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💍 Average Age of Marriage 35 Y/O
👼🏻 Average Fertility Rate 1,7

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Ireland, an island country in the west of Europe, attracts tourists for its excellent views and mesmerizing green landscapes. However, you will surely love charming Irish women coming here on Saint Patrick’s Day or any other occasion.

Gorgeous Irish girls are well known among single men looking for exquisite and devoted partners. One of them will become your second half; learn more about meeting and seducing the cute women of Ireland.

What Are Irish Women Like?

The offspring of Celtic people from the most western island of Europe differs significantly from an average European inhabitant in both looks and character.

Cute appearance

Intriguing looks

There is a common belief that all Irish women have a similar appearance. You will surely meet the most significant number of redheaded women and men here. A typical Irish lady has long brown or red curly hair, porcelain pale skin tones, and blue eyes.

However, due to the mix of cultures and modern means of cosmetics, Irish girls may look diverse: from different hair dresses to makeup use. Their bodies are seductive and slim. Irish women lead healthy ways of life and rarely gain weight.  

Perfect outfits

You will not take your eyes off when meeting an Irish girl on the street or in a restaurant. Usually, they prefer to hide their lovely figures under utilitarian garments, preferring practical clothes instead of impressive ones.

However, Irish ladies are always in style. Every item of the clothes highlights the best features and suits the occasion.

Lovely inner traits

Irish women possess many common character traits with European females. However, what are their outstanding features? 

  • They are funny. Entertainment is in the blood of Irish girls. They are amusing when it comes to making fun. Irish women like jolly parties, hilarious celebrations, vibrant music, and dances.  
  • They are friendly. If you dream about an exciting wife and a devoted friend, an Irish woman is for you. They are not only faithful to their partners but also are lovely interlocutors and attentive listeners.

Besides, you may be frank with your Irish girlfriend. Everything you tell her will be only between you and her. 

  • They are well-mannered. Being polite with everybody is integral to Irish women. Since their childhood, they have treated other people with respect. So, strolling over the street in Dublin or Cork, you will hear “thank you” and “pardon” everywhere.
  • They are humorous. The lovely women of Ireland are always in a good mood. Their sense of humor supports them and helps them stay calm in any life situation. They never make fun of the people closest to them, but Irish girls can be pretty mocking.

Irish women stereotypes

They are too humble

Meeting Irish girls anywhere in the world, you will notice that they are modest. They always behave appropriately and never attract excessive attention.

However, their shyness is caused mainly by their polite manners. Lively Irish women know how to act under any circumstances and never disturb anybody. 

They drink alcohol in abundance

No, although sometimes, Irish girls are not sober on Friday evenings. They do not consume too many alcoholic beverages.

Ireland is a country of authentic Guinness beer. That’s why your Irish lady will always tell you where the best place to try a good one is.

You will love tea with your Irish girl

Yes, alongside local beer, tea is the second-loved beverage in Ireland. Your Irish woman will treat you with various sorts of it. Meanwhile, you will even be able to distinguish between kinds of tea.

Statistics you should know about Irish women

Ireland has an equal rate of males to females with a slight predominance of Irish ladies quantity. It makes 98.59 men per 100 women, giving local women equal chances to marry their counterparts. However, many Irish girls make their choice in favor of foreign grooms.

Irish women’s faithfulness, calm temper, and devotion to families strengthen their kinships. The divorce rate is only 15.5 per 100 marriages, among the lowest in Europe.  

What makes them different from other European women?

Irish women have few discrepancies in their looks compared to European ladies, especially with cosmetics, hair dyes, and hair straighteners. However, you should know some unique habits to have lovely dates and pleasant times with an Irish girl.

  • When drinking beer with her mates, there is a tradition to buy a round of drinks for everybody. And lovely Irish women do not object to this. Moreover, they will insist on paying bills whenever you visit a pub or a café together.
  • Walking barefoot is another striking habit of Irish women. Usually, they wear high-heeled footwear or loafers. Irish girls often take off their shoes when their feet swell and walk barefoot on the pavement.
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Do Irish Women Make Good Wives?

A cozy family nest and a loving surrounding of natives are the top priority of Irish women and men. Their partnership is secure, and they seldom separate from their beloved.


Irish wives put in many efforts to support their families. Despite their boisterous and affable behavior before marriage, their wedlock life is entirely conscious.

A faithful Irish wife is a reliable partner and never commits adultery being in love with her spouse until the end of their days.  

Excellent cooks

Local cuisine is something worth trying. If you are unsure that life in the pair is for you, your Irish wife will change your mind. Just consume the dishes she cooks. You will see that the kitchen is not her obligation but the way to keep all her family beside her every evening. 

Wise and smart

Irish women are among the most intelligent in the world. Apart from their natural wit and sense of humor, they get an excellent education. They are usually independent financially, gaining nice jobs.

It is a pleasure to discuss with wise Irish wives all the issues as they can always give you perfect advice.  

