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The split between Northern and Southern Korea changed many things about both countries, with one settling for more liberalism while dictatorship cut off the other from the rest of the world. However, both countries have beautiful women who are interested in the idea of foreign men. If you ever saw a catalog of these petite glass-skinned beauties and wanted one, here is a guide to show you how to get one. 

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What Are Korean Women Like?

Korean women have certain things that make them unique in their rights; we will look at them in different sections. 


The appearance of a Korean woman is like that of her other south Asian counterparts; however, she has her own distinct personal features which you could say are attractive: 

They have eyes shaped like almond 

Korean women are the standard for eye surgeries worldwide because of their large almond-shaped eyes. If you look into those eyes for a long time, you may need to be snapped back to life because you will be frozen. The bottom line, they have gorgeous eyes. 

They have skins as smooth as glazed pottery

Korean women walk outside, and the sun suddenly has competition. Their skin glitters in the sun, and it looks like they will shatter if you hit them with something. They have such clear, radiant skin that they are likened to porcelain, and you might be able to see your reflection in them. 

They have silky hair 

Maybe it is the oils they use or genetics, but Korean women have such beautiful black hair that it is almost impossible to believe. Their hair is dark, shiny, silky, smooth, and soft. It does not billow in the wind like the Mexicans, but it swishes like something out of a fantasy novel. 

They seem anti-aging 

Korean women don’t physically age. Sometimes you watch their Kdrama series and can hardly believe the age of the people acting in it. The western and the global southern internet went agog when they discovered that Wo Ai Ni of boys over flowers was in her mid-30s when she acted in the series because she looked not a day over 18. Whatever elixir they are drinking to stay this young is working. 


The personality traits of a Korean woman make her different from other women, especially in dating. Here are some of the characteristics of a Korean woman which you should be able to recognize after you meet her:

They are respectful 

Respect is an Asian culture, so when you meet Korean girls, you will often notice this part of their culture shining like a bright light. One of the reasons you will see it so glaringly is that respect is the one thing we happily miss from western women’s culture. Women believe they do not owe anyone respect and will often be rude to you to assert needless dominance. 

They are calm 

It is normal to find a western woman going off on anyone and everyone when she is upset, and they are unfortunate to be around her. Korean women do not believe in explosive anger and would rather sit down and take everything in before discussing how the actions may have affected them. This attribute makes it easy to communicate with them. 

They are fashionable 

Women in Korea wake up every morning and see the world as their runway, and they take every walk like it is their last. They dress to destroy every time they step out of the house, and you cannot miss their absolute devotion to their style and fashion sense. They pay good attention to their style, which is why we have a fashion niche called ‘Korean fashion.

They are friendly 

Korean women will smile at you and say a polite ‘hi’ whether or not they are interested in you. Their friendliness is not often a call for a relationship; it is a cultural thing to be friendly to strangers in Korea. It is unlike Korean women to be rude; if she does that, you may have done something they found repulsive.  

Korean women stereotype 

Here are a few stereotypes that have followed Korean women for a while now: 

They are seen as easy targets 

It is Korean culture to be polite and cheerful when you meet strangers. As a result of their politeness, Korean women are seen as cheap or easy targets when they are conservative. However, because westerners are rude to people they do not know, they see women who are polite as cheap. 

They are seen as objects 

Asian women have been sexualized by the media repeatedly, especially Korean women, because of their exposure to arts worldwide through different media such as film. They are seen as objects for the taking, which is wrong because these women have a good knowledge of their rights as women and are humans with ‘agency.’ 

They are seen as naughty and not serious 

Asian women play, but Korean women don’t. They take their lives and responsibilities seriously, but this stereotype has stuck because the media represented them as non-serious and too playful. 

Statistics on Korean women 

Some statistics on Korean women in different aspects of life include: 

  • Women in Korea make up 49.9% of the country’s population
  • Korean women have a life expectancy of 86.6 years.
  • The workforce percentage of Women in Korea is 51.2%
  • Women in Korea make up 15% of leadership roles across boards in the country.

What makes them different from others?

Korean women have things about them that make them stand out amid similar-looking Asians and around western women too; here are some of them: 

They are willing to push conversations 

Many Asian women will let you take the lead in conversations and only answer or nod when you give them the floor. Women in Korea will often take charge of the conversation if they want to and not wait for you to bring them into the discussion. They will, however, not cut you short when you speak; they will wait until you are done and then take control. 

They can be very apologetic 

Korean ladies don’t like confrontations and will do anything to avoid them, but they also do not like it when their partners are hurt. Some Western women believe they have nothing to be sorry for in situations, making them insufferable. On the other hand, Korean women will apologize as much as needed to improve a sore situation and make peace in their homes. 

They are open to change in opinions 

Now and then, you meet women in the west who would rather die than change an opinion, even with new knowledge. Women in Korea are very much open to changing their stance on anything as long as a superior argument exists and they agree with it. Nothing is set in stone as long as a Korean woman is concerned, things can change, and she is always ready to take in that change. 

