; it is the kind that leaves you at the edge. You find yourself trying to figure them out with each discovery. Women of Italy take you on the ride of your life with thoughts and questions for as long as you stay with them; there are rarely any dull moments. 

They are very feminine 

Italian women are not interested in showing off any masculine side; they come to you as femininely as possible. From their outfits to how they walk, talk, and behave, they ooze a strong scent of femininity, making them desirable in all imaginable ways, as men love feminine women. 

They love food 

Italians love their food, and the women love it even more. So get used to the possibility that your Italian woman may only want to go on food dates 9 out of 10 times. Do not bother about weight gain because, despite their love for food, they never seem to lose those curves they are famous for. 

They are adventurous 

Italian women love adventure; they want to see the world and experience things, cultures, and people. There is never a dull moment with an Italian girl as she is constantly plotting the next adventure in her head, waiting for you to be ready to take her on the ride of her life. Rest assured, she will plan adventures with you when you start dating her. 

Italian women stereotype

Here are some stereotypes that have followed Italian women to this day:

They are not interested in long-term relationships

Italian women love to live in the moment; they enjoy every moment; no matter how small and inconsequential the events are, they try to enjoy it. This trait has made people think that Italian women are not interested in long-term relationships and that they are only here for a good time, not a long time. 

They are vain 

People often think their attention to their natural beauty qualifies them as vain. Women in Italy spend time enhancing their natural beauty and do not want to use artificial means to make them more beautiful. They often apply oils and other things to help them stay more naturally beautiful.

They are gossips 

Families in Italy are often large and connected across small towns and even cities. Women in Italy learn to confide in their mothers and the older women in the family to get good advice. From one woman to the other, the stories are passed around, and it suddenly seems like all Italian women do is gossip, which isn’t true. 

Statistics on Italian women 

Here are some statistics about Italian women that will help you know them better: 

What makes them different?

Italian women are European, but they are different from the average European girl, and here is why: 

They are natural 

Many European and western women surgically enhance their looks to meet some societal standard of beauty; this is not the case for Italian women, as they strongly believe in being natural. Women in Italy seek natural solutions to help them look better, which is why they are so beautiful. 

They are good conversationalists 

Most times, men meeting European women have to drive the entire conversation alone because the women are not interested in enlightening discussions or don’t have the range for them. Italian women are not like that; they can start a topic and hold you for as long as needed. The most exciting part about this ability is that they sometimes communicate in broken English. 

They are polite 

Women in Europe can be snobbish and impolite when they meet a foreigner for the first time. Italian women kiss you on the cheek and try to show you where you can find excellent wine and food for no charge. 

Italian chicks

Do Italian women make good wives?

Men who meet and fall in love with Italian women swear by their spousal qualities. Italian wives are the best, and here are a few reasons why: 

They love to care for people 

Italian women love to care for the people around them, especially their families. They pay detailed attention to their husbands and children, ensuring everyone gets what they need. In Italy, women are seen as the ones who should care for the home, and these women take this job seriously. 

They are fiercely loyal 

Italian women will not break your trust, no matter what happens. They are fiercely loyal to their husbands and family members, and you can always count on your Italian wife to have your back. If you do not believe this fact, think of every Italian mafia film you have ever watched and see how loyal the women of Italy can get. 

They love family 

Italians are very family-oriented, and the women are charged with keeping the family together, especially as the men are very proud and can destroy the family unit with petty fights. The women in Italy often ensure that their families stay together no matter what.

Where to meet Italian women in Italy? 

Traveling to Italy will always be a good decision for many different reasons. However, visiting a city with an average of 65 million visitors yearly to find a local wife can be challenging. To make it easy for you to find a wife in Italy, we have made a list of the cool places in the loveliest cities to meet Italian women in Italy. These spaces include bars, restaurants, and 


Rome is the biggest city in Italy, where every tourist starts their journey, so it is no surprise that we are starting your journey here. 


The bars in Rome include: 

  • Drink Kong 
  • Litro 
  • IL Goccetto 


The restaurants in Rome include: 

  • Stefano of Rome
  • Criteria enoBistrot
  • Osteria Fernanda


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and it is one place where you might find what you are looking for. 