Lovely moms

Irish women adore kids devoting much time to their upbringing and establishing trustful relations. Even growing up, they return to their parents’ houses and discuss their problems with their moms. Clever Irish wives create an atmosphere of safety for every family member, especially their children.

Where to Meet Irish Women in Ireland

Ireland is a lovely place to visit, even if you do not have matrimonial intentions. However, thousands of grooms from many countries visit this land annually for positive impressions, beautiful sites, and romantic relations with outstanding Irish girls.


We invite you to Dublin, the capital and the biggest city in Ireland. Doubtfully, it hosts the most educated and friendly Irish women coming here to study, work, or travel.

Besides the most significant number of universities, colleges, and offices with intelligent girls, there are a lot of places to visit and meet a lovely Irish lady.

  • If you dream of meeting a charming guide over the city, come to Dublin Castle, the ancient O’Connell Bridge, or the modern Samuel Beckett Bridge. You will surely meet a lovely Irish woman to show you everything.
  • Daytime: Try local cuisine in 31 Lennox, Fire Steakhouse and Bar, Ryleigh’s restaurant dining with an Irish lady. Remember local Guinness. Numerous pubs, cafes, and clubs are the best place to try it with your Irish girl.
  • Nights: Dicey’s Garden Club, Copper Face Jacks  are the places to visit for vibrant, hilarious time spent popular among cute Irish women.


Ireland is a small country; thus, all places are close to the central city. However, Cork is the second largest municipality in the country and the third by population on the island. The busy administrative center offers numerous sightseeing places for tourists and lonely men who dream about dating Irish women.

  • Its tourist attractions are not limited to the English Market, a crowded food market with ancient architecture, the Church of St. Anne, and lovely views of the River Lee. They are perfect for strolling and enjoying with your Irish girls.
  • When tired, drop into Pavilion, Arthur Mayne’s, or Mutton Lane Inn cafes and restaurants to try delicious dishes.
  • The best beer and ale are in Eclipse Nightclub, The Vicarstown, The Black Dog. Many gorgeous Irish women may accompany you, as these are widely known spots.


Authentic Irish life flows deliberately. The best way to understand the country of your sweetheart is to visit such a place.

  • A small but lively town in Ireland attracts single men enjoying excursions, investigating their whereabouts, and communicating with beautiful Irish women. King John’s Castle, People’s Park, St. Mary’s Cathedral are popular among tourists. Your lovely Irish girl will accompany you on your sightseeing tour.
  • Choose any of the following places with Irish food for a short daytime rest: Russells Select Bar, Hook & Ladder Sarsfield Street, Coqbull Castletroy.
  • Meet a wonderful Irish woman in Nancy Blakes or the House Limerick nightclubs to enjoy night vibes in Ireland. 
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Where to Meet Irish Women Online

Amazingly, the contemporary way of life and modern technical applications help thousands of people to find their love and destiny, despite staying hundreds of miles away from their beloved. Irish girls frequently register with online dating platforms.

With the Internet, meeting Irish women from your living room or the office across the ocean is real. However, what are essential tips to be lucky in romance with these fantastic women online?

  1. Choose a reputable Irish mail-order bride or matchmaking service. Read references and positive reviews of the participants.
  2. Remember that applications for international or Irish dating sites may demand costs. Use a trial period to evaluate the dating platform and choose a convenient payment plan. 
  3. There are many indications of a trusted dating site: availability of a secure SSL connection, reliable payment methods, and ensuring profiles’ verification.
  4. Useful filters will make your choice easier. You may sort out pretty Irish girls by their looks, interest, hobbies, and plans for the future.
  5. Choose the dating platform with additional services: translation, chatrooms, gifts, and technical support. 

How to Impress an Irish Girl

  • Be fun. The perfect sense of humor makes Irish girls demanding regarding their partners’ smartness. Thus, you have to demonstrate this feature. Try to be interesting, and make sure your jokes and stories are fascinating.
  • Respect her national culture. It is helpful to learn some landmark events in the history of Ireland, some words in Gaelic, one of the dialects spoken in this country, and the main holidays celebrated in this country. Your Irish girls will surely be impressed if you respect her traditions. It is vital for her. 
  • Be tidy and trimmed. Irish women are always dressed impeccably and suitable for any occasion. Therefore, they want their partners to look ideal. When getting ready to date an Irish lady, consider your look, from hairstyle to attire.

You do not need to put on expensive brand jeans or a blazer. Just be neat and dressed according to your activity: dining at a fashionable restaurant, visiting the theater, or walking in the park.

How to Date an Irish Girl: 5 Tips

Use a few recommendations for dating your Irish woman successfully.