Korean ladies

Do Korean Women Make Good Wives?

Men want to marry Korean women for many reasons because they believe they are good wives; we think that too for the following reasons: 

They are supportive 

Men will always need support from their wives, and when they do not get it, it can strain the marriage. Korean wives are very supportive of their husbands and will stand beside them through thick, thin, and everything else. They are not firm believers in love; they instead prioritize loyalty and support, sticking with their spouses and being their backbone in everything they do. 

They are phenomenal house managers 

Managing a home is more challenging than most people think it is because it has so many moving parts that it is easy to miss a few things. However, Korean women are pros at maneuvering this skill. They take each piece and handle it, bringing it all together to create a conducive, working home for their husbands, who take care of the financial aspect of raising the home. 

They are wonderful parents 

One of the greatest fears people have is having spouses who do not actively want to participate in parenting, thus leaving the care of the kid in the hands of the other parent who most likely has to provide. Women in Korea want to raise their kids in a culturally acceptable way which involves some strictness as they teach them respect, accountability, responsibility, and excellence in every sphere of life. 

They are understanding 

Women in Korea do not criticize their husbands over things they do not understand. Your Korean wife will always make a conscious effort to try and understand you, regardless of how the situation makes her feel. You come first. 

Where To Meet Korean Women In Korea? 

When we say Korea, we mean North and South Korea; however, we cannot, in good faith, advise that you travel to North Korea in search of a wife, so we have made a list of the lovely places in South Korea where you can meet Korean women for a relationship. You can quickly meet Korean girls in bars, restaurants, and parks in some of the biggest cities in South Korea. 


Bars are excellent when you want to have fun and find a cute Korean woman; they create an atmosphere to let loose and be free, which is what you will need when dating a Korean woman. 

Here are some of the bars in the big cities in South Korea 


Bars in Seoul include:

  • Burn 
  • Blacklist 
  • OK pong pong 


Bars in Incheon include:

  • Thursday party 
  • Gallego brewing company 
  • Owls and pussycat taproom 


Bars in Incheon include: 

  • The Jet Lagged Lizard 
  • The cinder bar 
  • Thirsty monk 


You can meet Korean women at Restaurants where they are eating and enjoying the ambiance. Check out the restaurants in the three big cities in South Korea: 


Restaurants in Seoul Include:

  • Flavors 
  • Privilege bar 
  • Cleo 


Restaruants in Busan include:

  • Jang su sam 
  • Anga 
  • Namaste Haeundae


Restaurants in Incheon include: 

  • Dera restaurant 
  • Baum Galbi 
  • Sikgaek 


South Korea has terrific parks where you can see the sights and see the women as well, and here are some of the parks in some of the best cities in South Korea:


Parks in Seoul include:

  • Namsan mountain park 
  • Hanghang park 
  • Bukhansan national park 


Parks in Busan include:

  • Busan Citizens park 
  • Igdae park 
  • Yongdusan park 


Parks in Incheon include: 

  • Incheon grand park
  • Songdo central park 
  • Wolmi park 
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Where To Meet Korean Women Online?

Of course, you can only travel to South Korea to vacation or find a woman, but you cannot do that in North Korea. If you want to see traditional Korean women from both countries, you must use the mail-order brides system, as that is your best bet. On the mail order platforms, you get varieties of Korean beauties waiting to be picked by you. All you have to do is sign up for a premium to get them. More importantly, you will spend less time and resources on the entire process.

How To Impress Korean Women 

Impressing Korean girls before you date them is the proper process because Koreans do not date; they court and then get married. So here are a few ways in which you can impress your Korean lady: 

Know something about the Korean culture 

Korean women don’t suffer ignorance gladly, and if you want Korean women to find you attractive, gather knowledge on the culture and relate to them with that knowledge. For example, Korean ladies are not OK with an outright declaration of love, and they expect any man coming up to them to speak in innuendos as their culture demands. Your family will meet your supposed bold romantic approach with disapproval because it means you did not bother to research the culture of the woman you want to date; you will be considered lazy. 

Be confident 

Korean women do not like timidity; you can see this in every Kdrama series. The women will almost always avoid the timid guy and go for the confident one, who is often a mean fellow. Confidence is a turn-on, especially as Korean women believe in femininity and men having masculine and powerful traits. 

Be passionate about something

Korean women do not want a man who does not seem like anything can trigger his passion. It just means that you are gliding through life without goals, which they do not find attractive. So even if you are passionate about nothing, find something before you start talking to a Korean woman, and ensure that she can see that burst of energy when you speak about these things which you supposedly like. 

How To Date A Korean Girl: 4 Tips

Here are a few tips that can help improve your relationship when dating Korean women 

Text consistently 

This habit of texting and deciding not to text for weeks will not work with Korean women. When your Korean girl texts you, you have a few hours to reply to her, and if you go longer, you must give her an explanation when you return. What you will not do is make her feel like she is chasing you with your inability to text consistently. 