The bars in Venice include:

  • Cantinone già schiavi
  • Pub grub 
  • Osteria da moro 


The restaurants in Venice include: 

  •  Osteria Final Del 
  • Al Grill
  • Trattoria Dona Onesta 


Sicily is the home of Lino from From Scratch, and we also saw a bit of it in the three-part film 360 days. If your search involves meeting local Italian women, then here are places where you can start your search in Sicily. 


The bars in Sicily include:

  • Lido kiss kiss 
  • Lido Verde
  • Daiquiri lounge 


Restaurants in Sicily include: 

  • Duomo ristorante
  • La Madia
  • Malvasia 
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Where to meet Italian women online?

It is easy to get caught up in the beauty of Italy that you find yourself touring more than wife-hunting. Moreso, you may decide to start a relationship with a tourist like you, which may not last, leaving you to start over in your search for a wife again. So, you should use Italian mail-order brides’ platforms to help you meet Italian girls. On these platforms, you will see varieties of Italian women for you to make your choice and start pursuing a relationship with them. You can also decide to start talking with more than one woman at a time, giving you a chance to figure out who is right for you. In real life, women will see you as a player if you chase more than one of them at a time. 

How To Impress Italian Women 

Impressing Italian women is not exactly a challenging task, but there are a few things you must learn to make it easy for you, and here are four of those things:

Know your wines

Italians have a healthy obsession with wine and drinking it and may have some bias against people who do not share the same ideals. Drinking wine and being merry is a big deal for Italians, so if you are planning to date an Italian girl, you should research the beverage and its flavors and even how to drink it in a classy way. 

Look good

Wear nice clothes, look responsible and smell good. Italian women may not be so vain that they focus on the dressings of people, but they may only take you seriously if you look good. They may not judge a book by the cover, but they best believe they will read the ‘about.’ 

Learn the language 

Italian is not a complex language; there are apps to help, but you must not go to Italy expecting to communicate in English all the time or use a translator. Learn some part of the language before you go, and when you try to share with her, she may decide to help you know it better. 

Be calm

Italian women are boisterous, adventurous, all-over-the-place; they want a man fascinated with watching them do these things while reluctantly participating. Women in Italy seek balance and something different from what they are used to doing, which is why they like foreign men, 

How To Date Italian Girls: 4 Tips 

Dating an Italian girl is not difficult if you use these four tips below: 

Be creative in your approach

Remember when we said 65 million people visit Italy each year? It means that the women have heard everything under the earth from foreign men and in different languages. Google things or be original; it does not matter, but stand out among the many men who have approached them! You must be more creative with your approach; do something out of the ordinary to catch your attention. 

Feed her

Food is a love language to Italians, and they do not joke with it. If you watched From Scratch, you would see that Lino stole Amy’s heart with food. When it comes to the women of Italy, the reverse is the case, buy them all the food they can eat, learn to cook some of their meals, but ultimately, feed her. 

Buy her a bottle of wine 

When dating Italian girls, you must send them a bottle of wine to show that you appreciate the wine culture in Italy and want them to have something nice. They may or may not reciprocate by sending you something peculiar to your culture. Good knowledge of wines will come in handy here because you want to avoid buying cheap or tasteless wine for your Italian lover.

Try to please her family 

It may sound weird to make an effort with someone’s family in the dating stage, but it is crucial when dating an Italian girl. Italian women are like eggs to the men in the family; the men take the girls seriously and will do anything to protect them. In like manner, the women in the family are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the young girls. When a young girl falls in love with a man, he has to convince the family that he can give her the care and protection that she has always gotten from her family. Failure to do this will mean that you are incapable of taking care of her and thus unworthy of her love. 

meet Italian girls

What To Avoid When Dating Italian Women?

