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Croatia is a country located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. The country’s inhabitants belong to the South Slavs but are mentally closer to Italians. Croatia is among the 20 most popular tourist resorts in the world. Are the women of this picturesque country as attractive as its resorts?

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What Are Croatian Women Like?

Croatian women have characteristic features that have historically developed due to the influence of various cultures – in particular, Hungarian, Venetian, Byzantine, Roman, and Slavic. This has formed a people with interesting and original manifestations of appearance and mentality.


Croatian women belong to the group of South Slavs, but their appearance is more Italian than Slavic. Let’s consider the most characteristic features of Croatian beauties.

Striking facial features

Croatian women combined the features of the Slavic and Italian people in their appearance. This is olive skin color, dark eyes, and the signs of classic female beauty. The Roman heritage also endowed Croatian girls with expressive profiles and cheekbones, making them similar to models.

Perfect body

The resort atmosphere of the country contributes to the fact that most of the inhabitants of this country have a light tan, which makes their bodies even more attractive. Usually, Croatian girls are slender, fragile, and fit. The Mediterranean diet does not allow them to gain extra weight even with age.

A sense of style

The peculiarity of Croatian women is that they adore creative self-expression and experiment with style. Therefore, there are many beauties in this country, for example, with pink hair, interesting haircuts, and a unique style of clothing. This also attracts the attention of men, especially considering that Croatian girls have perfect taste and a sense of proportion.


The character of Croatian women is clearly revealed in the conversation and eloquently characterizes their cultural authenticity, which has absorbed the mentality of various southern European peoples. Let’s consider their most common and expressive qualities.

Openness and friendliness

Like all southern peoples, Croatian women are very sociable and open to people, new acquaintances, and relationships. Usually, every Croatian girl has a wide circle of friends, and they rarely spend time alone. Communication with other people does not tire, but only inspires the girl from Croatia.

Cheerful, easy character

Croatian women are easy-going adventurers in the best sense of the word. It doesn’t take long to persuade them to go to a party, go surfing or go to a music festival abroad. They love jokes and pranks, but that doesn’t make them frivolous. In situations where seriousness and composure are required, they are able to reveal exactly these necessary qualities.

Sharp mind and creativity

Croatia became the most developed of all the war-torn countries of the former Yugoslavia and joined the European Union the fastest. Croats quickly realized that they could become successful by developing a tourist destination. This characterizes local residents, especially women, as intelligent, visionary individuals who love their work and bring creativity to everything they do. If you get to know Croatian women better, you will see that they demonstrate these qualities everywhere in their everyday life – from work to relationships with men.

Croatian Women Stereotypes

Have you heard certain stereotypes about Croatian women? In fact, these people did not make such a fuss about themselves as to give birth to world-famous stereotypes about themselves. Let’s look at the cultural features that make Croatian chicks unique.

Proud and independent

This is how Croatian women are sometimes characterized as self-confident, free-loving and independent from men. To some extent it is. Croatian ladies are characterized by a certain percentage of self-sufficiency. This does not mean they do not need men and do not count on their opinions. Like every woman, every Croatian woman dreams of female happiness, of a family with a person whom she loves in return. But her confidence and firm character do not allow her to follow conditions and principles with which she actually does not agree.

Active and even restless

Usually, southern people are characterized as lazy, but Croatian women are not like that at all. They prefer to work and rest actively, and in general, the more movement in their lives, the better they feel. That is why they love sports, travel, and loud parties. Although sometimes they need silence and laziness, this does not happen so often.

Statistics You Should Know About Croatian Women

The Sex Ratio in Croatia in 2021 is 93.21 males per 100 females. There are 1.97 million males and 2.11 million females in Croatia. The percentage of the female population is 51.76% compared to 48.24% male population. Croatia has 0.14 million more females than males.

Croatia deposited the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1992, which sets a minimum age of marriage of 18, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which obligates states to ensure free and full consent to marriage.

What Makes Them Different from Other Women?

Croatian women differ from other Slavic women in the following features:

  • a more southern type of appearance – dark eyes, darker skin;
  • independence from men and gender stereotypes
  • independent lifestyle, adherence to Western European values
  • older age of marriage.

Croatian beauties differ from European, including Italian, women in the following features:

  • more expressive and beautiful facial features;
  • greater authenticity and preservation of unique ethnic traits and traditions.

Compared to Latin American girls, Croatian girls have the following differences:

  • less independence from men, gender stereotypes, and social dogmas;
  • less family orientation and more career focus;
  • greater restraint in behavior and manners compared to Latin American women, greater composure and concentration on activities;
  • lighter skin and hair color.
Croatian chicks

Do Croatian Women Make Good Wives?