Be supportive 

The most important trait of a Korean woman that makes her endearing to men is her supportive nature. When dating Korean girls, they expect you to be just as supportive because they believe so much in reciprocity. If they are not getting care and support, you will not get it from them. 

Be interested in her family

Family is a big deal for Korean women, for Koreans in general. When dating a Korean girl, you must show that you are interested in becoming part of her family by caring about the family. You can also buy small gifts for them to show your dedication to the family unit and the girl that you are dating. 

Buy gifts

When visiting your Korean woman, go with gifts. The gifts you are going with do not have to be expensive, just something small and thoughtful to show her that you thought of her before you came to meet her. It could even be a small teddy bear or a keyholder; ensure you visit her with gifts. 

dating Korean girls

What To Avoid When Dating Korean Girls 

Here are a few things you must avoid dating a Korean woman. 


Women in Korea already have a preconceived notion about western men and their inability to be faithful. So if you want to be shady and maybe play around a bit, ensure that the 11th commandment works for you ‘thou shalt not be found out,’ especially if you want to marry this woman. You are not innocent until you marry a Korean woman, so ensure you leave any shady behavior behind. 

Expecting her to split bills with you 

Western women are western women, and Korean women are Korean women; the former will split the bills, and the latter won’t. Do not put Korean women in a position where they have to question your capability to handle things like a grown-up. Korean women do not pay for dates or split bills; that is the man’s job, so rise to your responsibility when dating women in Korea. 

Coming with a playboy persona

Korean girls are almost always on their guard and will not play nicely with anyone expecting them to roll over because of the existing stereotype. They will react if you play around with their emotions. So, to increase your chances of impressing these ladies, drop the act or else they will walk away. 

Marrying A Korean Woman: 4 Customs  

Since you are marrying a Korean woman, there are certain things that you must know about their customs, and here are some of them: 

The hand-washing ceremony

Before a Korean wedding ceremony begins, the bride and groom must wash their hands. They carry out this ritual because they need to purify their bodies in preparation for the rest of the wedding rituals as they go on. This act is entirely symbolic. 

The wine drinking 

The bride’s mother makes a gourd and halves it, then fills both halves with wine, then hands the wine to the bride and groom. They both drink the wine and return the gourds, which are now placed side-by-side to become whole. This ritual symbolizes two becoming one, as a couple is viewed as a single unit after marriage. 

The wild geese 

During the wedding, the groom hands his bride’s mother a wild goose as a present, which is symbolic for two reasons. First, wild geese mate for life, so he assures her parents of his commitment and fidelity to her. Secondly, wild geese represent harmony, family, and love, so it is a befitting wedding accessory. 

Chestnuts and dates 

During the ceremony, the bride gives her groom’s parents chestnuts and Korean dates; these items signify a future with children. Delivering these items to her groom’s parents means she is reassuring them of her commitment to starting a family with him. 


How to know if a Korean woman likes you? 

A Korean woman does not know how to beat around the bush, especially when she likes a man. The first thing she will do is take you to her family. When you meet the family members of a Korean girl, understand that she now takes you seriously, and the time for games is over. Korean women do not accept and bring random men home to meet the family, as that is considered disrespectful, and she will lose face in front of her family if she does that. 

Are Korean women good in bed?

Korean women can best be described as conservative and not having enough knowledge on matters involving sex and other related things. An avid fan of Kdrama will notice this with their inability to properly kiss or make sexual advances to the men they date. Only mistresses in Korean films are pictured on the bed with men, the wives, and others are viewed from a chaste lens. So, you might need to teach your Korean wife everything you know about sex. The good thing is that they are loyal to make their husbands happy, so they will learn fast and well enough for your satisfaction. 

What are the gender roles in the country? 

Korea is highly patriarchal, with men overseeing 100% of the financial responsibility. The women respect the men and do as they are told, regardless of their societal status. The women take care of the home and may or may not help out in small finance areas. Korean women are primarily stay-at-home moms who take care of the family and the children and host events when the home or the husband’s business requires them. 

What is the birthrate? 

Women in Korea have an incredibly low birth rate of 0.84 births per woman. This low birth rate is caused by economic inequality in the country. People who do not have high incomes do not breed children because of their inability to raise them. 

Are Korean women religious? 

There is no one standout religion in Korea, unlike some countries with a predominant religion. ABout 46% of Koreans have no belief, 29% are Christians, and 23% are Buddhists. So there is a chance that your Korean wife may have no religion at all. 

Are Korean girls materialistic? 

Korean women are content with what they have and have no reason to want more. They live a simple life, and if they want something, they work for it. The chances that they will hound you for money or material gifts are rare. You are, however, not absolved of your responsibility to them, as buying small gifts is a way to sweeten your relationship with them.