  • Invite her to some romantic place. You do not need to spend much money on your first date. However, think of some romantic place with a charming view or lovely relaxing music. Or, if your girl loves hilarious parties – invite her to a noisy and jolly pub for a drink. 
  • Be careful with alcohol. Irish women are used to this and understand their limits in drinking. However, you may be lost after some dozing and overdrinking, which will not add to your scores in your girls’ eyes.
  • Show your intentions to create a family, as kinships are very important for your Irish woman. If you decide to marry her, tell her about your plans.
  • Initiate meeting her parents, as this action will surely make an impression on your Irish lady. Be mannerly and polite with her dad and mom, and be sure to reveal your feelings to their daughter. 
  • Irish women like mature men; they are strong and dedicated and want to see a genuine man beside them. Make decisions, and be active and protective, demonstrating these qualities. 
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Things to Avoid When Dating an Irish Girl

Although Irish women are fun-loving, there are strict boundaries that you should keep in mind to succeed in relations with them.

  1. Avoid too close physical contact in an inappropriate place. Your Irish woman is open; however, when it comes to intimate contact, she prefers to keep it between you. She does not accept hugs, kisses, or any other public display of affection.  
  2. Never cheat on your Irish girl. You will spoil the relationship if she catches you in a lie.
  3. Be yourself and never try to show off. Refrain from trying to speak about things that you are incompetent. Ask questions. Your frank dialogue will be a demonstration of your mutual understanding.

Marrying an Irish Woman: Irish Wedding Customs You Should Know

Attending an Irish wedding or tying the knot with your Irish girl will give you a complete impression of your bride’s country and culture. Many ancient customs return nowadays as rituals during special events.

  • Church service. Usually, newlyweds give their oaths in the church. Most Irish women and men confess to Christianity and attend the Church of Ireland. However, it is customary to add traditional wedding services with prejudices and symbols from the past.
  • A Shamrock and Horseshoes. These are two symbolic items of this land. Bringing them to the wedding will make the life of a bride and a groom lucky and free of problems. Usually, the bride’s maidens display the horseshoe in the church.

A tiny shamrock may be placed anywhere in the bride’s dress, a bouquet, or a wedding cake.

  • A blue color. Although green is a traditional color in Ireland, something blue should be brought to the wedding for a blessed family life. The tradition stretched to the ancient period of king Henry VIII, who initiated the Independence of the country and the blue color for the flag and the coat of arms. 
  • Bells. All guests ring small bells at the beginning of the wedding ceremony in the church. An Irish bride and a groom receive a bell as a wedding gift to ward off evil according to their prejudices.  
  • Ribbon tying. Irish newlyweds literally tie the knot. Their hands are linked with a ribbon during the nuptial ceremony to mark their long-lasting unit. 
  • Claddagh Rings. Claddagh Rings are traditional wedding rings in Ireland. They bear the engraving of hearts, crowns, and words of the oath on their inner side. The history of their name stretches to the Roman Empire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will impress Irish women as a gift?

Irish ladies do not tend to romantic presents, like a bar of chocolate, flowers, or a soft toy. They will think such a sign of love is boring.

A pretty Irish girl appreciates the impression. Invite her for a romantic walk in the park, sailing on the boat, or for some journey.

Are Irish women good in bed?

Irish women grant you sweet moments in sex. Intimate relations with them are hot and promising. If she feels love for you, she will be open and trustful. These qualities will lay the basis for tender romance and long-lasting relations.

What are the gender roles in Ireland?

Ireland is above average in gender parity in Europe, meaning men and women have equal rights. Irish women are active economically and politically, making up 67% of women since 2007.

However, this doesn’t prevent Irish women from considering family roles essential. Thus, local females share their obligations at home with their professional careers.   

What languages does an Irish woman speak?

Primarily she speaks English, which is very convenient. English is an international language understood by many nations.

However, be prepared that this country has many dialects, which will influence pronunciation and comprehension. Apart from English, local people speak old Breton and Welsh. Many intelligent Irish girls study other languages at the university.

What is the fertility rate in Ireland?

Families are the top priority for Irish women. However, the tendency of recent years shows that the ladies try to make family nests and jobs equal in their life. Thus, the fertility rate in Ireland is 1.81 children per woman.    

How to know if an Irish girl likes you?

Irish women are sincere, and it is easy to tell in half an hour during the first date.

  • An Irish woman will keep eye contact if interested in a man.
  • She will listen with interest and support conversation.
  • Irish girls will make you at ease and support you in any circumstance once she feels romantic feelings for you. 

However, the first meetings are confusing. Refrain from making any judgment before dating an Irish woman several times.

Is it easy for an Irish girl to move abroad?

Ireland is a relatively prosperous and wealthy European country. Only some Irish women are willing to relocate from their homeland.

Anyway, finances are not the most significant reasons for relocating from the island country. Usually, the reasons for country change are love, family, job opportunities, interest, and new impressions of a charming Irish woman.

Are Irish women religious?

Most of the population in Ireland are Catholic Christians within their local Church. Although Irish women attend religious services more regularly than men, they are not ardent believers and do this mainly on the Christian holidays.

Are Irish girls friendly to foreigners?

Be sure an Irish woman is a devoted friend and lovely interlocutor, making everything possible for you to feel free in a foreign country.

However, the first few minutes of the meeting may be embarrassing. Do not be offended if an Irish girl seems exceptionally polite or rude. Please spend some time with her, and the ice will melt.