The history of the Balkan Peninsula inspired Croatian women to be skillful, attentive, and hardworking wives. The peninsula has long been inhabited by warriors or farmers. A woman’s task was to bring order to the house and feed her loved ones. So, until now, the following features of a Croatian wife can be distinguished:

  • a Croatian woman is not afraid of housework – cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, and needlework. She knows how to make sure that her husband is always full, the house is clean and tidy;
  • A Croatian woman is a man’s best friend, muse, and advisor. She will take care of everything related to the household and children. Croatian women usually give birth to one or two children, large families are rare in Croatia;
  • Croatian women carefully monitor their health and the health of their loved ones. To do this, they support good habits, a friendly atmosphere, and traditions of active recreation in the family, and they also know what to do in case of problems.
  • A Croatian woman can safely go to work and earn money for the family budget, even after taking a managerial position. Also, Croatian women are not afraid to change their place of residence if their husband is a foreigners.

Where to meet Croatian Women in Croatia? 

Croatia is a very beautiful country with a wonderful climate, famous for its incredibly attractive tourist destinations. The streets of cities are filled with beautiful girls who want to meet foreign men. But it is better to get acquainted in such places, where the atmosphere itself inspires friendship and continuation of relations.

In the bar

Bars are a great place to meet people. In Croatia, the bar culture is excellent, especially in the resort regions. Very often single women come there and you can chat and establish contact.

Bars in Zagreb: Booze and Blues, Swanky Monkey Garden, Rock&beer club Alcatraz.
Bars in Split: ShotGun Shooters Bar, Charlie’s Bar, NOOR Fine Spirits & Cocktails.
Bars in Dubrovnik: Pub Dubrovnik, Buzz bar, NoneNina Bar. 

In the clubs

Interesting acquaintances also happen in nightclubs. The resort climate, modern music, and lighting, which promote relaxation, leave many people at a distance from everyday life, concentrating on the pleasant sensations that are happening here and now. In such a romantic entourage, unobtrusive acquaintances arise, some of which can continue outside the club, if both of them desire it.

The most popular nightclubs in Novalia: Aquarius, Papaya Club, Noa Beach Club.
The most popular nightclubs in Zagreb: Maraschino, BP Club, Purgeraj.

The most popular nightclubs in Rovinj: Monvi, Zanzibar.

In resorts

 Croatia is full of many resorts, which are often visited by local women who want to relax, swim in the sea, get a tan and join in the beach fun. It is an ideal place for casual acquaintances that end in a strong friendship or can become something more

Novalia is a resort city on Pag island. The  ZrćeBeach beach is full of clubs and restaurants: Club Vanga, Kalypso, Ethiopia Club. it is also popular location for some festivals (Hideout, Fresh Island, Sonus).

Buba Beach Bar works the whale year. It is decorated in special ways and has the atmospheric natural cave.

Porec is the biggest resort city on the Istra peninsula. The best club here is called Byblos. As it is an internationally famous resort, you can meet women of different nationalities.

meet Croatian women

Where to Meet Croatian Women Online?

Dating at the bar counter is gradually becoming a thing of the past. It is replaced by virtual methods of acquaintance. And for good reason, because they are much more convenient and more discrete. You can get to know a woman in normal, sober circumstances that allow you to consciously assess your partner and your own desire to continue communicating with him. 

On services for finding brides, it is possible to choose a beauty from any country in the world, who will have serious intentions and take care of herself as a woman. Usually, such families are strong in the future, because the partners from the very beginning of their acquaintance sincerely expressed to each other their lives, habits, worldview values ​​, and intentions.

How to Impress a Chorvatian Girl: 4 tips

If you have decided that you want a Croatian woman, you should know how to attract her attention and like her.

Hear her point of view

Learn to listen and understand your interlocutor. Croatian women perceive men primarily as friends and partners who respect them, respect their positions, and know how to listen. Your attention to her as an interlocutor will say that she is interesting to you and will make her feel like you.

Do not brag about your achievements beyond measure

Sometimes, a man who wants to make an impression begins to arrange self-promotion – how much money he earns, what achievements he has, hobbies, where and in which countries he has been. Such information may be interesting to the interviewer, but if it is too much, she will simply decide that you are a narcissist. So balance the dialogue and be interested in her life as well.

Be cheerful and open to jokes

Croatian women love it when a man is able to easily and casually maintain a conversation, with appropriate humorous notes that do not cross personal boundaries and do not hit below the belt. Be more attentive to her, and you will understand her mood and her needs, but everything should be in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to Date a Croatian Girl: 3 Tips

Congratulations on your first date with a Croatian girl. But at this stage, the most interesting begins. After all, keeping a girl is more difficult than getting her. And you will have to reveal your masculine qualities and serious intentions towards her. But don’t worry – it would be your wish, and you will manage the rest.