Like women from other cultures, Italian women have their red flags, and you must not do anything on that list if you want to pursue a relationship with them. Here are some of the don’ts of dating Italian women: 

Don’t try to bend them to suit your needs 

Italian women are very reasonable and will almost always defer to the men in their lives. However, they will walk away if they sense that you are trying to force that deference. The men in their lives are already controlling and possessive; they want to marry someone who will let them be their authentic selves, as they do not like to pretend or wear a mask. 

Do not say nasty things to them

Italian women have a good memory, mainly when the memory is based on an unpleasant event, and as a result, they can and will hold a grudge. They will not forget, and their inability to forget will ultimately impede their ability to forgive you, affecting the relationship. You do not have to walk on eggshells around them, but if you have a habit of making bad jokes at the excess of people or throwing insults for some reason, you need to stop it with Italian women. If you catch yourself slipping, immediately apologize. 

Marrying An Italian Woman: 4 Wedding Customs

You have gotten past the dating stage; now, you are at that point where you are meant to Solidify everything. Here are a few things you must know about the Italian wedding custom before you marry your Italian wife. 

La Serenata 

The groom must stand outside the window of the bride’s home a night before the wedding to serenade her with songs in a bid to be romantic because Italians are hopeless romantics. It might be uncomfortable for you, but it is fun.

No gold jewelry

If you are a lover of gold jewelry, you must keep them out of the way when getting married, the Italian way. Italians believe wearing other gold jewelry apart from the wedding ring will bring bad luck. You can settle for silver or diamonds, but take out the gold, whether or not you believe what they do. 

The groom must not see the bride nor the bride herself 

The groom only sees the bridge when she gets to the location of the wedding. The bridge is also not allowed to see her reflection after she has finished dressing up.

After the bride is fully dressed and wants to check herself in the mirror, she has to take out a glove or a shoe, look at herself, then turn away from the mirror and replace these things. To do otherwise is bad luck, according to the Italians. 

The reception ceremony 

Many silly and funny things happen between the couple and the guests at the reception ceremony. For example, some guests may decide it is fun to sneak into the new couple’s home to put itching powder on their beds or hide their shoes. The best man can also take the groom’s tie, cut it into small pieces and sell each of these pieces to the guests. 

If the guests begin to bang their cups with their spoons, it means the couple should kiss. If you have naughty guests, they will hit the cup as often as they wish. It takes one person to start hitting their glass, and soon enough, everyone else does it for fun. Grooms from other countries who don’t know these customs may have to attend these events with some lightheartedness, or they will be the day’s joke and may find it offensive. 


How to know if an Italian girl likes you? 

Italian women are thankfully not subtle with their feelings about anything, especially when they like men. Women in Italy love to show how they feel when they meet the man they want. The easiest way to know if an Italian woman likes you is if her brothers are mean to you but are not trying to kill you. 

The men in the family fiercely protect the women, so if they are not threatening your life, she has softened them up into accepting you as part of the family because once you begin dating an Italian girl, you become part of the family. 

Are Italian women good in bed?

Italians are generally good in bed, men or women, so rest assured you are in for a long, pleasurable ride when you start dating an Italian woman. They will take you to heaven, bring heaven down, and repeat the journey. The good part is that they are mostly church girls, but boy! Are they nasty? 

What are the gender roles in Italy?

Italy is slightly more evolved than many European states, so women are allowed to work. However, the women in Italy chose not to work; they often want the man to do the work and take good care of them, which has worked for all parties. The men have all the authority, and the women must listen. 

What is the birth rate in Italy? 

Italy has a low birth rate of 1.24 births per woman because of the lack of accessible and affordable childcare in the country. This low rate is the reason for the country’s slow increase in citizens. However, if you marry an Italian woman and want many children, she won’t let her country’s norms get in the way of building the kind of family you prefer.

Are Italian women religious?

72 % of Italians are catholic Christians; the modern-day church originated in Rome. However, with time and evolution, a few people are becoming irreligious. Nonetheless, the chance that you will find a nonreligious local Italian girl for marriage is really slim. Your wife will most likely be catholic. 

Are Italian women materialistic? 

Italian women are modest with many things they do and like. Hence, the chances that you might meet an Italian girl who likes material things so much that the success of your relationship is dependent on their availability is low.