Be polite and balanced

They meet not only through my clothes but also by external manners of behavior, the way a person can present himself and hold himself. Being polite, friendly, and attentive to people is not difficult. For extroverted Croatian women, this is a sign that a man is ready to share her values ​​and maintain positive contact with society.

Be prepared for lively conversations

It is difficult to call Croatian women silent, they always have a topic for their interlocutor, and it would be good if you were sincerely interested in the subject of conversation and maintained verbal contact. This is very important for a Croatian woman because in this way she gets to know better about the person she is talking to.

Do not forget about compliments

Yes, Croatian women love their ears. It is important for them to hear from their beloved man what it is about her that attracts him. Therefore, do not hesitate to say nice words to your beloved, emphasizing her unique beauty, chic style, and refined manners. You will surely have a number of epithets that you could bestow on your Croatian girlfriend, so do it on a date.

meet Croatian girls

Things to Avoid When Dating a Сroatian Girl

There are things that are better to avoid when communicating with a representative of a particular country. You may not know the context or the history of these lands, but local residents take some points painfully. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we will tell you what to avoid when dating a Croatian girl.

Not a word about politics or war

The whole world knows that the territory of Croatia, which used to be part of Yugoslavia, recently experienced war events. You shouldn’t mention it on a date, just as you shouldn’t touch on politics and everything related to it. In fact, it will only make your dialogue better.

Don’t be rude and impolite

Even if you are faced with rude behavior or unfavorable circumstances, try to ignore it or turn everything into a joke. A Croatian girl will understand that you are not aggressive, but you can calmly stand up for yourself and her.

Marrying a Сroatian Woman: 3 Wedding Customs You Should Know

Croatia has a number of unique and interesting wedding traditions to share, some of which we would like to tell you about.

False Bride

This is one of the funny traditions in Croatia. The groom and his guests arrive at the bride’s house, but instead of her, he is met by a fake. It can be either a doll dressed in a wedding dress, the bride’s grandmother, or one of the men. Later, the deception is revealed, and the young people go to church with their guests.

Rosemary Branch

In Croatia, it is customary to present guests with rosemary sprigs during a wedding. It should be attached to the left side as a corsage. Rosemary is usually decorated with a red, white, and blue ribbon, which symbolizes the Croatian flag. For receiving rosemary, guests leave money as a donation.

Family Pants

Another fun and purely Croatian tradition are family pants, which will help determine who will be the main one in the marriage. After the wedding, the couple tried to step on each other’s feet. If the groom managed to do this before the bride, then he was the head of the house. On the other hand, if the bride managed to step on the groom’s foot, then the leadership is hers.


How to know if a Croatian Girl Likes You?

Usually, Croatian women keep their feelings on the surface, so you can tell right away that she likes you. This is manifested in excessive attention to your person, eye contact, interest in your life, and touches. If after that you still have doubts, ask directly and she will be happy to answer you.

Are Croatian Women Good in Bed?

Croatian women are very passionate, and sensitive, and adore tactile contact, so foreplay is very important to them. In sex, they completely trust their partner, but they can also take the initiative themselves. They like various experiments, role-playing games, and interesting ideas. In general, Croatian women love sex and can be really good at it.

What are the gender roles in Croatia?

Croatia is portrayed as a patriarchal society, but women have fairly equal status with men. Men enjoy more privileges and have a higher status and many families prefer sons to daughters.

Are Croatian Women Religious? 

Croatia is officially a secular state, yet religion has played a large role in terms of informing the cultural values of Croatians. A majority of Croatians identified with Christianity, with 86.3% identifying as Roman Catholic and 4.4% identifying as Eastern Orthodox.

Are Croatian Girls friendly to foreigners? 

Girls in Croatia are open to international dialogue and willingly find friends from other countries. For them, it is a way to practice the language, learn a lot of interesting things about other cultures and generally talk to a person who is not like them. Therefore, Croatian women are determined to meet foreigners and may even fall in love with them and start a family with them.

What Fertility Rate is in Сroatia?

The current birth rate for Croatia in 2022 is 8.440 births per 1000 people, a 1.44% decline from 2021. The birth rate for Croatia in 2021 was 8.563 births per 1000 people, a 1.4% decline from 2020.

Do Croatian women love children?

Croatian women do not tend to give birth to many children – usually, their families have no more than two babies. But they treat them with care and try not to deprive them of anything, applying all attention and motherly love to the little ones.

Are Croatians ethnically Italian?

Although only 0.43% of the total population is Italian by citizenship, many more are ethnically Italian and a large percentage of Croatians speak Italian, in addition to Croatian.

Is family important in Croatia?

Croatians place a high value on family and it is the basis of the country’s social structure. Traditionally, the Croatian household was composed of grandparents, parents, and two or more children.